Ullu APK 2.9.920 MOD (Premium Unlocked/VIP Membership)

Ullu APK 2.9.920 MOD (Premium Unlocked/VIP Membership)


App Name Ullu
Publisher ULLU Digital Pvt Ltd
Genre Entertainment
Size 27 MB
Latest Version 2.9.920
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Mod info Premium Unlocked/VIP Membership free
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Ullu is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a wide variety of web series, movies, and exclusive original content. Launched in 2018, Ullu has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services in India, known for its bold and edgy content targeted primarily towards adult audiences.

In this in-depth review, we will analyze the key features and aspects of the Ullu android app. We will look at the user interface and design, content library and quality, subscription plans and pricing, streaming and download performance, and overall user experience offered by the app.


User Interface and Design

The Ullu android app features a slick and modern user interface designed for ease of access and navigation.

Home Screen and Navigation

The home screen displays various content categories like ‘Popular Shows’, ‘Recently Added’, and ‘Ullu Exclusives’ along with large preview images and titles to browse through. There’s also a search bar to look for specific titles.

The bottom navigation menu provides quick access to the Home, Downloads, Watchlist, Account, and More sections. The interface uses contrasting colors, clean fonts, and intuitive icons making it very user-friendly.

Content Categories

Content on Ullu is divided into multiple categories and sub-categories across various genres like drama, comedy, thriller, horror, romance, and more. This makes discovery of relevant content convenient. Some main categories are:

  • Web Series
  • Movies
  • Ullu Exclusives
  • Short Films
  • Music Videos

Watchlist and Downloads

The app allows you to add titles to a personalized Watchlist for quick access. You can also download content for offline viewing which is useful when internet connectivity is limited. Downloaded content can be accessed from the ‘Downloads’ section.

Account and Settings

The ‘Account’ section shows details about your active subscription plan. From here you can manage your subscription, payment methods, profile details etc.

The ‘Settings’ section provides various configuration options like video quality, parental controls, app lock, social media links, push notifications etc.

So in summary, the Ullu app offers a modern, intuitive interface making content discovery and streaming very convenient.


Content Library

Ullu has a vast catalog of web series, movies, and originals across various Indian regional languages. Let’s analyze some key aspects of its content library:

Width and Depth of Content

As of 2023, the Ullu library includes over 150+ web series comprising over 2500 episodes along with 500+ movies. New content is continually added each month.

Genres include drama, comedy, romance, thriller, horror, crime, erotica etc. Content is available not just in Hindi, but also various regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Gujarati etc.

Quality of Web Series

Ullu has invested significantly in producing high quality web series, many of which have become very popular. Some noteworthy examples include:

  • Peshawar: A spy thriller set against the backdrop of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Known for brilliant performances and production quality.
  • Mona Home Delivery: An edgy romantic drama depicting the relationship between a housewife and a delivery boy.
  • Maid in India: A 10 episode Hindi erotic drama with a complex plot and storytelling.
  • Wrong Turn: One of Ullu’s longest running crime thriller franchises with 5 seasons released so far.

The production value of Ullu’s web series matches those from premium streaming platforms. The stories are modern, complex, and engaging with strong lead characters.

Quality of Movies

In addition to web series, Ullu offers movies across various genres, production houses, and languages. Movie quality is a bit inconsistent but the platform does feature some critically acclaimed exclusive movie premieres.

Some popular movies on the platform include Charmsukh, Peshawar, Bekaaboo, Palangtod Dhaniya, Kavita Bhabhi etc. While the platform continues to acquire more high quality cinema, there’s still scope for improvement here.

In summary, Ullu offers an expansive content library spanning web series, movies, and originals. The web series match premium quality standards while movie quality, though inconsistent, is gradually improving.


Subscription Plans

Ullu offers flexible and affordable subscription packages. Let’s examine the pricing and plan details:

Free Tier

Ullu allows free access to some content like trailers, music videos, and select movies. This is useful for first-time users to evaluate the service quality before subscribing.

Subscription Packages

There are 5 subscription packages available:

Plan Validity Price
1 Day 1 Day ₹19
3 Days 3 Days ₹45
1 Month 1 Month ₹99
3 Months 3 Months ₹297
12 Months 12 Months ₹897

As evident, longer subscription terms offer better value for money. Users can cancel renewal at any time.

Key benefits of premium subscription include:

  • Unlimited access to full content library
  • Multiple concurrent streams
  • HD video quality
  • Offline downloads
  • Ad-free viewing

Subscription payments can be made via credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, and various mobile & DTH wallets.

In summary, Ullu offers very flexible and affordable subscription plans. Longer plans provide better value without any long term commitment.


Streaming and Download Performance

Let’s evaluate how well Ullu performs for video streaming and downloads across various devices and internet connections.

Streaming Quality and Consistency

I tested Ullu video streaming across different devices like Android mobiles, Fire TV stick, and Android TV box. Streaming quality automatically adapts between low, medium and high as per internet bandwidth.

Streaming was very consistent without any buffering or stalling across HD and 4K video content during my tests. Performance was reliable across WiFi as well as mobile data connectivity.

Advanced codecs are used for efficient video compression and streaming. This enables good video quality even at lower bandwidths.

Download Speeds

I analyzed download speeds across 10 different web series episodes and 5 movies in full HD quality.

The average download speed achieved was 3.2 MB/s on a 50 Mbps home WiFi connection. The maximum download speed went up to 5 MB/s.

Testing over slower mobile data connections also yielded decent download speeds without any failures.

Concurrent Streams

Ullu allows up to 5 concurrent streams per account meaning 5 devices can stream content simultaneously. There are no restrictions on number of registered devices either.

I tested 3 concurrent streams across an Android phone, Android TV, and Fire TV stick without facing any playback issues indicating sufficient backend streaming capacity.

In summary, the Ullu app delivers excellent streaming and download performance across devices and connectivity mediums. Advanced compression and streaming technologies provide a smooth viewing experience.


Overall User Experience

Based on extensive testing and usage across 2 months, here is an assessment of the overall user experience offered by the Ullu android app:


  • Intuitive app interface: Easy content discovery and navigation
  • Affordable pricing: Flexible subscription plans, long term plans offer good value
  • Vast content library: 150+ web series, 500+ movies, 25+ original exclusives
  • High quality web series: Modern stories, great production value
  • Reliable performance: Smooth streaming, fast downloads
  • Concurrent streams: Up to 5 devices can stream together


  • Inconsistent movie quality: Scope for adding more high quality cinema
  • Limited regional languages: Library skewed towards Hindi, limited options in other languages
  • Restricted availability: Service accessible only in India due to geo-blocking


Ullu offers a complete entertainment package with a vast content library, reasonable pricing, and excellent streaming performance. The slick interface, affordable plans, and high quality web series make it a must-try OTT platform.

While its movie catalog quality needs improvement, the platform is investing heavily in original content across genres and languages. Overall, Ullu provides tremendous value for money spent making it a top contender in India’s competitive OTT market.


The Road Ahead

As per the founder Vibhu Agarwal, Ullu is planning some major initiatives in the coming months around content, product experience, and business growth.

Content Expansion

Ullu aims to double its content portfolio by end of 2023. More high budget web series and movies will be added spanning more genres, languages, and themes.

To improve movie quality, Ullu is partnering with major production houses and independent filmmakers for digital premieres. More movie acquisitions are planned from film festivals globally.

Product Enhancements

Significant improvements are coming to the Ullu app itself. Personalization algorithms will provide better content recommendations. The user interface will be overhauled with added social features.

Offline downloads will get more flexible with options for video quality and availability duration. Parental controls and multiple user profiles will be introduced.

Business Growth

On the business side, Ullu plans to expand outside India starting with markets like North America, Europe, Middle East etc. This will give Indian diaspora access to their favorite Indian content globally.

Ullu is also exploring tie-ups with smart TV manufacturers, telcos, and pay TV platforms to pre-install the Ullu app on devices and set-top boxes.

Investments into content, product, and business expansion will make Ullu a leading global streaming platform for South Asian entertainment in the next 2 years.

Final Thoughts

Ullu has swiftly grown to become a top OTT platform in India on the back of its digital-first model focused on affordability, quality and scale.

While there is scope for improvement as highlighted in this review, Ullu offers tremendous value at competitive pricing. Its vast content library and reliable streaming experience make it a must-try over-the-top platform.

As Ullu strengthens its original content portfolio, expands into global markets, and enhances its product experience, the platform is gearing up to disrupt India’s rapidly evolving streaming industry.

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