ToonApp APK 2.6.36 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

ToonApp APK 2.6.36 MOD (Pro Unlocked)


App Name ToonApp: Cartoon Photo Editor
Publisher Lyrebird Studio
Genre Photography
Size 45 MB
Latest Version 2.6.36
Update on Nov 29, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Pro Unlocked
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ToonApp is a popular photo editing app for Android that allows users to easily turn their photos into cartoons using artificial intelligence. With over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, ToonApp provides a fun and creative way for users to edit their photos. This review will examine the key features of ToonApp, including its user interface, editing tools, filters, pricing model, and overall performance.


User Interface

The user interface of ToonApp is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a camera screen to either take a new photo or choose one from the gallery. A big blue button labeled “Toon Me” is front and center to immediately cartoonize any photo with one tap.

Below the camera viewfinder are thumbnail previews of filters that can be scrolled horizontally. Tapping on a filter applies it instantly to the photo. On the bottom menu bar are buttons to access the editor, library of backgrounds, text tools, and sharing options. The interface uses a bright, cheerful color scheme featuring white space that focuses attention on the photos.

Overall, ToonApp’s interface allows users to quickly perform common tasks like applying filters or cartoonizing a photo. The uncluttered layout prevents the app from feeling too busy or overwhelming to navigate.

Editing Tools

In addition to one-tap filters, ToonApp provides advanced editing tools to fine-tune cartoon photos. The editor includes options to:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Change colors of specific objects
  • Add text with customizable fonts
  • Apply effects like neon, pixel, and glitch
  • Draw with a magic brush
  • Add stickers and emojis
  • Crop, rotate, and adjust perspective
  • Remove unwanted objects with an eraser
  • Blur or sharpen portions of the image

While the one-tap filters provide quick cartoon stylization, the editor brings creativity to another level. Users can spend as much or as little time editing their photos with the powerful tools. Popular options include adding vibrant neon colors or increasing saturation for a pop art effect.



ToonApp offers a library of over 20 cartoon filters ranging from classic hand-drawn looks to futuristic CGI styles. Filters are organized into categories of Simple, Color Pop, Retro, and more to fit different aesthetics. Some popular filters include:

  • Sketch: Converts photos into black and white pencil sketches.
  • Comic: Applies a classic comic book halftone effect.
  • Watercolor: Blends the photo into an artistic wash of watercolor paint.
  • Pop Art: Vibrant and saturated in a pop art poster style.
  • Pixel: Renders images into a pixelated 8-bit video game look.
  • Glitch: Distorts photos with VHS artifacts, grainy TV noise, and RGB splits.
  • Neon: Traces outlines in glowing neon on a black background.
  • CGI: Adds a 3D rendered look with smooth gradients and highlights.

The variety of filters allows users to make their photos look hand-drawn, painted, pixelated, and more with just one tap. While some filters are paid, the free selection covers the most popular cartoon styles.


In addition to filters, ToonApp includes a library of cartoon backgrounds to complement edited photos. Categories include magical landscapes, space scenes, cityscapes, and more. After applying filters, users can easily swap out the background for a complete cartoon makeover.

Some backgrounds feature areas for placing portraits, speech bubbles, and stickers. By matching the art style of the background to the photo filter, users can create cohesive cartoon scenes.

While backgrounds are not necessary, they provide an extra level of customization. The library gives users endless options to get creative with building cartoon worlds for their photos.


Pricing Model

ToonApp offers a freemium pricing model with the core features available for free. This includes over 20 filters, basic editing tools, and adding text. Users can remove ads and unlock additional filters, backgrounds, and tools through weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions ranging from $2-$8 per month.

The free version strikes a fair balance of providing enough features for casual users while encouraging upgrades for power users. The subscriptions are reasonably priced compared to similar creative editing apps.

One limitation is that ToonApp does not offer a one-time purchase option to unlock all features permanently. Users have to maintain an active subscription. But overall, the free tools are plentiful for most cartoon editing needs.


In terms of performance, ToonApp delivers fast rendering speeds and smooth editing workflows. Filters apply instantly to photos, even on older phones. The app also responds quickly when adjusting filter intensity or making precise edits.

Some more complex filters like CGI will understandably take a few extra seconds to render. But performance almost never inhibits the creative process. Even large photos with lots of edits do not slow down ToonApp significantly.

The app is also well-optimized for mobile. It works smoothly across a variety of Android devices without stability issues. In particular, ToonApp excels at efficiently processing images through artificial intelligence algorithms.


The main tradeoff of the free version is frequent ads. Banner and video ads appear on almost every screen. The app also displays pop-up ads asking users to join a waiting list for new features. While disruptive, the ads ensure the app remains free for casual users.

Subscribing removes ads entirely for an uninterrupted experience. For those not wanting to pay, the ads are a reasonable price to pay for access to the helpful editing tools. Just be prepared for the advertising when using the free version.


Final Verdict

Overall, ToonApp provides an excellent mix of efficiency, customization, and creativity in a mobile cartoon editor. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to stylize their photos with a tap. Advanced editing options help skilled users take their cartoons to the next level.

While the free version includes ads, it still grants access to the core filters and tools. Subscriptions unlock bonus content for very reasonable prices. For cartoon photo editing on the go, ToonApp is easy to recommend to Android users looking to add artistic flair to their pictures.

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive mobile interface
  • Powerful AI cartoon filters
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Creative backgrounds
  • Fast performance
  • Free version with subscriptions


  • Free version has lots of ads
  • No one-time purchase option
  • Some filters and tools require subscription


Features Overview

Here is an overview of the key features provided in the ToonApp Android app:

Cartoon Filters

  • 20+ filters like Sketch, Comic, Pixel, CGI
  • Categories for different art styles
  • Control intensity of filters
  • Applies instantly to photos

Editing Tools

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Change color of objects
  • Draw with magic brush
  • Add text with fonts
  • Apply effects like neon and glitch
  • Erase unwanted parts
  • Crop, rotate, adjust perspective


  • Match cartoon backgrounds to photos
  • Categories like space, city, magical
  • Customize with portraits and stickers

User Interface

  • Intuitive mobile design
  • Easy to navigate bottom menu
  • Preview filters with thumbnails
  • Big cartoonize button on camera


  • Fast rendering speeds
  • Smooth editing workflow
  • Well optimized for mobile
  • Handles edits on large photos


  • Freemium model
  • Free version with ads
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly subscriptions
  • Unlock more filters and tools


  • Save cartoons to camera roll
  • Share directly to social media
  • Add ToonApp watermark (removable with subscription)

User Interface Details

Here is more detail on key aspects of the ToonApp user interface and editing workflow:

Home Screen

The home screen features a camera viewfinder to snap or choose photos. A big blue “Toon Me” button at the bottom instantly applies the default cartoon filter. The bottom menu bar includes buttons to access the editor, backgrounds, text tools, and sharing options.

Filter Gallery

Below the camera are horizontal thumbnails displaying preview images for each filter. Tapping a filter applies it instantly. Swiping left/right scrolls through the entire gallery.


The editor screen applies the current filter and provides advanced editing tools. Buttons along the bottom open tools to adjust brightness, saturation, apply effects, draw, add text, erase, etc.


The backgrounds library is organized into categories like Space, City, Magical, etc. Users can scroll vertically and tap a background to replace the current one.

Text Tools

The text tool allows adding text boxes with customizable fonts, sizes, colors and alignments. Text can include emojis and be reshaped into curves or circles.


From the share screen, users can save cartoons to camera roll or share directly to other apps like social media, messaging, email, etc.


The profile screen includes options to remove the watermark, manage subscriptions, restore purchases and contact the developer.


Editing Features Deep Dive

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the key editing features in ToonApp:

Magic Brush

The magic brush allows freeform drawing on photos with options like neon, rainbow, stars, etc. It’s great for adding hand-drawn elements or glowing effects. The size, opacity, and flow can be adjusted.

Object Color Change

With the color change tool, users can select part of the image and change its color completely. This lets users recolor specific objects like clothing, cars, plants, etc.


ToonApp has tons of animated stickers and emojis to add personality. Stickers include fun characters, animals, objects, text bubbles, and more. They can be resized, rotated, and layered.

Glitch Effects

Make photos look digitally corrupted with VHS noise, RGB splits, pixel sorting, displacement maps, and more. Glitch effects add a cool modern edge.

Perspective Warping

The perspective warping tool lets users selectively adjust the perspective of objects. This helps fit portraits into cartoon backgrounds or add a tilt shift look.

Selective Blur

Users can apply gaussian, motion, or radial blur to specific portions of a photo. This can creatively emphasize subjects by blurring the background.

Content-Aware Fill

Automatically remove unwanted objects like photobombers by using the content-aware fill tool. It uses AI to replace the area with a natural-looking result.

Face Refinement

Subtle face refinement is available to smooth skin, adjust facial structure, reshape facial features, and more for flattering portraits.

Top ToonApp Filters

Here is an overview of some of the most popular cartoon filters included in ToonApp:

Sketch Filter

The sketch filter renders images as black and white line drawings as if hand-sketched with pencil. Lines and shading are added while preserving key facial features and outlines. It’s great for a dramatic artistic effect.

Watercolor Filter

This filter transforms photos into splashes of watercolor paint. Soft washes of color bleed into one another for an organic painted look. The effect ranges from subtle to very saturated.

Comic Filter

Comic stylizes images with a bright, graphic look based on comic books. Bold black outlines are added along with Ben-Day dots shading familiar from newspaper comic strips.

Pop Art Filter

Vibrant, saturated colors transform photos into pop art posters. Heavy black outlines combined with color blocking and gradients emulate the pop art style.

Pixel Filter

The pixel filter reduces image resolution for a retro 8-bit video game aesthetic. Everything becomes blocky like old-school game sprites. The level of pixelation can be adjusted.

CGI Filter

This filter adds gradient shading and outlines for a 3D CGI render look. Customizable edge and line thickness help optimize the sleek CGI style.

Neon Filter

Neon converts photos into 80s-inspired neon signs. Glowing outlines trace shapes while the background becomes black. Users can pick custom neon colors.

Glitch Filter

Glitch adds digital artifacts like grain, noise, pixel sorting, chromatic aberration, and more. The result looks like a corrupted VHS tape or distorted analog broadcast.

Anime Filter

Big expressive eyes, colorful spiky hair, and dynamic poses transform portraits into anime characters. Users can adjust eye size and other manga-inspired effects.

Pro Tips for Using ToonApp

Here are some pro tips for using ToonApp to create amazing cartoon edits:

  • Use the object removal tool to eliminate distracting backgrounds before cartoonizing portraits. Clean backgrounds make the subject pop.
  • Max out the filter intensity, then reduce it slowly to find the ideal level. More intense isn’t always better.
  • Match the color palette of backgrounds to the filter for cohesive scenes. A neon filter pairs well with a futuristic cityscape.
  • Add hand-drawn elements with the magic brush to give cartoons a personal touch. Outline key features or add fun doodles.
  • Use the perspective warp tool to adjust portraits to fit into off-kilter.
  • Pro Unlocked

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