Wink APK MOD (VIP Unlocked/No Watermark/Premium)

Wink APK MOD (VIP Unlocked/No Watermark/Premium)


App Name Wink - Video Enhancing Tool
Publisher Meitu (China) Limited
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 64 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info VIP Unlocked/No Watermark/Premium
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The Wink app is a social networking and friend-finding app that connects users around the world. The app works similarly to Tinder, allowing users to swipe left or right on profiles to find potential friends. Once matched, users can chat within the Wink app or connect on Snapchat to continue the conversation.

The Wink app has garnered some controversy, as some users have reported encountering inappropriate content or being messaged by suspicious accounts. However, the app can also help users make genuine friendships if used cautiously. This article will provide an in-depth review of the Wink app, including its features, interface, target audience, safety concerns, and tips for safe usage.


Key Features

  • Profile creation: Users create a profile with photos, bio, interests, and more. Profiles are public.
  • Swiping: Users swipe left to reject and right to like other profiles. Mutual right-swiping leads to a match.
  • Messaging: Matched users can chat within the Wink app.
  • Snapchat integration: Users connect Snapchat accounts and continue chatting there after matching.
  • Interests: Users select interests to find matches with shared hobbies.
  • Gems: In-app currency earned through engagement, used to access premium features.
  • Wink Plus: Paid subscription for unlimited swipes and other benefits.


Interface and User Experience

The Wink app features a straightforward, easy-to-use interface modeled after popular dating apps like Tinder.


When first opening the Wink app, users are prompted to sign up either with a phone number or by connecting their Snapchat account. Users then fill out a profile with photos, bio, interests, and more.

Table 1: Wink Profile Setup

Profile Section Details
Photos Up to 6 photos can be added
Name Display name, not necessarily real name
Age User’s stated age
Gender Male, female, or non-binary
Location Country is required, can add city
Bio Short “about me” section
Interests Users select interests from preset categories
Voice intro Optional short audio recording

The profile setup is quick and straightforward. However, profiles are automatically set to public, with no option for a private account. Users must be cautious with the personal information and photos they choose to include.

Main Interface

After setting up a profile, users enter the main swiping interface. This functions identically to Tinder – user profiles stack on top of each other, and users swipe left or right on them.

Wink swiping interface

Swiping right indicates interest in becoming friends. If two users swipe right on each other, it’s a “match” and they can start messaging.

The top navigation bar allows accessing matches, messages, your profile, interests, and the shop. Tapping the profile icon opens your profile page, where you can edit your info or view your profile as others see it.


When matched with another user, the messaging icon will display a red notification dot. Tapping it opens your message threads, where you can chat with matches.

Messaging features include:

  • Text messages
  • Photo messages
  • Audio messages
  • Video calls (with some users)

You can only message users you’ve matched with. There’s no global public chat feature.


The Wink shop allows purchasing:

  • Gems: The in-app currency used to access premium features
  • Wink Plus: A monthly subscription for unlimited swipes and other benefits
  • Boost: Temporarily promotes your profile higher in the swiping stack
  • Super Likes: Allows super-liking a profile to indicate strong interest
  • Profile customizations: Color themes, backgrounds, emojis, etc.

Purchases are made with real money. The shop incentivizes spending money to access additional features.


Target Audience

The Wink app is rated 17+ in app stores. However, the lack of age verification means younger teens can easily download it.

Wink aims to provide an online friend-making platform. Some key user demographics include:

  • Teens and young adults seeking new friends and connections
  • College students interested in meeting peers
  • Young adults moving to a new city looking to expand their social circle
  • Users interested in international friendships or language exchanges

With its similarities to dating apps, Wink also attracts users seeking relationships or dating prospects. The large userbase increases the likelihood of finding many different types of users.

Safety Concerns

While Wink can facilitate positive social connections, several safety issues exist:

  • Inappropriate content: Sexual/explicit user photos and profiles exist.
  • Fake profiles: Adults can pretend to be younger.
  • Predatory behavior: Adults seek out underage users.
  • Pressure for personal details: Users may feel pressured to share personal info.
  • Cyberbullying: Bullying or harassment can occur in messages.
  • Sexting/grooming: Minors may be coerced into inappropriate behavior.

Parents should be aware of these risks. While not all users have ill intent, the potential for disturbing encounters remains.

Tips for Safe Usage

Users of all ages can take certain precautions to use Wink more safely:

  • Use a nickname or initials instead of real name.
  • Omit location details beyond country.
  • Share minimal personal information in profile and chats.
  • Set age filter to only match with similar ages.
  • Turn off incoming message requests from strangers.
  • Block and report suspicious users or behavior immediately.
  • Keep conversations in the app, don’t move to other platforms.
  • Tell trusted adults about any uncomfortable interactions.
  • Avoid sharing personal photos or social media details.

With caution, users can enjoy meeting genuine friends on Wink. But they should always be vigilant for any red flags or risky situations. Parents are also encouraged to monitor underage use and have open discussions about safe online behavior.


Pros and Cons


  • Large userbase increases friend-finding potential
  • Simple swiping interface is easy to use
  • Can match with users worldwide
  • Interests feature connects users with shared hobbies


  • Lack of age verification
  • Public profiles by default
  • Potential for inappropriate content and users
  • Messaging strangers can be risky
  • In-app purchases incentivized


The Wink app provides an accessible platform for making new friends online. However, the lack of protections around age and content create an environment with many potential risks, especially for younger users.

Adults may find genuine friendships on Wink, but should proceed with caution. For teens under 18, close parental supervision is highly recommended. Ultimately, users must be vigilant about protecting their privacy and blocking suspicious behaviors.

With proper precautions, Wink does facilitate expanding one’s social circle online. But users should enter with awareness of the risks involved when chatting with strangers on the internet.

Full App Description

Wink is a social networking app created in 2019 that focuses on helping users make new friends and connections worldwide. The app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices. Wink functions similarly to the popular dating app Tinder, utilizing a swiping mechanic to connect users.

On Wink, users create public profiles viewable by all other users. Profiles contain photos, a bio, interests, and other details. Users swipe left or right on the profiles of other users. If two users swipe right on each other, they “match” and can start chatting within the Wink app.

A key feature of Wink is integration with Snapchat. Users connect their Snapchat accounts, and after matching can add each other on Snapchat to continue conversations. This allows conversations to move from Wink’s public platform to the more private Snapchat.

Wink also includes several gamified features to promote engagement. Users earn an in-app currency called “gems” through daily logins, inviting friends, and other actions. Gems unlock premium features like unlimited swipes. Users are also incentivized to share their Wink profiles across other social media.

While Wink aims to facilitate friendships, its similarities to dating apps have attracted some users seeking flings or relationships rather than friends. The app has also developed a reputation for having inappropriate content and disingenuous users despite its 13+ rating. Still, many genuine friend connections are made through Wink.



Wink was launched in 2019 by 9 Count, Inc, a California-based social media company. It quickly gained popularity among younger demographics.

In 2021, Wink had a surge in downloads in the United States, becoming the #1 free social networking app on the iOS App Store. It was downloaded over 500,000 times that year.

The app has continued growing globally, though has encountered some controversy. In 2022, Wink was banned in India for exposing minors to potential sexual predators. However, it remains available in most other countries.

As of 2023, Wink has over 30 million users worldwide. It is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Signing Up

Users can sign up for Wink using either their phone number or Snapchat account. Using Snapchat enables instantly connecting the two accounts.

After inputting basic info like name, age, gender, and location, users create a profile. Profiles contain:

  • Profile photo
  • Up to 5 additional photos
  • Display name
  • Bio section

Photos and bios have no screening, so inappropriate content can slip through. Users can report inappropriate profiles.

Swiping Interface

Wink’s main interface features a Tinder-like swiping mechanism. Users are shown a stack of profiles one by one, which they can swipe left or right on.

Swiping right indicates interest in becoming friends with that user. If two users swipe right on each other’s profiles, it’s a “match” and they can start messaging.

The swiping interface is designed to be addicting. Users are motivated to keep swiping in hopes of matches and conversations.


Once matched, users can chat in the app’s messaging section. Messaging features include:

  • Text messages
  • Photo messages
  • Audio messages
  • Video calling (with some users)

Users can only message those they’ve matched with. There’s no public global chat.

Snapchat Integration

A defining feature of Wink is its integration with Snapchat. Users connect their Snapchat account during signup.

After matching on Wink, users can add each other on Snapchat via their Wink profile. This allows conversations to move from Wink to Snapchat.

Connecting Snapchat accounts also helps verify users are who they claim to be. Their Wink profile photos should match their Snapchat stories and posts.


Search Features

Wink has several search filters to aid in finding matches:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location/Distance
  • Interests

Users can also view profiles who have already liked them and browse profiles by their interests.

Paid Wink Plus subscribers gain access to advanced filters like body type, education, religion, and more.


Wink utilizes gamification and social pressure tactics to increase engagement:


  • Earned through daily check-ins, inviting friends, etc.
  • Used to access premium features like unlimited swipes
  • Can be purchased with real money

Wink Plus

  • Paid monthly subscription
  • Unlocks unlimited swipes and other benefits


  • Promotes your profile temporarily
  • Makes you one of the first profiles users see

Super Likes

  • Allows “super liking” a profile to indicate strong interest
  • Signals the user you really want to match with them


  • Users are prompted to share their Wink profile on other social media
  • This spreads awareness and peer pressure to join

User Reporting

Wink allows reporting inappropriate profiles, chats, or user behavior.

Options for reporting include:

  • Underage user
  • Inappropriate profile content
  • Impersonation/fake account
  • Harassment, bullying, or threats
  • Sexual content
  • Scams/spam

Users can also email additional details to the Wink safety team. Accounts violating guidelines may be banned.

Parental Controls

Wink has no parental control features built into the app itself. However, parents can use third-party tools to monitor or limit use on their child’s device.

Options like parental control apps, screen time limits, and content filters can help restrict access and block inappropriate content. Disabling in-app purchases is also recommended.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Free Trial
  • VIP
  • No Ads

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