ViaMusic APK 7.0.0 MOD (Premium/Background Ply)

ViaMusic APK 7.0.0 MOD (Premium/Background Ply)


App Name ViaMusic Offline Music player
Publisher Cuboid Dev
Genre Music & Audio
Size 31 MB
Latest Version 7.0.0
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Premium/Background Ply
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ViaMusic is a free music player app for Android that allows you to play songs from both online and offline sources. With its clean and intuitive interface along with powerful features, ViaMusic has emerged as one of the most popular Android apps for music playback. In this detailed review, we will take a close look at ViaMusic to help you understand its key capabilities and determine if it is the right app for your musical needs.

ViaMusic MOD APK

Interface and Navigation

The moment you open ViaMusic, its modern design immediately catches your eye. The interface uses a simple layout with bold icons and text that allows you to easily navigate between different sections.

Some of the key elements on the main screen include:

  • A search bar to look for songs, artists, albums etc.
  • Top navigation tabs like Home, Favorites, Playlists etc.
  • Recently played tracks
  • Suggested playlists and stations

Tapping on the top navigation tabs or scrolling down reveals additional menu options in a neatly organized manner. The interface remains consistent across the app, so you will feel right at home whether you are viewing your library or searching for new music.

Overall, ViaMusic sets a new standard for music app interfaces with its visually appealing yet minimalist design. Navigation is seamless and the app perfectly balances simplicity with powerful features.

ViaMusic MOD APK

Key Features and Capabilities

Let’s now look at some of the standout features of ViaMusic that enable an amazing music playback experience:

Huge Music Library

ViaMusic grants you access to a vast catalog of over 50 million songs for free. You can play tracks from YouTube Music’s extensive collection spanning across genres, eras, and languages. Just search for the song or artist and start listening instantly.

Online and Offline Playback

One of ViaMusic’s biggest advantages is the ability to play music without an internet connection. It automatically caches songs so you can listen offline. This makes it great for subway commutes, flights, and other situations where connectivity is limited.

Background Playback

Thanks to background playback, you can keep listening to music even when ViaMusic is minimized or you switch to another app. The audio keeps playing uninterrupted, allowing for a seamless listening experience.

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer lets you fall asleep to your favorite soothing tracks. Simply set a timer and ViaMusic will automatically stop playing music after the preset duration. This helps avoid battery drainage and data overuse.


The built-in equalizer offers various presets to alter audio as per your taste. You can boost bass, amplify treble, or select a preset like Rock or Pop. It even lets you manually customize the equalizer bands.

Playlists and Favorites

You can create customized playlists by adding songs, albums artists, or even entire playlists. These can be accessed in the Playlists tab for organized music listening. You can also mark songs as favorites for quick access.

Lyrics Display

ViaMusic fetches song lyrics and displays them in real-time as the music plays. This makes it easier to sing along to your favorite tracks. The lyrics panel can be hidden with just a tap.

Chromecast Support

You can cast music from ViaMusic onto any Chromecast-enabled speaker or smart TV. This allows for seamless music listening across multiple devices.


The app offers personalized recommendations based on your listening history and favorites. This makes discovering new music easier than ever.

MP3 Tag Editor

ViaMusic features an ID3 tag editor that lets you view and edit metadata like title, artist, album etc. for your local MP3 files. This helps organize your offline music library.

ViaMusic MOD APK

Audio Quality

When it comes to audio quality, ViaMusic utilizes YouTube Music’s 256kbps AAC bitrate streaming which gives you music in near CD-quality. While streaming quality is not as pristine as lossless formats, it still beats highly compressed MP3s and is adequate for casual everyday listening.

ViaMusic also includes audio normalization and volume leveling features that help provide a consistent listening experience across tracks of varying loudness levels. Overall, the audio quality is very good considering the app’s free status.

ViaMusic MOD APK

User Experience

Here are some of the factors that contribute to an excellent user experience with ViaMusic:

  • Intuitive design makes the app easy to navigate
  • Seamless playback with no lags or interruptions
  • Personalized recommendations help discover new music
  • Feature-rich experience via equalizer, playlists, lyrics etc.
  • Reliable performance even with long playlists and queues
  • Frequent updates bring useful improvements and fixes

Barring the occasional bug, ViaMusic offers a smooth and stable performance. Caching songs for offline playback works flawlessly. The app is also very lightweight so it doesn’t slow down your device.

ViaMusic MOD APK

Downsides and Limitations

While ViaMusic excels in many areas, there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Audio quality depends on your internet connection speed
  • Lacks advanced organizational features like folder support
  • Can’t sort songs in playlists by track number
  • Certain features like video playback need improvement
  • Some stability issues may be encountered on older Android versions

However, the developers frequently roll out updates to squash bugs and include new features. So the app is constantly improving.

ViaMusic MOD APK


Pros Cons
Clean and intuitive interface No support for lossless audio
Huge catalog of songs Limited organizational capabilities
Offline playback support Bugs and stability issues on older Android versions
Feature-rich music player Video playback needs improvement
Good audio quality
Frequent updates and improvements

On the whole, ViaMusic delivers an excellent combination of simplicity and powerful music playback. It has all the essential features you need while retaining a fuss-free and lightweight design. The massive music library, offline support, and thoughtful touches like lyrics display make ViaMusic a joy to use.

For those looking for a solid music app that gets the fundamentals right while offering a smooth experience, ViaMusic is a great choice. It may not be as feature-packed as some paid apps but the developers are dedicated to constantly improving it.

So if you are an Android user looking for a capable yet free music player that sounds as good as it looks, ViaMusic is highly recommended. It will ably cover all your music listening needs and enhance your overall experience.

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✨ Adding Waveform support ✨ Adding Particle effects 📖 Adding Synced Lyrics features 🎵 Edit title and artist to search lyrics more easily

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