Wild Hunt Mod Apk 1.567 [Unlimited Money]

Wild Hunt Mod Apk 1.567 [Unlimited Money]

Wild Hunt Mod Apk: A Thrilling Monster Hunting Game


App Name Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D
Publisher Ten Square Games
Genre Simulation
Size 130MB
Latest Version 1.567
Update on Dec 15, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Get it on Google Play
Wild Hunt Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] is an exciting action role-playing game where you play as a monster hunter. The goal is to hunt down ferocious beasts in intense battles across stunning environments. With its anime-inspired graphics and in-depth progression system, Wild Hunt offers an addictive gameplay loop of gearing up your character, taking on quests, and defeating colossal monsters.

Wild Hunt Mod Apk

The Wild Hunt mod apk 1.567 unlocks premium features and removes ads, allowing you to fully enjoy this exhilarating game. In this article, we will cover the key details about Wild Hunt and its best mod, from story and gameplay to top features.

Story and Gameplay

You play as a young but talented monster hunter who has just joined the Hunter’s Guild. As you take on quests to hunt down dangerous beasts, you slowly gain recognition and climb up the guild ranks. With each epic battle, you collect precious materials from fallen monsters which are then used to craft new weapons and gear.

The core gameplay revolves around skill-based combat using huge weapons like greatswords, hammers, and axes against towering creatures. Timing and precision are key as you study monster attack patterns and openings to land devastating blows without taking too much damage yourself.

Between hunts, you can craft better equipment to take on tougher monsters, upgrade your skills, manage items, and take on additional side quests. There is deep RPG progression as you level up your hunter rank and become strong enough to confront mythical elder dragons.

Here are some of the diverse environments and monsters you will encounter:


  • Lush ancient forests filled with wildlife
  • Scorching volcanic regions with molten lava
  • Tropical islands with raging thunderstorms
  • Frigid polar lands covered in snow and ice


  • Ferocious wyverns that rule the skies
  • Hulking brutes with colossal bone clubs
  • Packs of ravenous raptor-like creatures
  • Heavily-armored leviathans lurking underwater

With rewarding progression, epic monster battles, and tons of loot to acquire, Wild Hunt offers an immensely satisfying gameplay loop. The mod takes it further by providing premium resources and features for free.

Wild Hunt Mod Apk

Top Features

Here are some of the standout features that make Wild Hunt such an engrossing experience:

Skill-Based Combat

Hunting formidable beasts requires mastery of diverse weapons and combat skills. Charge up devastating charged attacks, use items and gadgets strategically, or exploit openings to land headshots. Proper positioning and timing is crucial, keeping battles intense yet rewarding as you outmaneuver massive monsters.

Stunning Visuals

Wild Hunt impresses with its gorgeous anime-style graphics and living monster ecosystems. Detailed creature designs and fluid animations make monsters feel genuinely threatening. Vibrant spell effects, destructible environments, and advanced graphics options also showcase the game’s visual splendor.

Deep Progression

With each hunt, you gather valuable loot for upgrading gear, expanding your arsenal of weapons and skills, or crafting new armor sets with useful bonuses. Multiple talent trees allow you to customize your playstyle while the hunter rank system provides long-term goals to build towards.

Epic Boss Battles

The ultimate tests are clashes against mythical Elder Dragons – behemoths that wield devastating elemental powers and bring cataclysmic destruction. These tense multi-stage battles require perfect execution as you analyze attack patterns and openings while managing health, stamina, items and abilities.

Cooperative Multiplayer

You can tackle quests solo but the game truly shines in 4 player co-op. Playing with others adds variability to hunts and allows you to execute advanced strategies like capturing monsters. Communication and teamwork are vital to successfully coordinating attacks against unpredictable beasts.

Living World

From herbivores grazing peacefully to predators locked in savage combat, monsters interact with their habitats and each other creating a dynamic ecosystem. Learning these behaviors can provide vital openings to attack your quarry during hunts. Daily/weekly events also keep the world active with unique quests and rewards.

Palico Companions

Palicoes are cat-like creatures who provide combat support and unlockable skills like healing, traps and buffs. They also gather materials and loot when sent out on expeditions. With cute designs and purr-sonalities, they make great hunting partners.

Tonfas Weapon Class

Exclusive to Wild Hunt on islamicmovi apk is the ultra-fast twin tonfa weapons for pummeling monsters with rapid blows. Along with favoring aggressive close-quarters tactics, they come with the unique Pulverizing Stance mechanic that unlocks powerful charge attacks.

Wild Hunt Mod Apk

Top Mod Features

The Wild Hunt mod apk provides the following useful tweaks and bonuses:

No Ads

The mod removes all ads across menus, quests and the in-game store for uninterrupted gameplay. No longer do you need to sit through video ads to claim rewards or boosters.

Unlimited Money

With unlimited zenny, you can purchase any armor, weapons, items, upgrades or cosmetics without worrying about costs. This allows you to fully customize your build and progress faster.

Free Premium Currency

Usually acquired slowly through gameplay or microtransactions, Void Gems can instantly be used to redeem rare loot boxes containing valuable crafting materials, cosmetics and boosters with the mod.

One Hit Kills

An option can be enabled for your hunter to kill monsters with a single hit while still reaping all the normal rewards and loot. Makes grinding quests easy and quick. Can be toggled on or off.

High Attack/Defense

Raise your attack and defense stats to exponentially high values, essentially granting god mode during battles. Makes all fights trivial but lowers the difficulty. Can be toggled on or off.

Unlocked Weapons/Armor

All weapons and armor sets are instantly unlocked from the start. Allows you to test out any gear build combinations without needing to grind quests first.

So in summary, the Wild Hunt mod apk massively enhances the overall experience by removing ads, providing unlimited in-game currency, unlocking premium content, and allowing you to customize difficulty to your liking.

Wild Hunt Mod Apk


With its adrenaline-fueled battles, RPG depth and anime-inspired style, Wild Hunt offers an immensely enjoyable monster hunting adventure. The mod eliminates all the annoyances like ads and grinding while letting you customize gameplay to make it more fun and exciting according to your needs.

If slaying ferocious wyverns and mythical elder dragons in epic confrontations sounds enticing, then be sure to try out Wild Hunt, especially with the mod enhancing it further. Just be warned – once you get hooked onto the gameplay loop of gearing up and battling colossal beasts, this monster hunting game is hard to put down!

So gear up, select your next titanic target, and happy hunting!

Unlimited Money

Don’t let it be a wild-goose chase and check out Wild Hunt’s new fixes.

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