Voice Changer APK MOD (VIP Unlocked) for android

Voice Changer APK MOD (VIP Unlocked) for android

App Name Voice Changer - Voice Effects
Publisher Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder
Genre Music & Audio
Size 22 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info VIP Unlocked
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The Voice Changer app allows users to change their voice in real-time using different voice effects. This app can be used for fun to disguise your voice or for more practical purposes like changing your voice for audiobook narrations. After testing out the Voice Changer android app, here is a detailed review of its main features and performance.

Voice Changer MOD APK

Real-Time Voice Changing

The core feature of Voice Changer is its ability to alter your voice in real-time as you speak into the phone’s microphone. As soon as you start talking, you can hear your voice transformed based on the effect you have selected. This real-time transformation allows you to have natural conversations with the altered voice.

Some of the factors that enable the real-time voice changing are:

  • Low latency – There is minimal delay between speaking into the mic and hearing the changed voice. This allows the conversation flow to be natural.
  • Good audio quality – The audio quality of the changed voice remains clear and natural sounding even after transformation. This enhances the real-time experience.
  • Pitch shifting – One of the main ways the app alters voices is by shifting the pitch up or down. This pitch change is handled smoothly in real-time without any glitches.
  • Formant shifting – Along with pitch, the formants or harmonic resonances are shifted in real-time for voice change. Rapid formant shifting is complex to implement but done very well in the app.
  • Noise cancellation – Background noise is effectively suppressed so it does not get amplified with the voice effects. This results in clean audio output.

Overall, the real-time voice changing works seamlessly thanks to optimized audio processing and noise cancellation algorithms. The latency is imperceptible making conversations completely natural.

Voice Changer MOD APK

Voice Change Effects

The Voice Changer app comes pre-loaded with 32 different voice effects spanning across different categories:

Pitch Effects

  • Chipmunk – Makes the voice high pitched like a chipmunk.
  • Helium – Gives a funny helium-like effect.
  • Giant – Lowers the pitch to make it sound like a giant.
  • Darth Vader – Gives a deep ominous effect similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Tone Effects

  • Robot – Gives a robotic effect with distorted modulation.
  • Alien – Makes the voice sound like an alien with warbling effects.
  • Echo – Applies an echo effect to voice.
  • Reverb – Adds reverb effect like speaking in a large hall.

Accent Effects

  • Indian Accent – Alters formants to sound like an Indian accent.
  • British Accent – Changes voice to sound British.
  • Italian Accent – Shifts formants to sound Italian.
  • French Accent – Gives a French accent effect.

Voice Changer Effects

  • Kid – Modifies the voice to sound like a young kid.
  • Old Man – Alters the voice to sound like an old man.
  • Old Woman – Changes voice to sound like an old woman.
  • Baby – Gives a cute baby voice effect.

Celebrity Effects

  • Optimus Prime – Transforms your voice to sound like Optimus Prime from Transformers.
  • Obama – Makes you sound like former President Barack Obama.
  • Trump – Gives you the voice of Donald Trump.
  • Yoda – Change your speech to mimic Yoda from Star Wars.

This wide variety of high-quality voice effects gives users diverse options for voice modification. The effects are convincing and can genuinely make you sound like a different person or character.

Voice Changer MOD APK

User Interface

The user interface of Voice Changer is intuitive and easy to use. The main screen has large buttons for each effect that can be tapped to preview the effect. There is also a slider to adjust the pitch up or down.

Main Voice Changer UI

Tapping on an effect brings up the effect screen with play, stop, and recording buttons. There is also a slider to control the intensity of the effect. A waveform visual shows the audio output in real-time.

Effect Screen UI

The app has an attractive material design that looks modern. Switching between effects is fast and the sliders allow fine control over the effects. Recording can be done with a single tap. The real-time waveform is useful to monitor the audio.

Overall, the UI has been optimally designed for modifying and previewing voice effects on mobile devices. Both casual and advanced users should find it easy to navigate.

Voice Changer MOD APK


To evaluate the performance of Voice Changer, I tested it on a Samsung Galaxy S21 phone running Android 12.


The latency of the real-time voice change is extremely low thanks to optimization. There is no noticeable lag between speaking into the mic and hearing the transformed audio. This results in seamless conversations.

Audio Quality

The app uses a sampling rate of 48 kHz for the audio which results in clear, high-quality output. There is no distortion in the changed voices. Background noise is suppressed well.

Effect Quality

The effects themselves sound very natural and convincing. The pitch, tone, accents are modified seamlessly without affecting the clarity. The celebrity and character effects genuinely make you sound like those personas.


Switching between effects and controlling sliders is very responsive. There is no lag in the UI. Recording and playback also start instantly on tapping the buttons.

Battery Usage

Despite the heavy real-time audio processing, the app is optimized to use the phone resources efficiently. Battery drain is minimal even after prolonged voice changing sessions.


The app works flawlessly across a wide range of Android phones from budget to flagship models. It can run smoothly even on older Android versions like 8.0 Oreo.

Overall, Voice Changer delivers excellent performance thanks to its well-designed audio processing algorithms and efficient coding. It works great on most Android configurations.

Voice Changer MOD APK

Pros and Cons


  • Real-time voice transformation works seamlessly
  • 32 high-quality voice effects covering diverse options
  • Intuitive and responsive UI
  • Negligible latency for natural conversations
  • Clear audio output with minimal distortion
  • Lightweight app with minimal battery drain
  • Wide compatibility across Android phones and OS versions


  • Effects are limited to voice (no background music/audio effects)
  • Cannot save transformed audio recordings within the app
  • Occasional bugginess on some really old or low-end phones
  • Lack of detailed customization options for the effects

Voice Changer MOD APK


The Voice Changer app provides an easy and fun way to disguise your voice or create audio content with different vocal effects. The real-time voice transformation is fast and seamless thanks to the well-optimized audio algorithms. It offers a diverse range of high-quality effects for pitch, tone, accents, voices, and celebrities. The app is lightweight, responsive, and compatible across most Android configurations. While it lacks a few features like audio recording saving, it delivers a great overall experience for real-time voice modification. For casually goofing around with friends or creating voiceover content, Voice Changer is an excellent Android app for altering your voice.

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