Yubo APK 4.98.0 MOD (Premium)

Yubo APK 4.98.0 MOD (Premium)


App Name Yubo: Make new friends
Publisher Twelve APP
Genre Social
Size 55 MB
Latest Version 4.98.0
Update on Nov 28, 2023
Requirements 9
Mod info Premium
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Yubo is a social networking app designed for teenagers to make new friends and connect through live video streaming. The app has over 60 million users worldwide and continues to grow in popularity among the Gen Z demographic.

Yubo aims to provide an authentic and safe space for teenagers to socialize online. The app separates users into two age-gated communities – 13-17 and 18+ – to prevent adult-minor interactions. It also utilizes AI and human moderators to monitor activity and ensure adherence to community guidelines.

In this comprehensive review, we will examine Yubo’s key features, user experience, privacy practices, and safety measures on the Android platform.


Main Features

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the core feature of Yubo, allowing users to broadcast live videos to an unlimited audience. Users can host streams with up to 10 friends or join other streams to meet new people.

Viewers interact through real-time chat and can send “likes” to the streamers. The streamer can also add viewers to their friend list.

Yubo introduced YouTube live streaming in 2022, letting users stream content directly from YouTube to their Yubo audience. This expanded the content options beyond self-broadcasts.

Profile Creation

To create a Yubo profile, users must provide:

  • Date of birth
  • Real name
  • Profile photo clearly showing their face
  • Mobile number for verification

The profile consists of:

  • Profile photo
  • Username
  • Bio
  • Interest tags
  • Location (city)

Users can customize their profiles by adding more photos, videos, and personalized elements like emojis.

Swipe Matching

Yubo incorporates Tinder-like swiping mechanics to connect users. By swiping right on profiles, users can match with each other if the interest is mutual.

Matched users can chat privately or live stream together. The app recommends profiles based on users’ interests and locations.

Chat & Messaging

Matched users on Yubo can chat privately using text, photo, video, and emoji messages. Group chats with up to 10 friends are also available.

Yubo uses AI to filter inappropriate messages and block offensive language in chats. Users can also report messages from within the app.

Games & Activities

Yubo features built-in games and activities like trivia quizzes and drawing challenges. These games facilitate interaction between friends in a fun way.

The app also has virtual gifts and reactions that users can send to each other during live streams.

Friend Discovery

In addition to swipe matching, Yubo enables friend discovery through:

  • Search – Browse profiles by name, interest tags, location, etc.
  • Recommendations – Profiles recommended based on users’ interests and activity
  • Live streams – Meet new people by joining public live streams
  • Community – Join interest-based communities to connect with like-minded users

This multifaceted discovery system makes it easy to expand one’s social network on Yubo.


User Interface (UI)

Yubo’s user interface is intuitive, visually appealing, and optimized for the mobile experience.

The app is organized into four main tabs:


The Home tab shows a feed of live streams, friend activity, messages, and notifications. It provides quick access to all recent activity.


This tab allows browsing profiles and live streams through search, recommendations, and communities.


Live shows a carousel of current live streams that users can join. There is also a “Go Live” button to start broadcasting.


The Friends tab contains the user’s friend list and group chats. Users can view friends’ profiles and send messages from here.

The bottom navigation bar makes it easy to switch between these tabs. Key actions like notifications and profile are accessible from all tabs.

The visual design uses vibrant colors, large images, and an uncluttered layout. This creates an energetic look tailored to young users.

Easy swiping and tapping makes navigation fast. The UI avoids complex menus and settings. Overall, it provides a fun and frictionless user experience.


Privacy Practices

As a social networking app for minors, Yubo implements various measures to protect user privacy. However, some practices still raise concerns.

Data Collection

Yubo collects a typical amount of personal data during signup, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Profile photo

This data is used for account creation and identity verification.

The app also collects user content like messages, photos, videos, and live streams. Location data may also be collected.

Yubo’s privacy policy does not describe the full extent of data collection. More transparency would be beneficial.

Data Use

Collected data is used to provide Yubo’s services and features to users. This includes:

  • Creating and managing user accounts
  • Recommending profiles and content
  • Providing safety features
  • Advertising

Yubo states that users’ personal data is not sold to third parties. However, data may be shared with partners to show targeted ads.

Yubo requires parental consent for users under 18 during signup. However, this is implemented through a simple checkbox and may be easy to bypass.

More robust parental controls would provide better protection for minors.

Control Options

In app settings, users can:

  • Review data collected by Yubo
  • Turn off location sharing
  • Restrict messaging to friends only

But there are limited options to delete data or opt-out of data use. Providing more user control over data would be beneficial.

Live Streaming

Yubo’s live streaming features have inherent privacy risks. Streams are public and users have little control over who views them. There is a lack of privacy when broadcasting live to strangers.


Safety Measures

Yubo employs a combination of policies, technology, and human oversight to protect minors on the platform.

Age Verification

  • Uses AI estimation to verify users’ age based on profile photo
  • Requires birthday and parental consent for underage users
  • Separates 13-17 and 18+ users into different communities

Human Moderators

  • Team reviews profiles, streams, chats for policy violations
  • Monitors activity 24/7 to enforce guidelines
  • Users can report inappropriate content in-app

AI Filters

  • Scans text, audio, and video for safety issues
  • Detects and filters offensive language
  • Identifies inappropriate profile photos

Safety Resources

  • Detailed community guidelines and safety tips
  • Block/report tools for users
  • Parent guides and resources

Limited Visibility

  • Strangers cannot see a user’s exact location, only their city
  • Users must match to message each other

Other Measures

  • No adult content allowed
  • Cyberbullying and harassment prohibited
  • Moderates games and special events

While no platform can be 100% safe, Yubo has made meaningful efforts to protect its young user base. Still, supervision is advised when minors use any social media app.


Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive mobile interface
  • Live streaming with friends
  • Meet new people globally
  • Interest-based friend discovery
  • Games and activities
  • Separate communities for minors


  • Limited parental controls
  • Public live streaming risks
  • Chat with strangers possible
  • Needs more privacy options
  • Potential for inappropriate content

The Bottom Line

Yubo provides an engaging platform for teenagers to socialize online. Its focus on live streaming and friend discovery appeals to Gen Z users seeking meaningful connections.

However, the open nature of Yubo’s chat and live streaming features poses inherent risks. While Yubo has implemented extensive protections, close parental supervision is still advised for minor users.

Enhanced privacy controls and restrictions would further strengthen Yubo’s safety measures. But the app delivers a generally positive experience when used appropriately.

For most teenagers, Yubo can facilitate fun online interactions with friends when parents stay involved. But ultimately, individual teens and families must determine if Yubo’s benefits outweigh its risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yubo safe for teenagers?

Yubo has robust safety measures in place, including age verification, moderation, and filtering. However, risks remain due to the nature of chatting with strangers online. Parental supervision is advised, especially for younger teens.

Can adults join Yubo?

Yubo has a separate community for adults 18 and over. Adults cannot interact with minor users on the app.

Yubo requires users under 18 to confirm parental consent during signup. However, the current system only uses a simple checkbox, which teens can easily bypass.

Can strangers see my exact location on Yubo?

No, users can only see the city of other users. Exact locations are not visible to strangers.

Can adults pretend to be teenagers on Yubo?

Yubo uses AI estimation to verify ages based on profile photos. However, determined adults could potentially use fake photos to bypass this system. Moderators work to catch fake accounts, but some risks remain.

Is there a way to make Yubo more private?

Users can restrict chat and visibility settings in the app’s privacy controls. Disabling location sharing also increases privacy. However, live streaming on Yubo is inherently public.

What inappropriate content might be on Yubo?

While against Yubo’s rules, user-generated content could potentially contain inappropriate language, bullying, sexual content, drug references, or violence. Yubo aims to quickly detect and remove any policy-violating content.

Should parents monitor teens’ use of Yubo?

Yes, experts recommend parents actively monitor their teens’ social media use to ensure safety and appropriate use. Monitoring apps can also help parents supervise Yubo activity.

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