Traffic Tour APK 2.1.6 MOD (Free Purchases, Unlocked)

Traffic Tour APK 2.1.6 MOD (Free Purchases, Unlocked)


App Name Traffic Tour : Car Racer Game
Publisher Wolves Interactive ™️
Genre Racing
Size 82 MB
Latest Version 2.1.6
Update on Nov 16, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Mod info Free Purchases/Unlocked
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Traffic Tour is a popular 3D arcade racing game developed by Wolves Interactive for Android, iOS, and PC. First released in 2016, the game has amassed over 50 million downloads on Google Play alone and maintains a strong 4+ star rating.

Traffic Tour stands out for its high-quality graphics, smooth driving physics, diverse selection of vehicles, and multiplayer racing modes. This in-depth review will cover the key aspects of Traffic Tour’s gameplay, graphics, controls, monetization, and multiplayer.

Traffic Tour MOD APK


Game Modes

Traffic Tour offers several gameplay modes to suit different preferences:

  • Career – Complete over 100 missions like time trials and overtaking challenges to earn rewards. This structured mode provides hours of solo gameplay.
  • Endless – Drive as far as you can on an endless highway while avoiding traffic. Collect blueprints to unlock new vehicles.
  • Multiplayer – Race against real opponents worldwide in real-time. Climb the rankings for fame and prizes.
  • Time Trial – Set a best time while driving through a checkpoint course. Beat your own records or compete against ghost cars.
  • Free Run – Freely drive through the game’s environments without any objectives.


Races take place across 5 distinct environments each with day and night variations:

  • Highway – Classic straight multi-lane highways with moderate traffic.
  • City – Busy urban setting with tight turns and heavy traffic.
  • Desert – Long straight desert roads with fast corners.
  • Rain – Slippery rainy highway with reduced visibility.
  • Snow – Icy roads in a snowy mountainous region.

The environments are well designed and capture the feel of actual locations with good draw distances and detail.


Traffic Tour features over 40 unlockable vehicles spanning common cars, hypercars, muscle cars, and more. Each vehicle has its own traits like top speed, acceleration, handling, and braking that impact how it performs.

New cars can be unlocked by collecting their blueprints which randomly drop in the Endless mode. This gives players an incentive to keep playing to expand their garage.


Vehicles can be customized visually and mechanically. Paint colors, rims, and decals offer cosmetic options. Performance can be upgraded by installing better engines, turbochargers, gearboxes, tires, brakes, and nitrous systems.

Traffic and Crashes

As the name suggests, traffic is a core element. Each environment has its own selection of traffic cars and trucks that behave realistically. Weaving through traffic at high speed provides an exciting challenge.

Collisions with traffic or walls will slow you down or wreck your vehicle if hit hard enough. However, crashes are forgiving overall and don’t lead to race-ending frustration.

Camera Views

Players can choose from multiple camera views including first-person, third-person, and driver’s perspective. The views provide an immersive driving experience and also impact the challenge of racing and avoiding traffic.


Traffic Tour offers tilt or touch controls on mobile. On PC, vehicles can be controlled with keyboard, mouse, or a gamepad. Using a gamepad or steering wheel controller provides the most realistic and engaging experience.

The default keyboard controls are:

  • W – Accelerate
  • A – Steer Left
  • D – Steer Right
  • S – Brake
  • Shift – Nitrous Boost
  • Esc – Pause

The controls are responsive and handle well at high speeds making weaving through dense traffic feel natural.


Players earn both in-game currency and experience points from all modes. Currency can be spent on new cars and upgrades. Experience unlocks tiered rewards like free repairs, bonus credits, and gifts.

No fuel system or energy limits are present allowing unlimited play. This non-restrictive progression system respects players’ time.

Traffic Tour MOD APK


Traffic Tour features high-quality 3D visuals that hold up well by mobile racing game standards. The environments, weather effects, shadows, textures, and vehicle models are nicely detailed with minimal jagged edges.

The day-night cycle creates some striking scenery as streetlights and vehicle lights become visible after dark. Screenshots don’t do the graphics justice – the game looks best in motion.

On higher-end phones, tablets, and gaming PCs, Traffic Tour really shines at 60fps. The smooth framerate enhances the sense of speed and makes controlling vehicles at 150+ mph more responsive.

Traffic Tour MOD APK


Traffic Tour monetizes through optional advertisements and in-app purchases.

Full-screen video ads play between races which can be removed for a one-time $2.99 purchase. The ads are not overly intrusive but the removal IAP provides a cleaner experience.

There are also various IAP car packs costing $1.99-$8.99 that instantly unlock groups of vehicles. However, all cars can be eventually earned for free making purchases completely optional.

The non-aggressive monetization ensures the core game remains enjoyable without spending. Players never feel pressured to pay and gameplay is not restricted behind excessive grinding or paywalls.

Traffic Tour MOD APK


The multiplayer mode delivers one of Traffic Tour’s most thrilling experiences. Quick matchmaking places you in 8-player races against real opponents.

Multiplayer adds new dynamics like jostling for position and strategically using nitrous boosts to pass rivals. There is noticeable skill differentiation in the player base which provides varied races.

Winning bumps your global rank and earns rare rewards. Leaderboards and leagues let you compare your success against the community. Overall the multiplayer brings welcome competitiveness missing from single-player.

Races can also be customized to play against just friends for a more casual experience. No persistent clubs or teams exist however.

Traffic Tour MOD APK

Additional Game Features

  • Achievements – Over 50 achievements reward skill milestones and progression.
  • Daily rewards – Login bonuses provide free currency, parts, and blueprints.
  • Car collections – Collect all vehicles of a manufacturer to earn large rewards.
  • Cloud save – Progress is synced across mobile devices and PC.


In summary, Traffic Tour succeeds as an enjoyable and polished arcade racer. It nails the core driving experience with great control and graphics. The diverse modes provide extensive gameplay tailored to individual preferences. Fair monetization ensures the game stays accessible to free players. Multiplayer adds replayability and competition. For racing fans, Traffic Tour is easy to recommend trying thanks to its quality and content breadth.

Traffic Tour MOD APK


I give Traffic Tour a 8.5/10 rating.

The smooth driving physics, multiplayer racing, and overall polish make Traffic Tour one of the better mobile racers out there. The graphics are beautiful, the controls responsive, and there is plenty of solo and multiplayer content. Progression never feels unfair or excessively grindy.

Minor nitpicks include the lack of car interior views and more in-depth tuning options. But the well-designed core driving experience shines brightest. For an addictive and stunning arcade racer that respects your time, Traffic Tour fits the bill.

  • Mod Menu
  • All cars are open
  • Free Purchases

Bug fixes. Performance improvements.

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