WCC3 APK 2.1 MOD (Unlimited Coins, All Unlocked)

WCC3 APK 2.1 MOD (Unlimited Coins, All Unlocked)


App Name World Cricket Championship 3
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Genre Sports
Size 800 MB
Latest Version 2.1
Update on Nov 17, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Coins/All Unlocked
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World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3) is the latest installment in the popular World Cricket Championship mobile cricket game franchise developed by Nextwave Multimedia. WCC3 builds upon the success of previous titles World Cricket Championship (WCC) and World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2), further evolving the mobile cricket experience with cutting-edge gameplay features, controls, animations, multiplayer, and more.

This in-depth review will cover the key aspects of WCC3 including graphics, gameplay, game modes, features, customization, and comparisons to previous WCC titles.

World Cricket Championship 3 WCC3 MOD APK

Graphics and Presentation

WCC3 features vastly improved graphics over previous games in the franchise, with more realistic lighting, shadows, textures, and player models. The environments and stadiums look excellent, recreating the atmosphere of being at a live cricket match.

Player faces and kits are meticulously designed to resemble their real-life counterparts. Motion capture technology is used to animate player movements when batting, bowling and fielding. This level of detail brings unparalleled realism to the visuals. Over 150 unique player faces are available to choose from when customizing your squad.

The game runs smoothly at 60fps on capable devices, with optimized graphics options to scale quality based on your phone’s performance. Visuals are sharp and detailed even at lower settings.

Presentation elements like pre-match intros, replays, celebrations, crowds, and visual cutscenes during career mode further enhance immersion and replicate television broadcast quality.

Overall, WCC3 represents a massive graphical leap over previous games, delivering AAA quality visuals and animation that set a new standard for mobile cricket games.

World Cricket Championship 3 WCC3 MOD APK

Gameplay and Controls

WCC3 retains the classic batting, bowling and fielding gameplay foundations of the franchise, while introducing improvements and refinements.


The batting mechanics feel more fluid and refined. A new run sprint system gives you more control over singles and doubles. Shot selection is more nuanced, with guide arrows showing the direction of each shot type. Timing shots feels more skill based now, rewarding well-timed strokes. Defensive and attacking strokes are balanced nicely.

The new fluid batting controls utilize gestures and swipe actions to play shots. Alternate classic button controls are also available. Batting feels more intuitive and satisfying thanks to these new mechanics.

Many new shot types have been added, including innovative attacking shots like the scoop, reverse lap and more. This expands your batting arsenal.


The bowling system has been overhauled with new seam and spin mechanics. You can now choose from different grip styles that alter bowling speed and movement. A new timing-based power meter lets you control pace and swing/turn.

Bowling feels more skillful, with the ability to set up batsmen by altering line, length, pace and movement. Pitch conditions and match scenario also impact bowling strategy and behavior.


Fielders are now directly controllable for the first time in the series. You can position fielders pre-ball, then dive and chase down balls once hit. Throwing back to the wickets is also manually controlled. This fielding freedom massively improves the experience.

The AI for non-controlled fielders has also improved, with realistic movement and relay throws. However, direct control is more effective and fun.

Overall, the gameplay in WCC3 is more dynamic, refined and skill-based compared to previous installments. The new fluid controls, shot mechanics, bowling system and fielding freedom come together to deliver the most complete and engaging cricket experience the franchise has offered.

World Cricket Championship 3 WCC3 MOD APK

Game Modes and Tournaments

WCC3 includes a huge variety of tournament formats and scenarios to play. The main modes include:

  • Exhibition Matches: Play one-off matches between international, domestic or custom teams across T20, ODI and Test formats. Highly customizable.
  • World Tour: Participate in full international cricket tours and series involving national and club teams.
  • World Cups: Official ICC World Cups for T20 and ODI formats. Authentic tournament structure and presentation.
  • National Premier Leagues: Domestic T20 leagues including extensive Indian Premier League content with official teams and players.
  • Career Mode: Start as a rookie and work your way up domestically and internationally. Spans 25 seasons and 400+ matches across 3 story chapters.
  • Scenario Mode: Key historical and memorable cricket matches to relive and recreate.

The depth and breadth of content here is unparalleled in mobile cricket games. There are so many ways to experience the sport. Playing full length tests and series is incredibly immersive.

The addition of a lengthy career mode for the first time in the franchise is a huge value addition. It provides a structured path to follow and develop your player.

Features and Modes

Beyond core gameplay, WCC3 introduces many new features that provide greater depth.

  • Multiplayer: For the first time, real-time online 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer is supported to compete against others.
  • Player Auctions: Squad management involves auctions to build your team. This is used in domestic leagues.
  • Player Cards: Collect cards to upgrade individual player skills and attributes. Adds RPG progression.
  • Impact Player: A substitute with boosted abilities that can change match outcome. Strategic use is key.
  • Commentary: Professional English and Hindi commentary with insights and analysis.
  • Replay Mode: Relive highlights and analyze key moments from different camera angles.
  • Challenges: Complete skill challenges in scenarios to earn rewards.
  • Leaderboards: Global leaderboards allow you to compare stats and rankings with other players.

These features add welcome variety beyond core gameplay. The multiplayer, in particular, delivers a new competitive experience to test your skills against others in head-to-head cricket action.

World Cricket Championship 3 WCC3 MOD APK

Customization and Personalization

Deep team and player customization options allow you to tailor the experience to your preferences.

For exhibition games, you can modify team names, kits, logos and players for each squad. This allows creating your dream teams with past and present stars. Custom tournaments can also be created.

The career mode and leagues allow creating your own unique player. You can define their name, appearance, attributes and role.

As you progress in career mode, you earn skill points to upgrade your player across batting, bowling and wicket-keeping disciplines. This RPG progression system is satisfying.

With robust customization, you can put your personal stamp on teams and players. The ability to play as yourself in career mode makes it more relatable.

Comparison to Previous WCC Games

Compared to previous franchise entries WCC and WCC2, WCC3 makes massive strides forward in terms of graphics, gameplay, modes, features and presentation.

Visually, WCC3 introduces vastly more detailed character models, animations, environments and effects. This huge graphical leap makes it feel like a true next-gen title.

The switch to fluid new batting and bowling controls improves the responsiveness and depth of core gameplay. Fielding is also better thanks to direct control. WCC3 has the most refined on-field action of the series.

More varied game modes are introduced, like the extensive career mode spanning 25 seasons. Real-time online multiplayer is also brand new and creates a more engaging competitive experience.

More realistic presentation elements like commentary, player interactions, crowds, cutscenes and analysis give WCC3 incredible broadcast-style polish.

While WCC and WCC2 were great mobile cricket games, WCC3 feels like the first true AAA cricket experience on mobile with its production values, refinement and ambition. It pushes the franchise into new territory.

World Cricket Championship 3 WCC3 MOD APK

Areas for Improvement

While WCC3 represents a massive leap for the franchise, a few areas could still be improved in future updates:

  • Fielding AI: Some occasional questionable behaviors like slow throws and misfields.
  • Career Progression: Could benefit from more customization and storyline choices.
  • Bowling Difficulty: Still quite challenging, could be tuned and balanced further.
  • Online Stability: Rare connectivity issues currently in multiplayer.

These are minor nitpicks in an otherwise excellent game. The developers continue releasing regular updates to smooth out any rough edges and add new content.

World Cricket Championship 3 WCC3 MOD APK


World Cricket Championship 3 delivers a premier mobile cricket experience that captures the intensity, competition and skill of the sport. With gorgeous visuals, refined controls, deep modes and extensive customization, it’s undoubtedly the best mobile cricket game available today.

WCC3 outshines previous franchise entries with major graphical, gameplay and feature upgrades. From realistic animations to extensive career mode, it sets a new bar for cricket games on mobile.

For cricket fans wanting to experience the thrill of batting, bowling and fielding in their pocket, WCC3 is highly recommended. Its quality and depth make it feel like a AAA-level sports title on par with console and PC games.

If you want authentic, polished and engaging cricket action on mobile, WCC3 is the definitive choice right now.

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money

- Optimized and reduced size of downloadable stadium packs and other online content. - Bug Fixes

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