Ultraman Legend of Heroes APK 4.0.0 MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money, OneHit)

Ultraman Legend of Heroes APK 4.0.0 MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money, OneHit)

App Name Ultraman: Legend of Heroes
Publisher JoyMore GAME
Genre Action
Update on Nov 1, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Get it on Google Play
Ultraman: Legend of Heroes is an exciting 3D action mobile game for Android based on the classic Japanese tokusatsu TV series Ultraman. Developed by Wonderful Game Studio and published by Tsuburaya Productions, this officially licensed game allows players to experience the original Ultraman storylines and battle iconic monsters. With high-quality graphics, smooth combat, and customizable Ultraman heroes, Legend of Heroes brings the world of Ultraman to life in the palm of your hand.

Ultraman Legend of Heroes MOD APK

The Story and World of Ultraman

The Ultraman multiverse spans decades of TV shows, movies, comics and more. Legend of Heroes lets fans become part of this rich sci-fi universe. As an Ultraman, you protect Earth from invading aliens and giant monsters threatening humanity. With dimensional portals opening, heroes like the red and silver Ultraman Tiga arrive to join forces with new Ultramen like Ginga and X. Their mission is to defeat ultimate villains like Alien Empera in epic battles across stunning 3D cityscapes.

Ultraman Legend of Heroes MOD APK

Main Features

Smooth Action Combat

Fight hordes of aliens and kaiju with punches, kicks, energy beams, blades and more. Combos feel fluid as you unleash combos and special moves. Dodge and counterattack with perfect timing for maximum damage.

Customize Your Ultraman

Unlock new skills and costumes for your Ultramen. Switch between different Ultramen mid-battle to utilize their unique powers. Level up to evolve forms like Ultraman Tiga’s Sky and Power Types.

Online Multiplayer

Team up with friends for co-op battles and PvP arena duels. Climb the competitive rankings for glory. Join a squad to take down giant bosses.

Stunning Console-Quality Visuals

Cinematic camera angles highlight the fast-paced combat. Detailed city environments are destructible battlegrounds. Iconic kaiju and aliens are recreated with realistic designs.

Authentic Anime Storytelling

Full Japanese voice acting and an anime-inspired storyline immerse you in the world of Ultraman. Relive classic showdowns from the series through vivid cutscenes.

Customizable Mech Armors

Pilot weaponized mech suits and tanks to fight kaiju too massive for Ultramen alone. Collect components to upgrade armor parts like arms, legs and cores.

Side Missions

Take on challenge missions to earn Zetton Coins for upgrading skills and unlocking costumes. Daily quests provide resources and experience points.

Constant Updates

The developers frequently add new limited-time events, Ultramen, monsters and cosmetics to collect. Special crossover episodes feature other classic heroes like Kamen Rider.

Ultraman Legend of Heroes MOD APK

What is the Ultraman Legend of Heroes Mod APK?

The Ultraman Legend of Heroes Mod APK is a modified version of the game for Android that unlocks premium content and gives you advantages for free. This mod apk hack serves as a cheat tool that lets you customize gameplay to make it easier or more exciting.

Key Features of the Mod APK

  • Menu Mod – Access developer options like spawn monsters.
  • Unlimited Money – Max out your in-game currencies.
  • One Hit Kill – Defeat enemies and bosses with a single blow.
  • Unlimited Energy – Keep playing stages without running out of stamina.
  • All Heroes Unlocked – Every Ultraman playable from the start.
  • High Damage – Deal extreme damage to enemies.
  • God Mode – Become invincible so you never lose.

By installing the mod apk, you can enable cheats that let you bypass much of the grinding. This leaves you free to fully enjoy the game’s story and combat without restrictions. It essentially functions as an all-inclusive “premium” version of the mobile game.

Ultraman Legend of Heroes MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mod apk safe to download?

Yes, mod apks are safe as long as you download them from trusted sites. Scan files with antivirus software to be safe. Avoid sites with intrusive ads or popups which may spread malware.

Does this mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately mod apks only work for Android devices. iOS has much stricter security and you cannot directly install unsigned IPA mod files. However, Android emulators for PC like BlueStacks allow you to run mod apks on desktop.

Will I get banned for using mod apks?

In single player games like Legend of Heroes, mod apks do not result in bans even on online games. Just avoid cheating in competitive multiplayer battles as it ruins fairness. Single player mods only affect your own experience.

How do I install and update the mod apk?

Go to trusted sites like GetModApk and search for “Ultraman Legend of Heroes”. Download the latest mod apk file and allow installations from “Unknown Sources” in Android settings. When updates arrive, download again and reinstall.

Can I play my main account save file on the mod apk?

No, mod apks use separate save files. But you can switch between the original game app and modded app on the same device without losing progress. Log in to your main account on official app and mod account on mod app.

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Ultraman Legend of Heroes MOD APK


With console-worthy production values and deep RPG mechanics, Ultraman Legend of Heroes stands tall as one of the most polished mobile adaptations of an anime franchise. Both casual fans and hardcore Ultraman devotees will find plenty to enjoy in this expansive 3D brawler packed with nostalgia. And mod apks serve as the perfect cheat tools to customize the experience to each player’s liking. If you crave over-the-top giant monster battles in the palm of your hand, Legend of Heroes is a must-play.

Ultraman Legend of Heroes APK 4.0.0 MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money, OneHit)

1. The Christmas and New Year celebrations have started, with multiple gifts waiting for you to explore. 2. Newly added SS-level character Guardian of the Universe—Ultraman King 3. New SS-level character Ultraman Z original form 4. Added SS-level Ultraman Z Alpha armor form 5. New Ultra Medal—Ultraman Z original form 6. Added Saga Ultimate Legend Awakening Gift Pack

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