Zombie Games APK 0.8.4 MOD [Mega Menu/Unlimited Money]

Zombie Games APK 0.8.4 MOD [Mega Menu/Unlimited Money]

App Name Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D
Publisher VNGGames Studios
Genre Action
Size 30MB
Latest Version 0.8.4
Update on Jan 30, 2024
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Mega Menu/Unlimited Money
Get it on Google Play
Zombie Games APK [Mega Menu/Unlimited Money] is a popular zombie survival game app for Android devices. With stunning 3D graphics and addictive gameplay, it provides hours of adrenaline-fueled entertainment.

The premise of Zombie Shooting MOD APK is that you are one of the few survivors after a zombie apocalypse has ravaged the world. You must fight off hordes of zombies using an arsenal of deadly weapons in order to progress through the game’s levels.

Zombie Games MOD APK

Here are key features of Zombie Games:

Diverse Game Modes

Zombie Games APK 0.8.4 offers various game modes including Campaign, Survival, and Gun Stand. Campaign mode has a complete storyline to follow. Survival mode challenges you to fend off endless waves of zombies for as long as possible. Gun Stand mode allows you to enjoy shooting zombies freely.

Huge Selection of Weapons

An enormous weapons arsenal is available, ranging from classic assault rifles to advanced futuristic plasma guns. You can unlock new weapons and upgrade existing ones to boost their power.

Useful Battle Gear

In addition to weapons, you can equip yourself with various battle gear like grenades, nanobots, armor implants, and medical kits to improve your odds of survival against the zombies.

Money and Rewards

As you play Zombie Shooting MOD APK Unlocked All, you earn virtual money by killing zombies which can be used to purchase better weapons and gear. Completing missions and tasks also rewards you with prizes.

Offline Playability

Zombie Shooting APK MOD can be played completely offline without an internet connection once downloaded, making it convenient for playing anywhere. No wifi required!

Console-Quality Visuals

The game delivers stunning console-quality 3D graphics and visual effects for an immersive zombie shooting MOD APK experience. Detailed environments and gruesome zombies come to life.

Intuitive Controls

The tap and touch controls are optimized for mobile devices. Auto-firing and auto-aiming features are also implemented for intuitive and exciting zombie blasting.

Google Play Integration

Zombie Shooting MOD APK Mod Menu supports Google Play Games services for unlocking achievements and competing with friends on the leaderboards. Your progress is automatically synced across devices.

Zombie Games MOD APK

Zombie Games Mod APK Overview

The Zombie Games MOD APK 0.8.4 on islamicmovi.com is a hacked version of the game with unlocked premium features. Most notably, it provides unlimited money so you can purchase the best weapons, upgrades and gear early on without the need for grinding.

This essentially allows you to become overpowered and breeze through the zombie slaughter much faster. If you want to feel like an unstoppable badass from the get-go, the mod is the way to go!

Key Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Money is no longer a restriction in the mod version. You’ll have unlimited funds to spend on the most powerful weapons and items.

All Weapons/Gear Unlocked

All the weapons and equipment in the game are instantly unlocked. Now you can access the top-tier guns and gadgets right away.

No Ads

No more annoying ads interrupting your zombie hunting. The mod offers an ad-free experience for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Zombie Games MOD APK

How To Download & Install Zombie Games Mod APK

On Mobile

  1. Allow installation from unknown sources in your Android settings.
  2. Download the Zombie Games mod APK file from a trusted site on islamicmovi.com.
  3. Open the downloaded APK file and tap Install.
  4. The mod will be installed and you can launch the game.


  1. Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player on your computer.
  2. Install the emulator and open it.
  3. Download the Zombie Games mod APK file on islamicmovi.com.
  4. Simply drag and drop the APK file into the emulator to install it.
  5. Start playing Zombie Shooting MOD APK Unlimited Money on your PC once installed.


Zombie Games MOD APK

Zombie Games Mod APK – Questions and Answers

Q: Is the Zombie Shooting modded APK safe to download?

A: Yes, the mod is completely safe as long as you download it from trusted sites. It’s scanned for viruses and malware.

Q: Will I get banned for using the mod?

A: It’s highly unlikely. The mod is client-side only so you can safely enjoy its benefits without worries.

Q: Does the mod work on both new and old versions of the game?

A: The latest mod version is optimized to work properly on the most recent game version. Older versions may have issues.

Q: Can my progress from the normal game carry over into the mod?

A: Unfortunately no. The mod is considered a separate app so your progress won’t transfer over.

Q: Is there multiplayer support with the mod?

A: No, only single player mode is available. Multiplayer likely won’t function properly with mod features enabled.

Q: Do I need to root my device?

A: Rooting is not necessary. The mod works flawlessly without device root access.

Q: Where can I get support if I have issues with the mod?

A: Most mod download pages have support information. You may also get help from the game’s community forums or by contacting the mod developer.

Zombie Games APK 0.8.4 MOD [Mega Menu/Unlimited Money]

Mega Menu/Unlimited Money

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