XCars Street Driving APK 1.4.8 MOD [Unlimited Money] for Android

XCars Street Driving APK 1.4.8 MOD [Unlimited Money] for Android


App Name XCars Street Driving
Publisher BOLD CAT
Genre Racing
Latest Version 1.4.8
Update on Dec 27, 2023
Requirements 5.1
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XCars Street Driving is a free, open world racing game available for Android devices. Set in the fictional Sunset City, players can explore a huge map, buy and customize cars, and take part in realistic street races against AI opponents. With its emphasis on simulation-style driving physics and an open ended progression system, XCars Street Driving aims to provide an immersive street racing experience in the palm of your hand.

XCars Street Driving MOD APK

Main Features

Huge Open World Map

One of the standout features of XCars Street Driving is its enormous open world map, modelled after a typical American city. Players are free to drive around and explore Sunset City, taking in the sights or looking for optimal routes and shortcuts. The city features miles of roads through urban, suburban, industrial, and scenic rural areas connected by highways and tunnels. Developers Filaret Games have packed an impressive amount of environmental detail into the map.

Extensive Car Customisation

XCars Street Driving allows players to buy, tune, and customise a garage of cars. There are over 50 real licensed vehicles to collect, with a focus on popular sports and tuner cars like Nissan GT-Rs, Subaru WRXs, BMW M3s, and more. Visual customisation extends to body kits, spoilers, rims, decals, underglow neon, and adjustable ride height. Performance upgrades improve speed, acceleration, handling, brakes, and gear ratios. The depth of tuning options gives players the tools to create their dream ride.

Realistic Driving Physics

In keeping with its simulation DNA, XCars Street Driving features authentic driving physics designed to provide an immersive driving experience. Weight transfer, traction, gearing, aerodynamics all play a role in car behaviour. Tuning upgrades make a noticeable difference to acceleration, cornering grip, straight line speed, and braking distances. Traction control and ABS aids can be disabled for extra challenge. The physics lend themselves well to learning real world race driving techniques.

AI Opponents and Multiplayer

The streets of Sunset City are filled with AI drivers offering a scale of challenge. Traffic provides obstacles, while aggressive street racers will actively seek you out for impromptu drag races. The game incorporates a matchmaking system for online multiplayer, allowing you to test your tuned cars against real opponents. Leaderboards and contests with exclusive prizes help provide long term motivation.

Real Time Weather and Day/Night Cycle

XCars Street Driving features real time simulations of weather and lighting. This manifests as rain, fog, and wet road surfaces affecting grip. The day night cycle sees sunset and rise over the course of 24 in-game hours. Street lights, vehicle headlights, and neon underglows illuminate the night. Weather and lighting add atmosphere and variety while influencing driving conditions.

Missions and Pursuits

While free roaming the open world is the main draw, XCars Street Driving incorporates structured progression through missions accessed from the in-game phone. These task players with jobs like deliveries, getaway driving, hitting drift or speed targets, and earning money through races and contests. The game also includes police pursuits, with infractions like speeding and street racing attracting the attention of the Sunset City PD. Escaping pursuits makes for tense driving challenges.

Real Brands and Licenses

XCars Street Driving incorporates a range of real automotive brands through official licensing deals. Real car models can be purchased from brands like Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, BMW, and Chevrolet. Aftermarket parts carry branding from noted manufacturers like HKS, Greddy, and Sparco. The licenses help connect the game to real car culture for added authenticity.

Controller and Wheel Support

Serious simulation fans will be glad to know XCars Street Driving offers extensive peripheral support. The game can be played with touch screen controls, but also allows USB and Bluetooth gamepads, controllers, and steering wheels to be connected. This allows players to equip gear like wheels and pedals from Logitech or Thrustmaster to control their vehicles. Support for simulation hardware boosts the immersive experience.

XCars Street Driving MOD APK

What is the XCars Street Driving Mod APK?

The XCars Street Driving Mod APK is a modified version of the standard game client for Android. It unlocks premium features without payment, enhances the rewards system, and removes certain restrictions. Specifically, the mod includes:

  • All cars unlocked – Players gain instant access to the full car roster without needing to grind for in-game currency. This allows testing of vehicles otherwise locked behind progression gates or paywalls.
  • Unlimited money – The mod provides players with effectively infinite funds to spend on purchasing new cars and parts without needing to race and earn cash repeatedly. Greatly accelerated progression.
  • Increased XP and rewards – The mod increases the rate of progression by boosting the XP and rewards payouts from events and races. Players level up quicker and earn game currency faster.
  • No damage – Vehicles will not take crash damage, allowing you to drive recklessly without financial penalty. Keep cars in pristine condition.
  • Removed online requirement – The mod allows full offline access to all features without needing an internet connection for DRM purposes. Makes the game playable anywhere.
  • Ongoing updates – The active modding community keeps releasing new versions of the mod with additional unlocks, money generators, and feature tweaks. Maintains long term interest.

XCars Street Driving MOD APK

Key Questions

1. How large is the open world map in XCars Street Driving?

The developers state that the explorable area of the Sunset City map measures over 300 square kilometres. This enormous scale aims to provide hours of scenic driving through dense urban zones, sprawling suburbs, industrial ports, and countryside.

2. Can I play XCars Street Driving offline?

Yes, the game can be played fully offline once downloaded, with all singleplayer modes accessible. The only features requiring internet access are the online multiplayer matchmaking and leaderboards.

3. Does XCars Street Driving include damage modelling?

Yes, vehicles will progressively show visual damage and degraded performance as you crash into walls, traffic, and other objects. Major impacts can total cars. This can be turned off in settings.

4. What control options does XCars Street Driving support?

The game supports touchscreen controls, Bluetooth gamepads and controllers, and USB wheel/pedal sets. So you can play casually with your phone or equip pro-grade sim racing hardware.

5. Will my phone run XCars Street Driving?

The game requires at least Android 5, 2GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 625 chipset or better, and 2GB of storage. This allows it to run on most mid-range devices released in the past 5 years.

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XCars Street Driving MOD APK

In Conclusion

With its huge open world, extensive tuning, realistic physics, structured progression, licensed brands, and peripheral support, XCars Street Driving makes a strong case for mobile racing enthusiasts. The feature set provides gearheads with an authentic street racing experience they can take anywhere. Ongoing updates and mod support help maintain long term engagement. Overall, XCars Street Driving sets the new standard for realistic open world racing on Android.

- bug fixes and improvements

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