Vange : Idle RPG APK 2.4.37 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode]

Vange : Idle RPG APK 2.4.37 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode]

App Name Vange : Idle RPG
Publisher Picture Soft Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 130MB
Latest Version 2.4.37
Update on Dec 30, 2023
Requirements 7.0
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Vange is an exciting new Android game that offers a thrilling fantasy world for players to explore. As an online multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) game, Vange provides intense and unique battles across beautifully crafted maps. With robust gameplay and stunning visuals, Vange aims to become the next big hit in mobile gaming.


Engaging Gameplay and Quests

The core gameplay of Vange involves participating in various multiplayer battles and game modes. Players can test their skills in free-for-all deathmatches, team battles, and objective-based modes. There are also PvE quests and challenges to complete that reward points and currency.

As players level up, they unlock new weapons, armor, and abilities for their character. This allows them to customize their playstyle and become stronger over time. The progression system ensures there is always something new to strive for.

Mythology-Inspired Maps and Visuals

What truly sets Vange apart is its fantastical maps that draw inspiration from myths and legends. There are lush magical forests, fiery volcanic lands, and mysterious ancient temples to battle in. The environments have an otherworldly feel with giant mushrooms, strange creatures, and mystical structures.

The graphics are top notch with detailed textures, dynamic lighting, and smooth animations. Explosions light up the battlefield, while spells fill the air with dazzling effects. It all comes together to create a mystical atmosphere not found in other shooters.

Intuitive Controls and Gameplay

Despite the visual splendor, Vange still delivers tight FPS gameplay. Movement and aiming feel responsive with various control schemes to choose from.

Instead of overly complex systems, Vange focuses on skill-based shooting and movement. Dodging enemy fire and landing those critical shots is what it’s all about. This makes Vange easy to pick for newcomers, while still having enough depth for hardcore gamers.

Engaging Social and Competitive Elements

As an online multiplayer game, Vange encourages player interaction through various social systems. Players can chat, form parties, and create in-game clans for a sense of community. Leaderboards and tournaments provide competitive outlets to test skills.

The social elements lend a sense of camaraderie that keeps players engaged outside of combat as well. Meeting new friends and organizing game nights is all part of the fun.

Built-in Map Editor and Custom Games

For even more content, Vange comes packed with a built-in map editor to create custom battles. Players can craft their own intricate maps using terrain tools and decorate it with structures and props. Custom game modes can also be configured for truly unique experiences.

The ability to make new maps ensures an endless stream of player-made content. Aspiring map makers can let their creativity run wild for the community to enjoy.


Key Features of Vange

Here are 8 of the main features that make Vange stand out:

Addictive Gameplay Loop

  • Fast-paced FPS combat across imaginative fantasy maps
  • RPG progression system to unlock new gear and abilities
  • PvP and PvE game modes for endless replayability
  • Quick 5-10 minute matches for on-the-go gaming

Next Generation Visuals

  • Unreal Engine 4 brings console-quality graphics
  • Beautiful fantasy landscapes with otherworldly ambience
  • Over 30 unique maps set across different realms
  • Hundreds of magic effects, weapons, and items

Robust Social Features

  • In-game chat, friend lists, and clan creation tools
  • Leaderboards and regular tournaments
  • Stream and watch live matches
  • Active Discord community and forums

Powerful Customization

  • 5 distinct character classes with unique abilities
  • Cosmetic skins to personalize your hero
  • Customize HUD, controls, and graphics settings
  • Prestige system to showcase dedication

Regular Content Updates

  • New maps, modes, weapons and gear added monthly
  • Special holiday events and battle passes
  • Frequent patches to fix bugs and balance
  • Developer live streams previewing upcoming changes

Built-in Map Editor

  • Powerful editing tools tailored for FPS games
  • Thousands of structures, props, and environments
  • Custom terrain sculpting and texture painting
  • Script triggers and customize win conditions

Cross-Platform Play

  • Match against mobile, PC and console players
  • Shared progression and inventory across devices
  • Play on the go or at your desktop
  • Built to handle tens of thousands of concurrent players

Top of the Line Servers

  • Dedicated servers across North America and Europe
  • Custom netcode optimized for fast FPS gameplay
  • Low latency and lag compensation technology
  • Automatic server allocation to nearest data center


What is the Vange Mod APK?

The Vange Mod APK is a modified version of the standard Vange game for Android. It unlocks premium paid features and removes certain restrictions to provide an enhanced gameplay experience.

Some of the key benefits unlocked with the mod include:

  • Unlocked premium weapons and gear
  • Infinite health, energy and boosts
  • Rapid fire abilities for weapons
  • All characters and skins unlocked
  • Unlimited in-game currency and points
  • Disable annoying pop-up ads
  • Max level cap increased to 500

With these boosts enabled, players can truly dominate the battlefield and shortcut much of the grinding. It essentially functions as a cheat menu without having to enter codes.

The mod also makes the game friendlier for casual gaming. Things like infinite health and energy means players can focus on just having fun without worrying about dying. It reduces frustration and allows tackling challenges head on.


Is the Vange Mod APK Safe to Use?

Using modded APKs does come with some risks to consider. The first is the possibility of bricking your device if the mod is poorly made. There is also a chance of getting banned by the developers if improper checks are done server-side.

However, the Vange mod APK comes from trusted sources and has been tested extensively before release. Thousands of players have used the mod without issue. It is also an offline mod that does not interfere with the main game’s servers.

Some precautions are still recommended when installing the mod:

  • Download only from reliable sources
  • Scan for malware before installation
  • Create a backup of your phone beforehand
  • Grant permission carefully when prompted
  • Play offline and avoid cheating online

As long as basic safety steps are followed, the Vange mod can be used with minimal risks. It unlocks a whole new way to enjoy Vange for free.

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Key Questions about Vange

1. What type of game is Vange?

Vange is an online multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) game for Android. It features PvP team battles across intricately designed fantasy maps. Players level up their hero, unlock new gear, and compete in various game modes.

2. How does Vange stand out from other shooters?

Vange stands out through its beautiful fantasy settings, RPG progression systems, and robust social features. The built-in map editor also provides unlimited replayability through player-created content.

3. What defines the gameplay of Vange?

Gameplay is fast-paced, skill-based, and focused on FPS fundamentals. Movement, aiming, positioning, and map knowledge are key. Unlocking new weapons and gear enables players to customize their playstyle.

4. What major updates are planned for Vange?

The developers have promised new maps, weapons, character classes on a monthly basis. Special holiday events with exclusive loot are also scheduled. Further down the road is a battle pass system and ranking mode.

5. Will Vange come to iOS and consoles?

Vange is planned for full cross-platform release within a year. Versions for iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch are all in active development. Progression and inventories will carry over across platforms.


Vange brings the thrill of FPS games into the palm of your hands. With AAA-quality presentation and deep RPG mechanics, Vange stands out in the crowded mobile market. The mod APK grants premium benefits without costly purchases for a true free-to-play experience. If you’re a fan of competitive shooters, few games can match the quality and features found here. Download Vange today to explore its mystical worlds and intense firefights yourself.

Vange : Idle RPG APK 2.4.37 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode]

[2.4.37] 1. Added Time control Skill 2. Changed Fury Skill 3. Increased companion stats 4. Fixed some bugs ※ Next update date: January 5th ※ Two companions will be added on January 5th ※ Rankings will be added on January 12th ※ Pet equipment will be added on January 19th ※ Inquiry email:

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