ToonMe APK 0.6.97 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

ToonMe APK 0.6.97 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

App Name ToonMe - cartoons from photos
Publisher Linerock Investments LTD
Genre Photography
Size 25 MB
Latest Version 0.6.97
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Mod info Pro Unlocked
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ToonMe is a popular photo and video editing app that allows users to turn themselves into cartoon characters. The app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform regular photos into fun cartoon versions.

Some of the key features of ToonMe include:

  • Full body cartoon maker
  • Vector portrait templates
  • Lots of layouts and designs to choose from
  • One click to turn a selfie into a cartoon
  • Numerous toon effects and styles

In this comprehensive review, we will take a close look at ToonMe’s features, user interface, performance, and how it compares to similar apps.



The standout feature of ToonMe is its powerful AI engine that can instantly cartoonize photos. The algorithm analyzes facial features and transforms the photo into a cartoon style image that resembles the person.

Here are some of the great features packed into this app:

Huge Library of Effects

ToonMe comes loaded with a massive collection of styles, filters, and effects to transform your selfies and photos. There are effects for full body transformations along with those just for the face. You can make subtle enhancements or dramatic cartoon stylizations.

Some of the effect categories include:

  • Cartoon styles – Choose from various classic hand-drawn styles to get that iconic cartoon look
  • Anime filters – Anime lovers can turn themselves into manga/anime characters
  • Disney effects – Become a Disney princess or any cartoon character
  • Caricatures – Exaggerate facial features for hilarious results
  • Art styles – Transform into pop art, sketches, oil paintings and more
  • Atmospheric effects – Tailor the mood with lighting, textures and color filters

With over 100 effects, you’ll never get bored experimenting on your photos.


Facial Tracking

A key aspect of ToonMe’s intelligent creative engine is its accurate face and facial feature recognition abilities. The app can identify faces in group photos and apply effects to each person’s face individually.

It tracks facial landmarks like eyes, nose, lips, face shape etc. to transform the features into the desired cartoon art style. This ensures caricatures don’t look weird or distorted. The effects blend seamlessly with one’s facial proportions.

Diverse Customization Options

ToonMe allows fine tuning of the generated cartoon images with its rich editing tools. You can customize the skin tone, adjust brightness/contrast, add backgrounds and text captions.

Some ways you can personalize the cartoons:

  • Change eye style and color
  • Modify hair style and color
  • Add hats, glasses and other accessories
  • Change outfit colors
  • Adjust face shape and structure
  • Modify background
  • Add text bubbles with dialog
  • Add stickers and emojis
  • Apply filters like vintage, LOMO etc.

This amount of control lets you create the perfect cartoonish avatar.

Save Images in High Quality

The app generates high definition cartoon images so one can use them as profile pictures and thumbnails. The images can be saved to the camera roll in original quality.

However, saving unwatermarked images requires a paid subscription.

Share Creations on Social Media

Once you cartoonize your selfies, you’d obviously want to show off your new look on social media.

ToonMe allows sharing the images directly to popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. This makes it super convenient to upload your new profile pic or story update.


User Interface

ToonMe sports a clean and intuitive interface that makes photo editing simple even for novices. The well-designed UI contributes greatly to the app’s ease of use.

Here’s an overview of the key sections:

Home Screen

The home screen displays a camera button to click selfies and a gallery button to choose existing photos. It also shows the latest images edited by you and trending images from other users.

This screen acts as the launch pad to quickly access photos and enter editing.

Photo Editing Screen

This is where all the cartoonization magic happens. The editing screen displays the selected photo prominently at the center.

The bottom has a carousel of all effects to swipe through and preview. The applied effect intensity can also be adjusted from this bar.

Additional customization options like changing eye color or adding text captions can be accessed from the downward arrow button above.

Processed images can be shared or saved to camera roll from the options at the bottom.

Profile Section

Your profile displays information like number of images edited, followers and people you follow. It shows all images edited or favorited by you for easy access.

You can also view creations by people you follow and give likes.

Discover Section

This section shows trending images from the ToonMe community. It provides inspiration to try out new styles and effects.

Browsing through top images is an excellent way to understand the possibilities of the app.

As evident, ToonMe’s interface makes accessing, editing and sharing photos extremely simple. Key features can be reached in few taps.

The interface remains consistent between Android and iOS versions with only minor differences.



In terms of performance, ToonMe delivers well with its speedy processing and minimal bugs.

Here are some performance benchmarks:

Effect Rendering Time

The app applies effects swiftly thanks to optimization for mobile platforms. Changes render almost instantly as you select different styles.

Most photo edits take under 5 seconds to process and preview regardless of device.


Navigation feels snappy across sections like editing, discover and profile. Actions like applying filters, changing settings, saving images etc. are very responsive.

The interface has minimal lag on average smartphones. However, low end devices can experience occasional stutter.

App Size

ToonMe app download size is moderate for the number of features it packs.

On Android, the app size is 29MB. For iOS, it takes up 79MB space. This keeps storage requirements reasonable.

Data Usage

The app is quite optimized in its data consumption. Having lots of effects and styles built-in keeps additional downloads low.

ToonMe uses about 20-30MB data per month on average. Data saver options further reduce usage when on cellular data.

Battery Usage

Battery drain is average for this category of app. Editing images continuously can consume battery faster.

Occasionally using ToonMe for some quick selfie edits gives 2-3 hours of usage per 10% battery drain.


The app offers good stability with very few crashes on latest Android and iOS versions. It has relatively few bugs that hamper the experience.

No major issues have been reported recently indicating a stable product.


Comparison With Similar Apps

There are several alternative apps that offer cartoon effects like ToonMe. Some popular ones include ToonApp, MomentCam Cartoons, Animegan, etc.

But ToonMe still stands out in certain aspects.

Image Quality

ToonMe generates high resolution images even with extreme effects. Other apps struggle to maintain detail.

Number of Effects

With 100+ effects, ToonMe offers way more styles than the average 10-20 effects in other apps.

Sharing Integration

It provides direct sharing to major social platforms. Alternatives have limited sharing capabilities.


Fine tuning is easier with ToonMe’s advanced editing options. Other tools lack extensive controls.


Its well-optimized code results in better responsiveness and quicker processing than competitors.

However, ToonMe lacks some capabilities offered by alternatives like group photo editing. It cannot mix-and-match parts from different templates either.

But for most straightforward photo cartoonization needs, ToonMe delivers the best experience.



ToonMe is an excellent app to transform your photos into fun cartoon creations using AI. With its versatile tools, easy interface and solid performance, it makes cartoonizing selfies an enjoyable experience.

Although the app has some scope for improvement as discussed, it already packs a punch compared to alternatives. Casual users and professionals alike will find great value in ToonMe’s offering.

If you love playing around with portrait images and stylizing profiles, ToonMe is a must-try app!

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Removed garbage files
  • Debug info Removed

We have made a few under-the-hood changes. You are unlikely to notice them, but the app stability has been improved.

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