ZEE5 APK 38.71.8 MOD (Premium/AD Free) 100% Working

ZEE5 APK 38.71.8 MOD (Premium/AD Free) 100% Working


App Name ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows
Publisher Z5X Global FZ LLC
Genre Entertainment
Size 30 MB
Latest Version 38.71.8
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Mod info Premium/AD Free
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The ZEE5 Android app is one of the most popular over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms in India, offering a diverse library of movies, TV shows, originals, music, and more. With over 4000+ movies, 200+ originals, 1600+ TV shows, and content in 12 languages, ZEE5 caters to a wide range of audiences across India and worldwide.


User Interface and Navigation

The user interface (UI) and overall navigation of any streaming app plays a key role in user experience. Let’s discuss the UI and navigation of the ZEE5 Android app:

Homepage and Menus

  • The homepage features a simple yet visually appealing layout with large landscape banners showcasing new and popular movies and shows.
  • The navigation menu at the bottom provides quick access to Home, Movies, TV Shows, Premium, Music, Live TV, and More sections.
  • Pros: Simple and intuitive interface, easy to find relevant sections
  • Cons: Lower information density compared to competitors like Netflix

Browse Experience

  • Browsing for content is easy with well-organized sections for Genres, Languages, Premium, and other categories.
  • Search works well with filters for languages and genres. Voice search is also available.
  • The app surfaces personalized recommendations on the Homepage based on watch history.
  • Pros: Finding relevant content is easy with robust filters and personalization
  • Cons: Occasional lag in loading images and metadata

Video Page

  • The video playback page contains all essential info like synopsis, cast & crew details, episode list, recommendations etc.
  • Pros: Clean layout with useful information
  • Cons: Episode list takes time to load

Account and Settings

  • The account section provides options to manage subscription plans, payment methods, parental controls etc.
  • Key settings like video quality, subtitles/audio languages are easily accessible from the video player.
  • Pros: Useful account management and accessibility settings
  • Cons: Settings are spread across account section and video player.

App Performance

  • Pros: Fast and responsive for the most part
  • Cons: Occasional lag in loading images and metadata, especially on slower networks


The ZEE5 Android app offers a simple yet powerful UI that makes finding and watching content easy. The browsing experience is smooth overall but does have some lag issues at times. The video playback page and account sections provide useful tools for users. There is scope for improvement in surfacing more relevant recommendations.


Content Library

The content library is the heart of any streaming service. Let’s evaluate the breadth, depth and quality of content available on ZEE5 Android app:


  • 4000+ movies across Hindi, English and multiple Indian regional languages like Marathi, Bengali etc.
  • Covers contemporary Bollywood hits as well as older classics.
  • Movie library includes titles like KGF 2, RRR, Gangubai Kathiawadi, Kantara etc.
  • Pros: Extensive collection covering diverse languages and genres
  • Cons: Lacks many recent theatrical releases compared to competitors

TV Shows

  • 1600+ TV shows across Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and more Indian languages.
  • Includes popular running soaps and older classic shows.
  • Library includes hits like Kundali Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya, Naagin etc.
  • Pros: Massive collection covering all major Indian languages
  • Cons: Missing some flagship shows of competitors like Bigg Boss

ZEE5 Originals

  • 200+ Originals across genres like drama, comedy, thriller etc.
  • Originals available in Hindi and 7 regional languages.
  • Popular originals include Abhay, Rangbaaz, Kaafir etc.
  • Pros: Large slate of originals in diverse Indian languages
  • Cons: Original quality is hit-or-miss compared to Netflix India originals

International Content

  • Has limited international content compared to rivals.
  • Library includes some Turkish, Korean and Spanish shows.
  • Pros: K-dramas and Spanish shows cater to niche audiences
  • Cons: Lacks breadth of international content seen on Netflix and Prime Video

Kids Content

  • Dedicated kids section ZEE5 Kids with age-appropriate entertainment.
  • Shows like Motu Patlu, Chhota Bheem etc. plus movies and videos.
  • Pros: Good collection of Indian animation shows and movies
  • Cons: Very limited compared to competitors’ kids sections


The ZEE5 Android app shines with its vast collection of Indian movies, TV shows and originals covering all major regional languages. The depth of Indian content across classic and contemporary is a key asset. However, it falters in terms of recent theatrical releases and international content. The kids collection is also quite limited.


Streaming Quality and Performance

Streaming quality and reliability are imperative for an enjoyable viewing experience. Let’s see how the ZEE5 Android app fares on this front:

Video Quality

  • Up to 4K video quality available for select titles, 1080p for most content.
  • Adaptive bitrate adjusts quality automatically based on network bandwidth.
  • Pros: 4K and 1080p provide crisp viewing experience. Adaptive bitrate minimizes buffering.
  • Cons: 4K limited to very few titles. Many titles restricted to 720p quality.

Audio Quality

  • 5.1 surround sound available for select movies.
  • Dolby Digital audio support results in clear sound.
  • Pros: Immersive audio experience in supported titles
  • Cons: Surround sound and Dolby only available for some titles

Streaming Reliability

  • Stable streaming with minimal buffering and stalling across WiFi and cellular data.
  • Quick start times – content starts playing in 2-3 seconds typically.
  • Pros: Reliable streaming performance across networks
  • Cons: Buffering may happen occasionally on slower networks

Offline Viewing

  • Ability to download movies and shows to watch offline.
  • Downloads take time depending on file size and network speed.
  • Pros: Useful for unreliable networks or offline viewing
  • Cons: Download speed can be slow at times


The ZEE5 Android app delivers a solid streaming experience with crisp 4K and 1080p video quality in supported titles. Audio is clear and surround sound elevates select content. Performance is consistent with minimal buffering. Offline downloads make it great for spotty networks. Expanding 4K and surround sound support to more titles would make the experience even better.


Features and Functionalities

Let’s discuss some of the key features and tools offered by the ZEE5 Android app:

Multiple Profiles

  • Support for up to 5 user profiles within a single subscription.
  • Profiles allow personalized recommendations and watch history for each user.
  • Pros: Useful for households with multiple viewers
  • Cons: Limited to 5 profiles only

Parental Controls

  • Maturity ratings and PIN-based restrictions to control access to content.
  • Ability to set viewing restrictions by age group.
  • Pros: Essential for censoring inappropriate content
  • Cons: Granular controls like time limits not available

Continue Watching

  • Automatically resumes movies/shows from where you left off.
  • Dedicated continue watching row on the homepage.
  • Pros: Convenient way to resume partial views
  • Cons: History only saved for last 5-10 items


  • Allows adding titles to a watchlist to easily find them later.
  • Watchlist is synced across devices.
  • Pros: Helpful for tracking content to watch later
  • Cons: No notifications when new episodes of show in watchlist are added


  • Download movies, shows, and episodes to watch offline.
  • View download progress and manage downloaded content.
  • Pros: Enables offline viewing on the go
  • Cons: Download speed can be slow, no auto-delete option


The ZEE5 Android app provides a robust set of features like multiple profiles, parental controls, continue watching, downloads etc. that enhance the overall viewing experience. However, there is scope to improve features like watchlist, download management and profile limits.


Pricing and Plans

ZEE5 offers a range of subscription plans that unlock its full content catalog:

Monthly Plans

  • Premium plan at ₹99 per month.
  • Telugu plan at ₹49 per month – Telugu movies and shows only.

Yearly Plans

  • Premium plan at ₹999 per year.
  • Telugu plan at ₹599 per year.

Key Highlights

  • All plans provide ad-free viewing.
  • Ability to stream on 2 devices concurrently.
  • Premium plan required for 4K streaming.
  • Telugu plan provides cheaper access to Telugu content.


ZEE5’s pricing is competitive compared to major rivals. The Premium yearly plan in particular offers a cost-effective way to access all content. The Telugu plan caters specifically to that regional audience. More regional language plans can potentially expand their appeal. Overall, ZEE5 offers strong value for money.


Pros and Cons Summary


  • Intuitive interface and navigation
  • Massive content library spanning Indian movies, shows and originals
  • Reliable streaming with minimal buffering
  • Useful features like multiple profiles, downloads etc.
  • Cost-effective pricing plans


  • Occasional lag and delays in loading content
  • Lacks many recent theatrical movie releases
  • Limited international and kids content
  • Scope to improve recommendations and watchlist features
  • 4K and surround sound support for more titles needed


The ZEE5 Android app provides a solid streaming experience for Indian entertainment lovers with its extensive content library spanning movies, shows and originals in 12 languages. The streaming quality and performance is reliable across networks. Useful features like multiple profiles and downloads add convenience. While the navigation is intuitive, the app can lag at times. The content library falters in terms of recent theatrical releases, kids content and international depth compared to rivals. But at its competitive pricing, ZEE5 offers tremendous value specifically for Indian-focused entertainment. For Indian movie and TV buffs, it is certainly a must-have streaming app.

  • Premium Unlocked

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