Traffic Tour Car Racer APK 2.1.6 MOD (Unlocked Cars & Parts)

Traffic Tour Car Racer APK 2.1.6 MOD (Unlocked Cars & Parts)


App Name Traffic Tour : Car Racer Game
Publisher Wolves Interactive ™️
Genre Racing
Latest Version 2.1.6
Update on Nov 16, 2023
Requirements 4.4
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Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK is an exciting arcade-style racing game for Android devices developed by Wolves Interactive. Released in 2016, the game has quickly become one of the most popular racing games on the Google Play Store, with over 50 million downloads.

In Traffic Tour, players take control of a variety of customizable cars to race at high speeds through busy city streets and highways. The game features stunning 3D graphics, realistic car handling physics, and intense, fast-paced racing action.

This in-depth review will examine all aspects of Traffic Tour, including graphics and visuals, gameplay and modes, controls, cars and customization, sound and music, monetization, and overall fun factor. Whether you’re an avid fan of the game looking to learn some new tips and tricks, or someone considering downloading it for the first time, this review will tell you everything you need to know about this exciting mobile racing game.

Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK

Graphics and Visuals

One of the standout features of Traffic Tour is the game’s impressive graphics and visuals. Using high quality 3D modeling, the game’s environments and cars are beautifully rendered and detailed. The environments you race through are varied and immersive, including highways, city streets, desert landscapes, rainy settings, and snowy regions.

The environments come alive through great use of lighting and weather effects. Racing under the night lights of a bustling city or through a heavy rainstorm captures the atmosphere perfectly and looks fantastic. The cars themselves are also intricately detailed, with customized paint jobs and wheels. Sparks fly as you trade paint with traffic cars and light reflections dance across your car’s surface.

The graphics really shine when you consider that this is a mobile game meant for smartphones. The visuals compare well even with many console racing games, which is a testament to the efforts of the developers. Overall, the graphics and attention to detail really immerse you into the racing experience.

Gameplay and Modes

Traffic Tour offers players a variety of gameplay modes to enjoy:

Career Mode – The core single player mode has you competing in over 100 different racing missions to earn cash and reputation. Missions include objectives like reaching a certain speed, passing a number of cars, or surviving for a specified time while under police pursuit. Completing missions earns you money to upgrade your car.

Endless Mode – Put your skills to the test by seeing how far you can drive without crashing in this continuous survival mode. You earn money based on your distance driven.

Time Trial – Race against the clock on different tracks and routes and compete for the fastest time on the global leaderboards.

Free Run – Cruise through the environments just for fun without any objectives.

Multiplayer – Take on real opponents from around the world in intense competitive online races.

This variety of modes should satisfy players looking for different gameplay experiences. You can relax by going on free runs, hone your skills through time trials, make progress in the career, or prove your racing prowess against real people worldwide. The modes provide a lot of replay value.

Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK


Traffic Tour offers flexible control options so you can play how you like. The default control scheme has you tilting your device left and right to steer, while onscreen buttons control acceleration, braking and nitrous boosts.

For players who don’t like tilting, the buttons can be used to steer left and right instead. There’s also an option to enable an onscreen steering wheel, which some may find easier for precise maneuvering.

The controls are responsive and handle well at high speeds. Having options to customize the controls is a nice touch, since people have different preferences. Overall the controls are simple to pick up yet allow for mastery, like being able to weave through dense traffic at 140 mph.

Cars and Customization

One aspect that keeps Traffic Tour fresh is the ability to unlock and customize a fleet of cars. There are over 40 different vehicles to add to your garage, ranging from nimble street racers to beefy muscle cars. Cars are unlocked by collecting their blueprint fragments, earned by playing the game.

Once you’ve acquired a new set of wheels, you can customize its appearance and performance. A wide selection of paint colors and wheel types let you personalize your car’s look. For performance, you can upgrade aspects like top speed, acceleration, handling and braking by spending the cash you earn from races.

Pimping rides with cool paint jobs and pushing performance to the limit through upgrades is an addictive part of the game. And taking your tuned-up, customized cars onto the streets is a great feeling.

Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK

Sound and Music

The audio design of Traffic Tour is well done, enhancing the racing experience. The engine sounds for the cars have a pleasing, arcade-like quality to them. Listening to the engine rev as you accelerate and hearing the Doppler effect on cars that whiz by sounds fantastic.

The soundtrack consists of fast paced, energetic electronic music that fits the style and intensity of the racing action perfectly. Customizing your car while rocking out to the game’s beats is pretty enjoyable. The audio as a whole, from the engine sounds to the soundtrack, contributes greatly to the game’s atmosphere and personality.


Traffic Tour is free to download and play, but does contain optional in-app purchases. The main monetization comes from players being able to buy in-game currency, which can be spent to instantly unlock new cars and upgrades. There are also ads that play between races, which can be removed through a single in-app purchase.

Importantly, spending money is not at all required to progress or succeed in the game. New cars and upgrades can be earned at a fair rate just through playing. The monetization is handled reasonably well, providing shortcuts for impatient players without pressuring players or restricting content behind paywalls. Spending money just allows you to skip some of the car collecting and upgrade grinding.

Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK

Overall Fun Factor

At its core Traffic Tour succeeds because it provides a tremendously fun arcade-style racing experience on mobile devices. Plowing through traffic at insane speeds and performing risky maneuvers is immensely satisfying. The different modes offer a lot of gameplay variety and the unlockable cars and upgrades provide long term goals to strive for.

It’s easy to get into the zone of overtaking cars, narrowly avoiding crashes, and pulling off bold maneuvers as you try to set new speed records. Chasing leaderboard rankings against players worldwide also adds to the competitive fun. Traffic Tour manages to capture the excitement of action racing games while tailoring the experience perfectly for mobile.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for new players just getting started in Traffic Tour:

  • Play the career mode regularly to earn cash rewards for upgrades.
  • Watch video ads after races to get free upgrades and currency.
  • Focus on maxing out top speed and acceleration first when upgrading cars.
  • Memorize track layouts in time trial mode to improve lap times.
  • In multiplayer, use nitrous strategically to pass opponents.
  • Drive in opposing traffic lanes during endless mode to get higher scores.
  • Equip new cars with upgrades from your old ones to get a headstart.
  • Try to drift around corners for a speed boost.
  • Brake before turns, not during them.
  • Customize cars to your personal taste for fun, don’t just optimize for stats.

Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK


Traffic Tour delivers a full-fledged arcade racing experience on mobile platforms. The graphics are fantastic, the variety of modes provides tons of gameplay, and upgrading cars is very addictive. It’s easy to pick up and play in short bursts but has enough depth to keep you engaged for hours at a time. Fans of fast-paced racing games should absolutely give Traffic Tour a shot. It’s one of the best racing games available on Android.

Game Screenshots

Traffic Tour Game Screenshot 1

Traffic Tour features realistic and immersive environments to race through.

Traffic Tour Game Screenshot 2

Players can customize their cars with different paint colors and wheels.

Traffic Tour Game Screenshot 3

The game has detailed car models and graphics.

Traffic Tour Game Screenshot 4

Traffic Tour offers flexible control schemes like tilt or virtual steering wheel.

About the Developer – Wolves Interactive

Traffic Tour was developed by the Turkish video game company Wolves Interactive, based in Istanbul. Founded in 2013, Wolves Interactive has focused on developing high quality games for mobile platforms. They have found success developing racing games like Traffic Tour, Traffic Racer, and Moto Rider GO.

In addition to racing games, Wolves Interactive has also developed popular action and strategy titles. Some of their other successful games include Overdose, Little Punks, and Toy Defense. Across its catalogue of mobile games, Wolves Interactive has over 130 million downloads worldwide.

The company prides itself on creating games with high production value and AAA quality. Their games regularly receive updates and new content. Wolves Interactive has built a strong reputation over the past decade for delivering polished, addictive gameplay experiences on mobile.

Traffic Tour Car Racer MOD APK

Evolution of the Game Since Launch

Since Traffic Tour first launched in 2016, it has seen numerous updates that have added new features and content. Here are some of the major changes and additions over the years:

New Game Modes – Several new modes like time trial and free run have been implemented.

More Cars – The initial launch had 28 cars, but many more have been added over time, expanding the garage to over 40 vehicles.

More Environments – While the initial release had a highway and desert environment, cities, snow and rain levels have all been added.

Improved Graphics – Visuals have been enhanced with better lighting, weather effects and textures.

Social Features – Leaderboards, gifting and other social features help you interact with the player community.

Balancing and Economy Changes – Progression and rewards have been continually re-balanced to improve gameplay.

Customization – More customization options like paint colors and wheels have been added.

Controller Support – Players can now enjoy the game with touch or physical controllers.

Bug Fixes and Optimization – Dozens of patches have squashed bugs and improved performance.

The steady stream of new content and support has helped extend the lifespan of the game and keep it feeling fresh. It’s great to see a mobile game continuously evolve after release.

Final Review Summary

Graphics – Stunning, high quality 3D visuals that look great on mobile devices. Diverse, realistic environments and detailed cars. 5/5

Gameplay – Varied game modes provide tons of racing action. Good learning curve and plenty of replay value. 4.5/5

Controls – Intuitive, responsive controls that handle well at high speeds. Nice customization options. 4/5

Sound – Great engine sounds and pumping soundtrack liven up the racing. 4/5

Lasting Appeal – Unlocking and upgrading cars keeps you hooked. Competing on leaderboards adds longevity. 4.5/5

Overall – An extremely fun, polished arcade racer tailored perfectly for mobile. Easy to recommend to any racing fan. 4.5/5

So there you have it, an in-depth review of the hugely popular mobile racing game Traffic Tour! It offers a complete package with great graphics, controls and variety of content. Fans of fast-paced, arcade-style racing should absolutely give this one a try. It’s free to play and available now on the Google Play Store. Start your engines and enjoy the ride!

Bug fixes. Performance improvements.

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