WEBTOON APK 3.1.4 MOD (Coins, Unlocked, No Ads)

WEBTOON APK 3.1.4 MOD (Coins, Unlocked, No Ads)


Genre Comics
Size 31 MB
Latest Version 3.1.4
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Coins/Unlocked/No Ads
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WEBTOON is a popular digital comics platform that features thousands of creator-owned comics spanning various genres such as romance, action, comedy, fantasy, thriller, horror, and more. Originally launched in South Korea in 2004, WEBTOON has since expanded globally with English language versions available worldwide.

The WEBTOON android app provides an optimized reading experience for enjoying WEBTOON comics on the go. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, the app has become one of the top platforms for reading webcomics on mobile devices.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the key features and user experience of using the WEBTOON android app.


Key Features

The WEBTOON android app provides the following key features:

  • Access to extensive comics library – Browse and read thousands of popular WEBTOON titles across various genres for free. New episodes are uploaded daily.
  • Personalized recommendations – The app recommends comics based on your reading history and preferences. This makes discovering new titles effortless.
  • Offline reading – Download and save your favorite comics to read offline when internet access is unavailable.
  • Smooth vertical scrolling – WEBTOON’s signature vertical scrolling provides an optimized reading experience on mobile screens. Scrolling is smooth and comfortable.
  • Daily updates – New episodes of popular titles are uploaded daily so there is always fresh content to enjoy.
  • Original content – Read exclusive original titles published directly by WEBTOON across genres like action, romance, comedy, and more.
  • Canvas comics – Discover up-and-coming comics creators in the Canvas section which allows anyone to self-publish.
  • Comments – Engage with the community by commenting on episodes to discuss plots, share reactions, and more.
  • Dark mode – Switch to dark mode for comfortable night reading.
  • Multiple languages – Comics are available in English plus other languages like Chinese, Spanish, Thai, and Indonesian.


App Navigation

Navigating the app is very straightforward. The main tabs are located at the bottom for easy access:

  • Home – Provides personalized recommendations based on your reading history. Ongoing and recently updated popular titles are also featured.
  • Discover – Browse comics by genre or search for specific titles or creators using the search bar.
  • Subscriptions – Access all the comics you have subscribed to in one place.
  • Mailbox – Receive updates, free coins, and promotions from WEBTOON.

The Library tab shows your full reading history as well as downloaded comics for offline reading. The Profile tab is for managing your account settings.

Reading Experience

The reading experience on the WEBTOON app truly shines on mobile. Here are some standout aspects:

  • Intuitive vertical scrolling – The signature vertical scrolling is optimized for mobile screens. Scrolling up or down between panels feels natural.
  • Smooth animations – Subtle animations when loading pages or transitioning between episodes enhance the reading experience.
  • Reading modes – Choose between ‘Page’ or ‘Long Strip’ modes based on preference. Long Strip scrolls continuously without page breaks.
  • Adjustable brightness – Seamlessly adjust brightness while reading for optimal visibility.
  • Full-screen – Tap panels to enter full-screen mode for immersive reading.
  • Download episodes – Download unlimited episodes over WiFi for offline reading. Downloads are automatically deleted upon completion to save space.
  • Binge reading – Autoplay automatically loads the next episode upon finishing so you can binge read effortlessly.
  • Comfortable night reading – Dark mode inverts colors for easy night reading. Blue light filter can also be activated.
  • Resume reading – Open the app and it automatically resumes precisely where you left off in every comic.
  • Comments – Read what others are saying and join in the discussion. Enable comment filters as needed.


Content Library

WEBTOON offers a diverse and constantly growing library of comics across every genre imaginable. Here are some of the key content categories:

WEBTOON Originals

  • Popular exclusive titles published by WEBTOON like Tower of God, The Remarried Empress, True Beauty, Lore Olympus, and more


  • Comics from independent creators across genres like romance, comedy, action, drama, and more

Licensed Comics

  • Popular licensed titles from partnerships like Marvel and DC


  • Action, Adventure, Comedy, Superhero, Romance, Drama, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and more
  • Handpicked collections spotlighting best romance comics, top thrillers, editor picks, and more

Daily Updated

  • New episodes from hundreds of titles are uploaded daily

Fan Translations

  • Read global comics translated by fans into English

This vast library ensures every taste is catered for. The personalized recommendations make finding captivating new comics effortless.

Reading Challenges

To enhance engagement, the app provides fun reading challenges:

  • Daily Challenge – Read 1 episode daily for free coins
  • Weekly Challenge – Read 10 episodes weekly for coins
  • Marathon Challenge – Read 50 episodes in a month for coins

Coins can be used to unlock early access to new episodes. Challenges provide goals to encourage reading more.


Coins and Daily Pass

Coins are an in-app currency that can be used in the following ways:

  • Unlock Daily Pass – Spend coins to read episodes early before public release
  • Buy merchandise – Redeem coins for exclusive WEBTOON merchandise
  • Donate to creators – Send coins as tips to support creators

The main ways to earn coins for free are:

  • Complete reading challenges
  • Watch ads
  • Refer friends
  • Receive gifts

Daily Pass allows reading episodes ahead of public release. The pass costs $0.50 per episode or can be unlocked using 50 coins.

Community Features

The app allows readers to engage with the WEBTOON community:

  • Comments – Read and write comments on episodes to react or discuss with others
  • Ratings – Like and rate episodes to show appreciation for creators
  • Contests – Participate in creative contests like comic dubbing to win prizes
  • Share – Easily share episodes on social media to recommend comics to friends
  • Forum – Discuss and engage with other fans on the community forum

These features help foster a vibrant community spirit allowing readers to connect over their shared love of comics.


Parental Controls

For younger readers, the app provides parental control options like:

  • Maturity ratings – All titles are rated for age-appropriateness
  • Restricted mode – Limit access to mature content
  • Password protection – Password protect app access or purchases
  • Disable comments – Turn off comments visibility

These controls allow parents to restrict access as needed to provide a safe reading environment.

Advertising and Pricing

WEBTOON offers all of its content for free. The app generates revenue through the following ad-based methods:

  • Banner ads – Non-intrusive banner ads are displayed sparingly between episodes
  • Interstitial ads – Full page ads that can be closed after 5 seconds
  • Video ads – Optional video ads that reward coins for watching

There are no annoying popup ads. Ads are thoughtfully integrated in ways that do not disrupt the reading experience. Additionally, a paid ad-free subscription called Daily Pass is available as an optional upgrade.


The app offers excellent performance even on low-end devices thanks to its optimization.

  • Compact size – App is just 25MB in size allowing quick downloads
  • Minimal battery drain – Reading episodes consumes negligible battery
  • Data efficiency – Episode files are compressed to minimize mobile data usage
  • Smooth performance – Quick loading times and lag-free scrolling even on cheap devices

The app is very lightweight allowing for hours of uninterrupted reading. Data and battery consumption is highly optimized.



The app provides various accessibility options:

  • Font options – Adjust font size and type for visual comfort
  • Color correction – Color filters for readers with color blindness
  • Screen modes – One hand mode and force screen rotation
  • Text contrast – Option to sharpen text for enhanced clarity
  • Navigation aids – Episode list provides easy navigation between pages

These settings make the reading experience accessible to people with various visual impairments.


  • Smooth and comfortable vertical scrolling
  • Huge content library with frequent updates
  • Top titles like Tower of God, True Beauty, etc.
  • Personalized recommendations for discovering new comics
  • Download episodes for offline reading
  • Dark mode and blue light filter for night reading
  • Engage with the vibrant WEBTOON community
  • Free coins can be earned for unlocking episodes early
  • Lightweight app offers great performance even on low-end devices
  • Accessibility options like font size adjustment


  • Unable to create custom reading lists
  • Lack of content ratings makes judging age-appropriateness difficult
  • Can’t sort comics by popularity or rating
  • No option to follow creators to get updates when they release new titles
  • Limited organization features compared to the web version
  • Some translations could be improved


The WEBTOON android app provides the ultimate digital comics reading experience optimized for mobile. Intuitive navigation, smooth scrolling, a massive content library, and offline downloads make it easy to enjoy thousands of creator-owned comics on the go.

While the app lacks some helpful features like custom lists and content ratings, the overall reading experience is exceptional. For any comic lover looking to read amazing webcomics on their phone, the WEBTOON app is definitely worth downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app free to use?

Yes, the app is free to download and all the comics can be read for free. Revenue is generated through optional ad views and coin purchases.

How often are new episodes released?

Top titles release new episodes weekly, while daily pass titles may update daily. Thousands of comics update on varying schedules.

Can I read comics offline?

Yes, any episode can be downloaded over WiFi for offline reading when internet access is unavailable. Downloads are automatically deleted once read.

Does the app work on tablets?

Yes, the WEBTOON app is available for both Android phones and tablets. The reading experience works seamlessly on larger tablet screens.

Is the app safe for kids?

The app includes mature content. Parental controls like restricted mode can be enabled to limit access for younger readers.

Can I upload my own comics?

You can upload your own comics through the WEBTOON Canvas section on the web version. The mobile app is for reading comics.

How many comics are available?

There are thousands of comics across genres, with over 100 new episodes uploaded daily spanning various titles.

Which languages are supported?

The app is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, and Indonesian. Fan translations expand the library.

Is there a limit on how many episodes I can download?

There is no limit, you can download as many episodes of any comic over WiFi as you want for offline reading.


The WEBTOON app offers an unparalleled digital comics reading experience. Intuitive navigation, personalized recommendations, a massive content library, and smooth scrolling optimize enjoyment of thousands of creator-owned comics on Android phones and tablets.

From action-packed adventures to heartwarming romances, there is a comic for every taste. The app is free, ad-supported, and lightweight. While some additional features would be beneficial, the core reading experience is exceptional.

For comic lovers, WEBTOON is a must-have app and one of the top destinations for enjoying webcomics on mobile devices. Both casual and hardcore readers will find plenty to love in the WEBTOON android app.

  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Unlocked
  • Ads-Free

- Minor bug fixes

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