WeNote APK 5.43 MOD [VIP Unlocked, Premium] for Android

WeNote APK 5.43 MOD [VIP Unlocked, Premium] for Android

App Name WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook
Publisher Notes & Notepad & Notebook
Genre Productivity
Latest Version 5.43
Update on Dec 13, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Get it on Google Play
WeNote is a popular note taking app for Android that helps users organize their tasks, thoughts, and ideas in one place. The modded or premium version of WeNote unlocks additional useful features to further enhance the app’s functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore WeNote Mod Apk in detail – its background story, key features, and why the premium version is worth downloading.

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Overview and Background of WeNote

WeNote was launched in 2018 by Yocto Inc, a software company known for its simple yet powerful productivity apps. The app quickly became popular among students and professionals for its neat and intuitive interface to take notes, set reminders, create to-do lists and shopping lists.

The standard free version of WeNote allows users to:

  • Take unlimited notes
  • Set reminders
  • Create multiple customizable notebooks
  • Sync notes across devices
  • Search notes for quick access
  • Share notes and collaborate with others

The premium version unlocks the following extra features:

  • No ads
  • Unlimited cloud sync storage
  • Custom themes and icon packs
  • Encrypt notes with a password
  • Export notes as text files
  • Priority support

Over 50 million people have downloaded WeNote so far, making it one of the top note apps for Android. Both free and paid versions have over 4.5 stars rating on the Play Store.


Key Features and Benefits of WeNote

Here are some of the standout features that make WeNote a great note taking app:

Simple and Intuitive Interface

WeNote offers a clean, minimalist interface reminiscent of Google Keep. The home screen shows a list of all notes, which can be color-coded into different categories. Tapping on a note opens it in an editing view. The interface has been designed for quick note taking rather than extensive writing.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Notes can be color categorized
  • Quick access to all notes from home screen

Flexible Organization with Notebooks

Users can organize notes into multiple notebooks, for example – “Personal”, “Work”, “Grocery List”. This is useful for segmenting different types of information.


  • Logical separation of various notes
  • Easy to find notes based on context

Powerful Text Editing

The note editor offers all essential formatting options – bold, italics, highlights, headings, lists, etc. Users can also insert images, links, tables and code blocks as needed.


  • Format notes for clarity and readability
  • Embed media for richer notes

WeNote can instantly search through all notes to find matching keywords. This is handy for locating information quickly.


  • Retrieve notes in seconds
  • No need to remember exact note titles

Reminders and Due Dates

Users can set reminders for notes, with custom alerts before due date. This transforms WeNote into a productivity app for managing to-do lists, deadlines and appointments.


  • Plan tasks and set due dates
  • Get alerts for upcoming reminders
  • Avoid missing deadlines

Third Party App Integration

WeNote integrates tightly across Android to easily capture notes from other apps. The ‘Share To WeNote’ menu appears in many apps like browser, gallery, messaging etc.


  • Save web pages, images, links from other apps into WeNote
  • Centralize information from different sources

Secure Cloud Sync

The app offers automatic cross-device sync using cloud storage. Users can securely access notes from multiple devices – phone, tablet, computer etc.


  • Notes stay in sync across devices
  • Easy migration to new devices
  • Prevent data loss

Collaboration Support

The premium version allows collaborating on notes with other WeNote users. Team members can edit, comment and track changes to notes in real-time.


  • Collaborative notes and task lists
  • Comment threads on notes
  • View edit history


Why Download WeNote Mod Apk

The modded version of WeNote unlocks all premium features without any subscription fee. This elevates the app’s utility to take notes and manage tasks without restrictions.

Here are the key advantages of using WeNote Mod over basic version:

No Annoying Ads

The free version runs occasional ads which interrupt the workflow. The mod apk eliminates all ads across the app for uninterrupted usage.

Unlimited Cloud Sync Storage

Premium plan offers expanded cloud storage for notes instead of paltry 5MB basic storage. This removes storage bottlenecks when syncing a large number of notes.

Custom Themes and Icon Packs

Modded WeNote allows changing themes and icon sets to customize the visual experience. Users can match themes to their personal tastes.

Password Protected Notes

Sensitive notes can be locked by setting a password in the premium version. This provides an additional security layer to safeguard private information.

Export Notes as Text Files

The ability to export all notes as a single text file serves as a failsafe backup mechanism. This text file can be stored offline or printed if needed.

Priority Customer Support

Paying users get faster email support response from WeNote developers. This ensures quick resolution in case of any issues with using the app.


How to Download and Install the WeNote Mod Apk

Follow these simple steps to install WeNote Mod on your Android device:

  1. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option under Settings -> Security. This allows installing from non-Play Store sources.
  2. Download the latest WeNote Mod apk file from a trusted site like HappyMod. Make sure to check the comments and ratings before downloading any modded apk.
  3. Once downloaded, tap on the apk file to trigger the installation process. Accept the various Android permissions and app installation.
  4. The WeNote Mod app icon will appear on the home screen once installed. Launch the app and login with Google account to sync notes.
  5. The app should now have all premium features unlocked and ready to use!


WeNote has established itself as one of the most useful note apps with its versatile features geared towards personal organization and productivity. The modded version delivers additional premium capabilities to take your note taking experience to the next level without any subscription cost. From students to employees, anyone can benefit from downloading the fully unlocked WeNote Mod Apk for their Android device.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries regarding WeNote Mod Apk:

Is the Modded App Safe to Use?

Yes, the modded app is built from the original WeNote code so it is completely safe to use. The only difference is unlocking premium features without paying. Your data or privacy is not compromised.

Will I Get Regular App Updates?

The mod apk receives all app updates just like the original WeNote Play Store version. This ensures you have the most up to date version with latest features.

Can I Sync Notes from Official App?

Unfortunately, note syncing is restricted to same app variants only. So notes from original WeNote don’t carry over to the mod version and vice versa.

Does the Mod App Work Offline?

Yes, all core note taking capabilities work offline without internet. Only cloud sync requires internet access to backup notes across devices.

How is the Mod App Different from Cracked APKs?

Cracked apps are usually hacked versions that may contain malware. Mod apps simply enable premium features for free. Also, mod apps continue to get updates whereas cracked apps don’t.

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