Vyapar APK 18.2.9 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Vyapar APK 18.2.9 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Billing App GST Invoice Maker
Publisher Invoicing Billing Inventory GST Accounting app
Genre Business
Size 45 MB
Latest Version 18.2.9
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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Vyapar is a mobile app designed to help small businesses in India manage their accounting, invoicing, inventory, and other financial operations. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.7/5, Vyapar has quickly become one of the most popular accounting apps for small business owners in India.

In this extensive review, we’ll take a close look at the key features of Vyapar, evaluate its user interface and ease of use, assess its performance and reliability, and examine how well it integrates with other business systems. Whether you’re considering Vyapar for your own small business or just want to learn more about this highly-rated app, read on for a comprehensive review.

Vyapar MOD APK

Key Features

Vyapar packs an impressive suite of accounting and financial management features into a free mobile app. Here are some of the key capabilities:


  • Create professional invoices with custom branding
  • Add invoice details like customer name, address, item descriptions, quantities, rates, discounts
  • Calculate totals and taxes automatically
  • Preview and print invoices in different sizes (A4, A5, 2 inch, 3 inch)

Payments and Reminders

  • Record customer payments against invoices
  • Set up payment reminders and follow up with customers
  • Accept payments online via payment links

Inventory Management

  • Track inventory stock levels
  • Get notified when stock is running low
  • Manage multiple warehouses/locations
  • Track inventory value and cost of goods sold


  • Generate financial reports like profit & loss, balance sheet, trial balance
  • Track income, expenses, bank transactions
  • Manage multiple bank accounts

GST Compliance

  • Create GST-compliant invoices
  • Automatically calculate GST taxes
  • File GST returns directly from app

Expenses and Purchases

  • Track business expenses
  • Create purchase orders and record vendor bills
  • Manage payables and expenses

Customers and Vendors

  • Maintain customer and vendor databases
  • Track account balances
  • Log interactions for better relationship management

Barcode Scanning

  • Generate barcodes for inventory items
  • Scan barcodes using phone camera for faster tracking

Data Backup

  • Schedule automatic backups to Google Drive
  • Restore data in case of device loss

Multi-user Access

  • Add employees as additional users
  • Set user permissions for security
  • Access data from multiple devices


  • Native Android app with mobile-friendly interface
  • Use app on the go to manage business operations
  • Sync data across devices

Vyapar MOD APK

User Interface and Ease of Use

Vyapar has been designed as an intuitive mobile accounting app for small business owners and entrepreneurs, not professional accountants. The user interface is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Key highlights include:

Simple Dashboard

The home screen provides a quick overview of key financial numbers like bank balance, account receivables, payables, income, and expenses. This helps users track their business health at a glance.

Logical Sections

Related features are organized into logical sections that are accessible via a bottom tab bar. For example, all inventory related functions are found in the Inventory tab.

Data Entry Wizards

Creating invoices, recording expenses, adding customers, and other tasks are simplified through step-by-step wizards that guide users.

Responsive Design

The app layout adjusts smoothly across mobile devices of different screen sizes. This allows for comfortable use on any Android phone or tablet.

Minimal Data Entry

Vyapar minimizes manual data entry through features like GST auto-fill, smart search, barcode scanning, templates, and more.

Interactive Tutorial

The app includes an interactive tutorial that explains key features through screenshots and descriptions. This helps new users get oriented.

In-App Support

Contextual help is provided through an ever-present support icon that pulls up documentation related to the screen you are on.

Overall, Vyapar’s design focuses on simplicity and ease of use with the small business owner in mind. While the app doesn’t offer as many advanced configuration options as enterprise-grade accounting systems, its straightforward approach helps make financial management accessible.

Vyapar MOD APK

Performance and Reliability

In assessing any business app, performance and reliability are key considerations. Based on user reviews and our own testing, here is an evaluation of Vyapar’s capabilities in these areas:


The app is responsive with minimal lag across functions like loading dashboards, entering transactions, and generating reports. Server response times are fast allowing for productive mobile use.

Offline Access

Vyapar can be used offline when internet connectivity is unstable. Local data is synced to the cloud when connection is restored.

Data Integrity

Reviews indicate Vyapar provides excellent data accuracy and integrity. The app incorporates validations to prevent erroneous data entry.


The app handles well with growing transaction volumes and customer databases associated with business growth. There are no obvious limitations as usage scales.

Uptime and Availability

Server uptime appears to be robust with few instances of the app being unavailable. Most users report consistent access.

Customer Support

Users describe Vyapar’s customer support as responsive and effective in resolving queries. Support is available by email and in-app chat.


Data security is handled through SSL encryption, secure cloud storage, and authentication. Users have granular control over employee permissions.


Data can be backed up to the cloud automatically for protection against device loss or failures. Backup files are encrypted.

Overall, Vyapar scores well in terms of reliability and performance. For a free app designed for small business, Vyapar offers capabilities comparable to paid solutions in this regard. As the app scales to even larger customer bases, the development team will need to ensure performance metrics remain strong.

Vyapar MOD APK

Integration and Connectivity

The ability to integrate with other systems is an important consideration for any business app. Here is an overview of Vyapar’s integration capabilities:

Accounting Systems

Vyapar currently does not integrate with leading accounting systems like Tally, QuickBooks, or SAP. It offers standalone functionality.

Banking and Payments

The app enables connections to banks to automatically import bank statements. Payments can be collected via integrated payment gateways.

POS Systems

Vyapar does not currently integrate with POS systems. Its inventory management features are not designed for retail checkout.


Users can connect their online stores like those on Shopify and WooCommerce to sync orders into Vyapar. This automates order tracking.

Tax Filing

Vyapar supports direct filing of GST returns through the government’s API, avoiding manual work.

Email and Messaging

Invoices, payment reminders, and notifications can be sent to customers via email and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Cloud Storage

Backups and data syncing happens to cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Other Apps

Vyapar has API and webhook capabilities that enable connecting with other apps and services via Zapier.

While Vyapar does not currently integrate deeply with major accounting systems, it does provide connectivity to critical tools for payments, banking, taxes, messaging, and cloud storage. The app offers open API access for those needing custom integrations.

Vyapar MOD APK


One of Vyapar’s biggest selling points is its pricing model. The app is free to use with full functionality, unlimited users and inventory items, and no transaction limits. Paid plans with additional features may be introduced in the future, but the core app is likely to remain free.

For small businesses, being able to access a robust accounting and financial management app at no cost can be transformational. Paid solutions often cost thousands of dollars annually and place advanced functionality beyond the reach of small companies. Vyapar’s free tier makes professional accounting software accessible to businesses that need it the most.

The lack of pricing tiers does mean large enterprises may find functionality limits. But for the target customer – small businesses in India – Vyapar offers incredible value at no cost.

Pros & Cons


  • Packed with accounting features for invoicing, inventory, accounting, GST compliance, etc.
  • Free to use with no transaction limits or hidden paid tiers
  • User-friendly mobile interface optimized for small business owners
  • Excellent performance and reliability based on user reviews
  • Smooth integrations for payments, banking, taxes, messaging, and storage
  • Helps small businesses access professional accounting tools at no cost


  • Does not integrate deeply with major accounting systems like Tally and QuickBooks
  • Lacks some advanced configuration options found in enterprise-grade software
  • Customer support relies on in-app chat and email rather than phone
  • Designed for small businesses, less suitable for large enterprises

Vyapar MOD APK


Vyapar aims to provide an accounting and financial management solution tailored specifically for small businesses in India. For this target segment, the app hits the mark in offering a robust and easy-to-use mobile experience. Performance and reliability are impressive given the app’s free price point. While larger enterprises may need integration with existing systems, small businesses can benefit tremendously from Vyapar’s comprehensive free toolset.

With over 10 million downloads and a 4.7/5 rating, Vyapar has seen rapid adoption among small business owners in India. For entrepreneurs looking for an affordable way to improve financial oversight of their operations without accounting expertise, Vyapar is difficult to beat. Its focus on user-friendly design over complex configurations makes sound accounting accessible. If you’re considering accounting software for a small or early-stage business, Vyapar is definitely worth a close look.

  • Premium Unlocked

Hello Vyaparis! It is good to see you here again. This update contains multiple bug fixes and an all-new way of purchasing licenses on Vyapar! Please use our app to supercharge your business, and let us know if you have any feedback.

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