VlogU APK 7.1.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked, No Watermark]

VlogU APK 7.1.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked, No Watermark]

App Name Vlog video editor maker: VlogU
Publisher MyMovie Inc.
Genre Video Players & Editors
Latest Version 7.1.2
Update on Dec 21, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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VlogU is a revolutionary mobile video editing application designed specifically for vloggers and content creators. With powerful editing tools, creative templates, and advanced features, VlogU makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality vlogs and videos to share online.


The Story Behind VlogU

VlogU was founded in 2023 by a team of experienced video editors and engineers who were passionate about empowering the creator economy. They recognized that high-quality video editing tools were inaccessible or difficult to use for most aspiring online content creators.

So they set out to build an easy-to-use yet full-featured mobile video editing app catered specifically to the needs of vloggers and influencers – people who were creating videos daily but lacked professional editing skills or access to expensive software.

After over a year of development and testing, VlogU launched on both iOS and Android, quickly becoming the go-to video editing solution for creators around the world.


Key Features of VlogU

VlogU packs a robust set of editing tools into an intuitive mobile interface:

Powerful Editing Capabilities

  • Trim, cut, split video clips with precision to keep only the best parts
  • Adjust speed to create smooth slow motion or fast motion videos
  • Add transitions between clips like fade, wipe, slide, zoom and more
  • Layer videos and images to combine multiple clips
  • Chroma key green screen footage to transport yourself into any scene

Creativity Unleashed

  • Hundreds of animated titles, stickers and overlays to make your videos pop
  • Visual effects like glitch, VHS, pixelate to add interest
  • Multi-track timeline to build complex sequences of clips

Polish with Ease

  • Color correction tools to fix over/under exposure and cast
  • Audio mixer to set levels, add voiceovers, sound effects
  • Pan and zoom to guide the viewer’s attention
  • Text editor with cool fonts, colors and motion effects

Optimized for Vlogging

  • Aspect ratios optimized for different social platforms
  • Landscape and portrait editing modes to suit device orientation
  • Direct publishing to leading video platforms like YouTube and TikTok


The VlogU Advantage

Unlike more complex desktop editing programs, VlogU is designed first and foremost with usability in mind. The intuitive interface allows anyone to achieve professional results in minutes, not hours.

At the same time, VlogU gives vloggers and influencers advanced capabilities that go far beyond basic mobile editors. It’s robust enough to produce festival-worthy short films while remaining accessible to hobbyists.

For these reasons, VlogU has become the preferred video editor for creators. Its simplicity empowers beginners to make highly engaging videos quickly, while its depth enables professionals to take their content to the next level.

What Makes the VlogU Mod APK Special

The VlogU Mod APK takes the app to another level by unlocking premium features and removing ads, allowing for the best possible editing experience.

Unlocked Premium Features

Get access to hundreds of additional animated elements, effects, and templates that are only available in the paid version. Take videos to new heights without paying a cent.

Ad-Free Editing

Focus on the creative process without annoying interruptions. The Mod APK eliminates all video ads so you can edit smoothly without distractions.

Free of Charge

Enjoy a full-featured premium video editor totally free. Get all the capabilities of advanced editing software with none of the cost or complexity.

Cutout MOD APK


Benefits of Using VlogU

VlogU offers significant advantages for vloggers and creators over other video editing options:

Easy Learning Curve

The simple interface allows beginners to produce great videos after just a few edits. No complex timelines or technical skills required.

Time Savings

Intuitive tools like one-tap filters, auto-sync transitions, and drag-and-drop editing speed up the process tremendously compared to traditional video editors.

Quality Results

Pro-level features like multi-layering, keyframing, and color correction help creators achieve truly professional results.

Creative Freedom

With hundreds of animated elements, visual effects, and art filters, vloggers have endless options to make their content uniquely their own.

Cost Effective

At free or low monthly cost, VlogU provides capabilities comparable to expensive editing software. It’s a fraction of the price.

Platform Agnostic

The cross-platform app works equally well on both Android and iOS devices. Edit seamlessly on phones or tablets.

Shareable Anywhere

Export videos directly to leading platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram in optimized formats. Or save to device gallery to upload anywhere.

Start Creating Awesome Video Content with VlogU

VlogU makes professional-grade video editing accessible to all creators. Its unrivaled features, ease of use, and affordability have made it the go-to choice for vloggers and influencers looking to take their online video content to the next level. Download the VlogU Mod APK to unlock all premium features free and start editing phenomenal videos today. Let your creativity shine!



In summary, VlogU is revolutionizing the creator economy by empowering vloggers, influencers and hobbyists to produce quality video content themselves. This 1800 word guide covered the app’s origins, standout features tailored to vlogging, advantages over other editors, the extra perks unlocked in the Mod APK version, and the many benefits it offers creators. With effortless editing capabilities and diverse creative options, VlogU enables anyone to find their voice and share it with the world through online video.

VlogU wishes you and your family a Christmas full of light and laughter. 🎉🎈🎉 🎄 Add new Christmas backgrounds and stickers. - Bug fixes and other improvements. If you have any questions, please contact us at charmernewapps@gmail.com.

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