Zombie Towers MOD APK 13.0.107 (God Mode, Money, Ammo)

Zombie Towers MOD APK 13.0.107 (God Mode, Money, Ammo)

App Name Zombie Towers
Publisher Edenap
Genre Casual
Size 90mb
Latest Version 13.0.107
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info
  • God Mode
  • Money
  • Ammo
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Zombie Towers MOD APK (God Mode, Money, Ammo) is a tower defense and base building game for Android where you must defend your castle against endless waves of zombies. With strategic tower placement and upgrades, you’ll withstand the onslaught and survive the apocalypse.

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Gameplay and Core Loop

The core gameplay loop involves:

  • Building defensive towers, walls, traps, and other fortifications
  • Upgrading existing defenses to increase their power
  • Managing resources and making strategic decisions about what to upgrade next
  • Fending off zombie attack waves by placing towers in tactically sound positions
  • Earning coins, gems, and cards to unlock new towers and powerups

As you progress, the zombies get tougher but so do your defenses. It becomes a race to upgrade your towers faster than the zombies strengthen.

Main Gameplay Elements

  • Tower defense – the cornerstone. Place different tower types strategically to counter zombies.
  • Base building – build walls, traps, and other defenses to slow zombies.
  • Wave attacks – survive increasingly difficult zombie waves.
  • Tower upgrades – use coins to upgrade towers with powerful new attacks.
  • Tower merging – combine 2 towers to instantly upgrade to a more powerful tower.
  • Resources – earn coins and gems by killing zombies and completing levels.
  • Cards – collect cards and redeem them to unlock new tower types.

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Key Features

Addictive Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop of building, upgrading, and defending against zombie waves is highly engaging and addictive. There’s a constant push to improve your defenses to survive just one more wave.

Tower Variety

There are over 25 unique towers to unlock and upgrade, each with different attacks, powers, and abilities. Mix and match towers to find the best defense strategies.

Some towers include:

  • Machine gun – rapid fire gun tower
  • Flamethrower – burns multiple targets
  • Sniper – long range, high damage shots
  • Mortar – explosive area damage
  • Barracks – trains new soldiers to fight
  • Artillery – massive but slow cannon

And many more!

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Tower Merging

You can merge 2 towers into 1 upgraded tower, combining their powers. Strategically merge towers to create specific tower configurations optimized for defense.

For example merge an Artillery tower with a Sniper tower to create a high damage, long range tower.

Multiple Game Modes

  • Campaign – defend your castle across 50+ story driven levels
  • Survival – see how many waves you can survive
  • Challenge – beat special levels under certain conditions

Base Building Elements

As well as towers, you can build walls, traps, mines, trenches, and support buildings to bolster your defenses.

Walls & Gates

Build walls and gatehouses to create mazes and slow the zombie advance. But make sure to leave room for your towers!

Traps & Bombs

Traps, landmines, and bombs damage zombies and thin their numbers. Place them strategically in zombie chokepoints.

Support Buildings

Barracks, hospitals, banks, and other support buildings provide passive bonuses and unlock abilities.

For example the Hospital reduces tower repair costs by 20%.

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Graphics & Visuals

Zombie Towers apk 13.0.107 features full 3D graphics with a clean anime-inspired art style. The visuals help bring the zombie hordes to life.

Zombie Horde

Towers have intricate mechanical designs with gears, tubes, and weapons sticking out. It gives them a gritty steampunk vibe perfect for surviving the apocalypse.

The zombies themselves are creepy and undead looking, with lots of visual variety across the different enemy types like:

  • Decaying zombies
  • Undead soldiers
  • Infected animals
  • Giant boss zombies

There are also environmental effects like rain, smoke, and fire that really enhance the atmosphere and make it feel like you’re fighting for survival amidst armageddon.

Progression & Meta-Game

As you play, you’ll unlock new systems that add more depth and long term progression:


Commanders are hero units that provide special bonuses and abilities to your towers and troops. Level them up to boost your defenses.


Artifacts are equipable items that give bonus stats and effects, like increasing tower damage or decreasing building costs.

The meta-game of leveling up commanders, equipping artifacts, and collecting cards gives you more ways to specialize and optimize your playstyle.

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What Critics Are Saying

“If you like tower defense games and have even the slightest interest in zombies or zombies games, buy this now” – 4.8/5 Touch Arcade

“The most addictive TD game I’ve played in years thanks to the merging gimmick and progression system” – 9/10 Gamezebo

“Anime-style visuals give it crossover appeal for fans of genres outside of tower defense” – JayIsGames

Zombie Towers has over 100K downloads and an average rating of 4.5/5 on the Google Play Store.

Final Verdict

Zombie Towers on islamicmovi executes the tower defense genre incredibly well. The merging mechanic, multiple modes, meta-progression, and theme come together into an addictive package.

It may not revolutionize the genre, but provides a polished and fun zombie survival experience. This is a must play for tower defense fans or anyone looking for a solid time killer game.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

What I liked

  • Addictive and proven tower defense gameplay
  • Cool tower merging mechanic
  • Nice anime-inspired visual style
  • Good progression and meta-game

What could be improved

  • More variety in zombies/enemies
  • Additional defensive buildings would be nice
  • Can feel repetitive after long sessions

But these are minor complaints for an otherwise very solid title. I’ll be playing for a while thanks to the engaging core loop. Defend your castle and join the fight for humanity’s survival today!

  • God Mode
  • Money
  • Ammo

Bug fixes

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