VPN Master APK 6.3.701 MOD (Premium, VIP Unlocked) for android

VPN Master APK 6.3.701 MOD (Premium, VIP Unlocked) for android

App Name VPN Master
Publisher Fruit Security Studio
Genre Tools
Latest Version 6.3.701
Update on Dec 18, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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VPN Master is a top-rated VPN (Virtual Private Network) app that provides a fast, unlimited, and secure internet browsing experience on Android devices. With over 100 million downloads to date, it is one of the most popular VPN services available.

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The VPN Master Story

VPN Master was created in 2016 by the developers at Speed Security Lab. Their goal was to develop an easy-to-use VPN app that provided robust protection, excellent speeds, and unlimited access.

The app quickly gained popularity thanks to its intuitive interface, strong encryption, and large server network. What started as a simple VPN tool soon evolved into a full-fledged security suite with features like a password manager, web filter, and WiFi security scanner.

Over the years, VPN Master has continued upgrading its apps to keep pace with the latest Android versions. It has also grown its server park substantially to over 30 countries. This allows it to unblock more streaming sites and provide better speeds.

In 2019, the team launched VPN Master Mod Apk – a modded version of its standard VPN app. The modded app provided access to the full suite of VPN Master premium features for free. This included benefits like unlimited bandwidth, multi-logins, and connection to the fastest servers.

The mod apk became hugely popular and has enhanced VPN Master’s reputation as a genuinely free VPN, not just a limited trial. Today, VPN Master enjoys tremendous trust and loyalty from millions of Android users across the globe.


The VPN Master Storyline

The story of VPN Master is one of passion meeting purpose.

It started with a team of VPN experts and cybersecurity professionals who were passionate about online privacy. They had seen first-hand how much user data was being exploited and wanted to create a solution.

Their purpose was to develop an app that made VPN technology easy, accessible, and truly secure for regular internet users. At the time, VPNs were seen as complex tools meant only for techies.

Armed with cutting-edge VPN protocol knowledge and sheer determination, the team got cracking. They poured all their energy into creating an app that would deliver on speed, security, and ease-of-use.

The first version of VPN Master focused purely on providing encrypted tunnels and bypassing geo-blocks. But the team kept making it better with every update.

Exciting features like SmartVPN, VPN Accelerator, and Antivirus were added. A vibrant server network spanning over 30 countries was built to power VPN Master’s growing user base.

When VPN Master Mod Apk launched with free access to all premium features, it cemented the app’s reputation for integrity. Here was a VPN that walked the talk on being free and unlimited.

From those early days of passion and purpose, VPN Master has stayed true to its mission – to empower regular users with the privacy and security of a VPN, unlimited and hassle-free.

The story continues to excite as the app scales new heights…


8 Key Features of VPN Master

What makes VPN Master such a top choice among Android users? Here are 8 stand-out features:

1. Fast, Unlimited Bandwidth

VPN Master offers unmatched VPN speeds thanks to proprietary SmartVPN and VPN Accelerator technologies. Together they dynamically route traffic through the fastest VPN servers and optimize tunneling for speed.

The result is blazing fast connections capable of handling bandwidth-heavy tasks like 4K video streaming. The service is also entirely unlimited, without any data caps.

2. Powerful Encryption

Keeping user data safe is the number one priority for VPN Master. It uses top-grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure all online activity and connections. This military-grade encryption protocol is impenetrable to hackers.

3. 30+ Server Locations

VPN Master offers over 30 server locations spanning across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Such expansive global coverage allows users to bypass geo-restrictions with ease.

Popular server locations include United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and India.

4. P2P/Torrenting Support

Unlike most VPNs, VPN Master permits P2P file transfers and torrenting activity across its servers (except in US and Australia). This allows safe torrent downloading at blistering speeds.

5. Internet Kill Switch

VPN Master has an Internet Kill Switch feature that instantly cuts off the internet if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This prevents identity exposure if the VPN disconnects.


6. No-Log Policy

User privacy is guaranteed under VPN Master’s strict no-logging policy across all its servers. It does not store any browsing data, IP addresses, connection timestamps, or session information.

7. Ad Blocker, Malware Protection

VPN Master has built-in features that block ads, pop-ups, malware, and suspicious websites. This provides an extra layer of security alongside the VPN tunnel.

8. Affordable Pricing

Despite matching premium VPNs in features, VPN Master is priced affordably at just $7.99/month. Even cheaper deals are offered on longer 6 or 12 month plans.


Top 3 Mod Features

The VPN Master Mod Apk offers all the same features as the regular app, plus these special mod benefits:

1. Unlimited Subscription

Get complete access to VPN Master’s premium features for free, with no need to ever subscribe or pay. A lifetime of unlimited bandwidth, multi-logins, fastest servers, etc. can be enjoyed.

2. No Ads

The mod apk has zero ads across the interface. Users can enjoy uninterrupted browsing without annoying pop-up ads.

3. Quick Server Switching

Easily switch between VPN Master server locations with a single tap. Quickly change countries to unblock sites or bypass geographic restrictions imposed on content.



VPN Master Mod Apk delivers an elite no-compromise VPN experience to Android users for free. It combines military-grade encryption, blazing speeds, torrent support, and ironclad security with an unlimited free subscription. The mod apk liberates premium features to build trust and satisfaction. For VPN users who prioritize performance, privacy and value, VPN Master is indeed the master of all VPNs!

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