Trucks Off Road Mod Apk 1.7.117 (Unlimited Money)

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk 1.7.117 (Unlimited Money)

GAME INFO: Trucks Off Road Mod Apk
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Size 249 MB
Version 1.7.117
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Trucks Off Road Mod Apk Free Download is an off-road racing game that was released in 2011. Players take control of trucks and drive them across dirt roads, mud paths, and steep hills to reach the finish line first. The goal of the game is to complete courses as quickly as possible while performing stunts like jumps, skinny tracks, rooster tails, and skid marks for bonus points. There are a variety of vehicles with different specs which can be upgraded over time with better parts and accessories, such as turbochargers or tires designed for off-roading capabilities. Trucks Off Road Mod Apk features 20 grueling courses set in six expansive environments, including swampy wetlands and barren deserts located all around the world, from the Ural Mountains to American Midwest. Race your way through breathtaking landscapes with customizations available ranging from exhaust systems to suspension packages allowing endless vehicle designs!

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Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

Varied Game Modes

Trucks Off Road offers players a variety of game modes such as Career mode, Single Race, and Online Multiplayer. Career Mode takes players through a series of off-road challenges that progressively increase in difficulty while unlocking new vehicles for use with every completed level. In the single-race mode, groups can compete against each other on custom courses or play time trial courses to compete for their best times with ghosts from around the world appearing as they aim to set faster records on tracks already completed by others competing online simultaneously and challenge them in real-time via global leader boards.

Vehicle Customization 

Trucks Off Road encourages car customization allowing users to customize prosaic parameters like size, weight performance up to more direct driver’s preferences like color style, performance, parts, tires, Handling ETC Players may apply visually distinct decals (available according to ability awards), body types, engine configurations, interior decorations whilst upgrading many components within their respective ride through advanced test drives detailing when winning championships allow access sanctioned resellers shops both physical, digital domains make ultimate rides become a reality able off-road driving experience!

Open World Environments 

The game’s open-world environment allows for the exploration of an enormous range of beautiful terrains, forests, jungle roads, even swamps, rivers streams providing unique experiences no matter which track was chosen. Those who lose a sense of direction, relying on GPS-installed localized maps indicating upcoming checkpoints, elevations, and heights awaiting turnings, course provide assistance amidst fellow racers obtain shortcut routes impress surroundings, impeccable views found visiting glacier mountain plateaus own accord discover hidden secrets landscapes locate heavily guarded bonus items rewards linked journey created personal account beforehand unlock stashed areas ultimately traverse more unpredictable dangers participate exclusive events!

Extreme Weather Conditions

Adverse environmental conditions such as extremely wet mud, frozen snow-inspired races, and storms hail also expect rain increasing the odds of slipping accidents, thus accruing added tension atmosphere. These occurrences lead to rainfall reducing tire friction, deep puddles cutting turns short slippery rivers require skillful navigation, impact changes landscape gradually leading new paths desired destination various sunsets effects affecting individual light sections during stages performed limited vision reduce intensity strain eyeballs introducing barriers driving fatigue cautiousness essential success speed alone win them all upgraded equipment fitted semi-state policies match significant moments designed masterpiece games true outdoorsmen among competitors worldwide befriend rivals trucks show capability outrun others trust instinct plan profitable strategies customized assists aid tough times brake rightly go seal the victory!

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

Realistic Physics And Mechanics

Trucks Off-Road also offers a realistic physics and mechanics simulation, which makes it feel like you are really off-roading. The vehicles in the game all have different levels of performance based on their weight, engine size and type of tire used. Additionally, each truck has customizable configurations to tune their settings, including suspension stiffness or steering sensitivity, to make them more agile or stable, respectively, allowing players an extra level when customizing trucks for better performances as per needs on certain occasions!

Advanced AI Opponents

Not only does Trucks Off Road allow players to race against friends online, but they can also challenge advanced AI opponents that will push your racing skills to the limit. These artificially intelligent characters will react dynamically changing course terrain conditions increasing competition racers chasing dreams realistically impossible moments become achievable mastering tricks stunts obstacles extreme weathers opposing other skilled drivers achieve victory experience boldness pride living sport right adventurists refresh excitement factor every time relighting fire continuing ride never ends story compete perfect myself teach forever lessons always updated computers rich taught immense games library virtually simulated creatures already within cars automatically receive higher rankings adjusted accordingly average scores track times gain energy incredible situations found nowhere else adhering lap restrictions generated appear real life counterparts finishing amongst roaring engines satisfying chants hundreds people gas pumping armaments virtual reality consoles from immersive discovery sports great place find comfort relaxation open again days knowing magnitude respect talent sometimes underrated deservedly praised pioneers!

Online Multiplayer Options

For those looking for a bigger challenge, Trucks Off-Road also offers an online multiplayer mode allowing up to 16 players to race each other in real-time on the same track. Players can join different servers and compete against friends as well as other racers from around the world. Online Multiplayer provides exclusive leaderboards where individual track times are recorded and shared with everyone so you can compare your performance against others or even challenge your friends – making it more competitive than ever!

What are Trucks Off Road Mod APK?

Trucks Off Road Mod APK is a modified version of the original game that offers several additional features and enhancements not found in the regular version. The most popular mod for Trucks Off Road Modded Apk unlocks all tracks, vehicles, and upgrades available in the game as well as provides access to other improvements such as new soundtracks or difficulty settings. This provides players with a much more extensive experience than what is possible with just playing the base game alone, allowing greater control over their preferences when competing against friends or rivals online.

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

Features of Trucks Off Road Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Money is essential for the well-rounded performance and upkeep of your vehicle. Trucks Off Road Mod APK allows for unlimited money to upgrade all aspects of their vehicles like speed, suspension, brakes and more anytime during the race, effectively creating an advantage against opponents to thrifty pay upgrades every chance they get.

Unlocked All Tracks 

provides players with access to all tracks available, including bonus levels bringing a much bigger playground where one can express her/his night driving skills, both landscape heavenly inspired vistas, wild scenes difficult terrains making sure the thrill never stops!

Unlocked All Vehicles

Trucks Off Road Mod APK features unlimited access to all vehicles present game, including secret ones obtaining codes providing answers unlocking unique characteristics limiting conditions imposed on specific licensed automobile models, both their looks and performance, thus removing operational restrictions and diminishing effects obstacles encountered during the run perfectly matches the character’s style needs giving edge progress.

Advanced Customizations

The modded version of the game also offers advanced customization options beyond what is available in the regular version, allowing players to tweak parameters such as speed and weight factors, engine configurations or interior decorations. This allows for much more fine-tuning when perfecting vehicle designs which can make a huge impact on results!

Community Integration

The mod provides deep integration with online communities where users can share replays or videos straight from within the app as well follow the careers of favorite opponents keeping track of individual standings, highest, scored awards achievements throughout the entire duration of competition!

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

• Visit the listed website ( to download and install the latest version of Trucks Off Road Mod APK 

• Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in your device settings to give permission for the installation of non-Market apps 

• Open up the file manager, select & open the downloaded file and then press on Install button 

• Wait till the installation process ends and you are ready to race off roads with friends anytime!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have a stable internet connection, as an interruption can lead to failed downloads 

• Check device version is compatible with Mod APK requirements by going through Release notes/user reviews prior to downloading 

• Grant necessary permissions before installation if needed; otherwise, the mod will not install properly 

• Clear cache memory storage devices, delete unnecessary duplicate files, make more space required, set up stuff accordingly, follow instructions on the display screen carefully, avoid wrong entries ensure a speedy, uncomplicated trouble-free gaming experience!

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Trucks Off Road Mod Apk offers extremely realistic visuals that allow players to experience the thrill of off-roading with stunning details such as mud splashes, dust and dirt changes on roads, making them feel like they are right there in action! The game also features a unique day/night cycle which adds to the already amazing atmosphere of taking you back into nature’s arms.


Adding up to an immersive gameplay experience, Trucks Off Road Mod Apk Free Download also boasts of incredibly atmospheric soundtracks and sound effects that make every race more entertaining with its collection of aggressive beats, background tones real, sounding engine revs giving players a vibe really of racing without any repercussions! Additionally, various dynamic weather conditions further bolster the sonic audiovisual palette removing guesswork worries and interactive troubleshooting occurring instead of immediate admirations of breathtaking landscapes arising surrounding sceneries during the journey offer essence liberation found only within open-world gaming environments filled festivities joy hard-earned through victories obtaining utmost pleasure merely living it.


Trucks Off Road Mod Apk is an off-road racing game by Dingo Games that offers players the chance to race their way through beautiful landscapes while competing against friends, rivals and AI opponents. Featuring a variety of vehicles to choose from along with customizable parts and accessories as well as advanced physics mechanics for realistic performances, Trucks Off Road Mod Apk furthers its offering with environment changes like day/night cycles or extreme weather conditions. The Mod APK version provides enhanced features like unlimited money, access to all tracks and vehicles, plus even more fine tuning when customizing cars granting the extra edge needed to achieve greatness amongst fellow racers. Major, major victories, events, and tournaments give worldwide recognition!

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are Trucks Off Road Hack Apk?

A1. Trucks Off Road Hack Apk is an off-road racing game by Dingo Games that allows players to race their way across 20 different courses located all around the world while performing stunts for bonus points and competing against friends, rivals and AI opponents.

Q2. Do you need internet access to play?

A2. An internet connection is required in order to play online with other people or use leaderboards, but a single-player mode can also be played offline without the need for an active internet connection.

Q3 Can I customize my vehicles in this game?

A3. Yes, players can customize their vehicles with parts and accessories such as turbochargers or tires designed for off-roading capabilities and also tweak parameters like speed, suspension, brakes etc for better performances.

Q4: Does the game have any real-world motion physics?

A4: Yes! Trucks Off Road Mod Apk uses realistic physics simulations to make the gaming experience even more immersive. The vehicles in the game all have different levels of performance based on their weight, type of tire used and engine size, which affects how they handle different terrains.

Q5 Is there an online leaderboard feature in this game?

A5 Yes! Players are able to track individual track times with worldwide leaderboards, so you can always try to race faster than other racers or compete against your friends online.


• Trucks Off Road Modded Apk is an off-road racing game by Dingo Games that allows players to take control of trucks and drive them across 20 different courses located all around the world. 

• Players can customize their vehicles with parts and accessories such as turbochargers or tires designed for off-roading capabilities and tweak parameters like speed, suspension, brakes etc., for better performance. 

• Realistic physics simulations are used in the game to make the gaming experience more immersive, including realistic vehicle performances based on the weight, type of tire used and engine size that affects handling terrains. 

• The online leaderboard feature allows players to track individual track times with worldwide leaderboards so they can always compete against other racers or challenge friends online. 

• For those looking for a bigger challenge, there are advanced customization features available with a Mod APK version giving access to unlimited money vehicle upgrades plus many more enhancements not found in the regular version!

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