ZArchiver Pro Mod Apk 1.0.9 b10915 (Paid)

ZArchiver Pro Mod Apk 1.0.9 b10915 (Paid)

App Name ZArchiver Donate
Publisher ZDevs
Genre Tools
Size 55MB
Latest Version 1.0.9
Update on Dec 25, 2023
Get it on Google Play
ZArchiver Donate is a unique mod version of the popular open source archiving app ZArchiver. It comes packed with extra features while allowing you to donate to support further development. Let’s explore what makes this app so useful.

Main Features

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to manage archives without technical skills. Key functions like create, open, extract, and delete are clearly laid out.

Broad Format Support

It can create and open just about any archive format you’ll encounter:

  • 7ZIP
  • ZIP
  • BZ2
  • GZ
  • XZ
  • LZ4
  • TAR
  • ZSTD

And many more like RAR, ISO, and WIM.

Advanced Archive Options

Do more with your archives:

  • Password protected archives
  • Multi-part split archives
  • Archives from email attachments
  • Update extracted files

Light and Dark Themes

Switch between light and dark modes to match your preference. Customize fonts and colors in the settings.

No Web Permissions

It cannot access the internet or transmit your data. Your privacy is assured.

Open Archives Directly

Open and view archives without full extraction. Handy for quick previews.

Share Archives Easily

Send archives easily via email, cloud drives, social media and more.

Multilingual Support

Available in dozens of languages.

What is the Mod APK Version?

The mod APK version has all the pro features unlocked without any ads or fees. You get the full experience free.

Unlocked Pro Features

Enjoy handy pro upgrades like password storage for archives and full theme customization options.

No Ads

Zero distractions while managing your important archives.

Free Forever

Normally the pro upgrade costs money, but the mod version is free.

5 Key Questions

1. Is ZArchiver Donate safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe. The app cannot access the internet or transmit data from your device. It only manages local files.

2. Can it open RAR archives?

Yes, ZArchiver Donate supports RAR archives for both creating and extracting files.

3. Does it work on old Android versions?

It works on Android 5.0 and above. So unless your device is very outdated, it should be compatible.

4. What makes the mod version special?

You get all the premium features for free compared to the standard version, including no ads.

5. Can I send feedback to the developer?

Absolutely. Click “Send feedback” in the app’s menu to email the developer your suggestions or bug reports.

So in summary, ZArchiver Donate offers an easy way to manage all your archives with robust format support, handy advanced options, and a clean interface. And the mod APK unlocks the full pro experience free. Give this excellent archiver a try for your Android device.

ZArchiver Pro Mod Apk 1.0.9 b10915 (Paid)

1.0.8 - 7zip updated to 23.01; - added simple image viewer and text editor; - improved Android/obb access on Android 13; - other fixes and improvements. 1.0.7 - fixed access to Android/[data|obb] on the Android 13; - unrar updated to version 6.2.6; - small fixes and improvements. 1.0.6 - fixed access to Android/[data|obb] on the Android 13; - add dynamic accent color support; - small fixes and improvements.

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