YouTube Vanced APK 18.46.40 MOD [Premium/NO ADS] for Android

YouTube Vanced APK 18.46.40 MOD [Premium/NO ADS] for Android

App Name Play Tube - Block Ads on Video
Publisher FastDev llc
Genre Entertainment
Latest Version 4.1.1
Update on Aug 30, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of the YouTube app for Android that provides an ad-free viewing experience and unlocks many additional features. Here is an in-depth review of YouTube Vanced covering its features, installation process, comparisons to the official YouTube app, and more.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

Main Features

Some of the key features of YouTube Vanced include:

  • Ad blocking – This is the main benefit of Vanced. It completely removes all video ads, banner ads, suggested video ads, etc.
  • Background play – Allows you to minimize the app or turn off your phone screen while audio continues playing, without a YouTube Premium subscription.
  • Picture-in-picture mode – Floating video player that stays on top of other apps. Useful for multitasking.
  • Video downloads – Download videos or audio directly from the app.
  • Return YouTube Dislike Counts – Brings back exact dislike counts on videos which YouTube removed.
  • Dark mode – True black AMOLED dark mode looks great and saves battery life.
  • Customization – Change interface colors, enable extra stats and buttons, disable certain UI elements, etc. Much more customizable than the stock YouTube app.

Additional handy features:

  • Force maximum video quality
  • Pinch to zoom videos
  • Swipe controls for brightness and volume
  • Hide shorts shelf
  • SponsorBlock integration
  • Sign into multiple Google accounts

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

Installation Process

The process to get Vanced up and running on your Android device is simple:

  1. Download the Vanced Manager app
  2. Open Vanced Manager and install YouTube and MicroG
  3. Sign into your Google account
  4. Enjoy the new ad-free Vanced experience!

Detailed Steps:

  1. Download Vanced Manager – This app handles all downloads and updates. Get it from the Vanced website.
  2. Install YouTube Vanced – Open Vanced Manager, go to the Apps tab, select YouTube Vanced, and tap Install. Choose which variant you want:
    • Non-Root – Works on any Android device without root access
    • Root – Requires root access but blocks ads system-wide
  3. Install MicroG – MicroG allows logging into your Google account. Install it the same way you installed Vanced.
  4. Sign into your Google account – Open YouTube Vanced, agree to the terms, tap Add account, and sign in to your Google account using MicroG.
  5. Enable Adblocking – Go to Settings > Ads and turn on “Block video ads” and any other ad blocking options you want.

And that’s it! You can now use YouTube Vanced as your main YouTube app and take advantage of all the additional benefits and customizations it offers over the stock YouTube experience.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

Comparisons to Regular YouTube App

Feature YouTube Vanced Regular YouTube App
Ad blocking Yes No, YouTube Premium required
Background audio Yes No, YouTube Premium required
Picture-in-picture Yes Limited, YouTube Premium required
Return dislikes Yes No
Dark mode True black Dark gray
Customizations Many options Very limited
Maximum video quality Can force highest Capped based on device

As you can see from the table above, YouTube Vanced provides a big upgrade over the regular YouTube app in Android. You unlock all the benefits of a YouTube Premium subscription for free, additional features not available even with Premium, and extensive customization options.

The main advantages of the official YouTube app are that it comes directly from Google, may have slightly more stable performance, and offers the newest YouTube features right away. However, Vanced catches up quickly and often surpasses the official app’s feature set.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

Who Is YouTube Vanced For?

YouTube Vanced is ideal for:

  • Those looking to eliminate YouTube ads without paying for Premium
  • Users focused on customization and extra features
  • Multitaskers who want background play and picture-in-picture
  • People looking to bring back video dislike counts
  • Anyone who wants a true black dark mode for AMOLED displays
  • Those not satisfied with the amount of options in the regular YouTube app

Some downsides to Vanced include:

  • Requires sideloading an app outside the Play Store
  • Needs extra setup steps compared to stock YouTube
  • App updates lag slightly behind official app
  • Small risk of Google blocking functionality

So YouTube Vanced is best suited for intermediate to advanced Android users who want maximum control over their YouTube experience. Casual users may prefer sticking with the normal app.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

YouTube Vanced Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of YouTube Vanced:

  • Enable SponsorBlock to automatically skip in-video sponsor segments
  • Downgrade MicroG if you have login issues with the latest version
  • Turn on swipe controls in settings for convenient brightness and volume adjustment
  • Set a custom theme color if you don’t like the default red
  • Disable search suggestions under accounts if you prefer privacy
  • Export subscriptions & settings from the stock YouTube app for easy transfer
  • Use version 15.43.32 or lower if you want 4K video downloads
  • Check the Vanced Settings tab for many more options to play with

And a few quick pro tips:

  • Double tap left/right video edges to seek 10 seconds
  • Pinch to zoom videos on any device
  • Tap the video time to toggle elapsed/remaining time
  • Press volume keys to skip intros or sponsor segments with SponsorBlock

YouTube Vanced MOD APK


YouTube Vanced delivers virtually everything you could ask for in an upgraded YouTube experience for Android. If you’ve grown frustrated with the official app’s lack of customizability or having features locked behind a Premium paywall, give Vanced a try.

It may take a few extra minutes to get set up initially, but after that you’ll be treated to an ad-free YouTube with background play, picture-in-picture, dislikes back, and a host of appearance tweaks and handy settings you won’t find anywhere else.

For enhancing your YouTube viewing and regaining control over the platform, YouTube Vanced is a must-have app for many Android users. The additional functionality it offers over stock YouTube, without charging a monthly fee, makes it easy to see why Vanced has become so popular.

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