Ventusky APK 30.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Ventusky APK 30.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

App Name Ventusky: Weather Maps & Radar
Publisher InMeteo
Genre Weather
Latest Version 30.2
Update on Dec 21, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Ventusky is a popular weather application that provides detailed and visually appealing weather forecasts. With its realistic weather visualizations and wealth of weather data, Ventusky aims to help users plan their days accordingly.

Ventusky MOD APK

The Ventusky Application

Ventusky first launched in 2015 as a web application created by a small team based in the Czech Republic. The goal was to build an accurate and easy-to-understand weather app that clearly visualized weather conditions.

Over the years, Ventusky has expanded into a mobile application available on both Android and iOS. It has gained popularity across Europe and North America for its realistic visualizations and hyperlocal weather forecasts.

Ventusky MOD APK

Key Features

What sets Ventusky apart from other weather applications? Here are some of its most notable features:

Realistic Visualizations

Ventusky sets itself apart with stunning visualizations that mimic real weather conditions. The app shows animated wind, temperature, precipitation maps and more, giving an at-a-glance look at what the weather will actually feel like.

Ventusky weather visualization

Hyperlocal Forecasts

While most weather apps only give forecasts for a user’s city, Ventusky offers hyperlocal weather predictions with 1 km resolution. This allows users to check weather conditions for their specific neighborhood or destinations they plan to visit.

Extensive Weather Data

Ventusky compiles weather data from professional stations worldwide along with simulation models. It then runs this data through its own forecast models to generate predictions. This allows Ventusky to offer weather details other apps may lack, like wind gusts, humidity, cloud cover and more.

Ventusky MOD APK

Time Machine

The Time Machine feature is a unique addition that shows historical weather data. Users can scroll back through previous days and weeks to check weather conditions during past events.

Weather Alerts

Customizable alerts can be set to notify users about incoming rain, snow, wind and more. Alerts can be tailored to users’ specific locations and information needs.

Offline Maps

Ventusky offers downloadable offline maps for over 200 countries worldwide. This allows travelers to access Ventusky’s weather visualizations and data even without an internet connection.

Ventusky MOD APK

Ventusky Mod APK Added Features

For Android users, a Ventusky Mod APK unlocks additional features not available in the regular app. Benefits of the mod include:

No Ads

The mod APK has all ads removed for an uninterrupted experience. Users can view weather data without pesky banners and popups.

Unlocked Premium Features

Usually locked behind a paywall, the mod unlocks premium features like full offline map access and adjustable weather model data. This allows for further customization based on users’ unique needs.

Latest Updates

Moderators quickly update their mod versions whenever Ventusky releases new features. This means users can test cutting-edge additions before public release.

Funimate Pro MOD APK

Ventusky MOD APK


With realistic visuals, hyperlocal data and unique offerings like the Time Machine, Ventusky has proven itself as a top weather application. Its detailed forecasts help users plan everything from daily commutes to long-term travel.

The mod APK version then takes the experience even further by removing ads, unlocking premium features and providing quick access to new updates. For Android users seeking the best possible weather app, Ventusky and its mod are hard to beat. The app clearly shows users exactly what weather conditions to expect and how to prepare for them.

1) New button for quick return to current location 2) Location search improvements 3) Bug fixes

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