Tiny Hunters APK 3.3.0 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Tiny Hunters APK 3.3.0 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems)


App Name Tiny Hunters
Publisher Pantelis Ioannou
Genre Action
Size 48 MB
Latest Version 3.3.0
Update on Nov 17, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems
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Tiny Hunters is a popular multiplayer action strategy game developed by Pantelis Ioannou and released on Android in June 2021. With over 100,000 downloads and a 4.5-star rating on Google Play, Tiny Hunters has quickly become a hit among mobile gamers.

In Tiny Hunters, players take control of a tiny hunter character and team up with others to battle giant monsters. With simple yet addictive gameplay, cartoonish graphics, and competitive online multiplayer, it provides hours of entertainment.

This in-depth review will cover all aspects of Tiny Hunters, including gameplay, graphics, game modes, progression system, monetization, and overall fun factor. Whether you’re considering downloading Tiny Hunters or just want to learn more about this rising mobile game, read on for a comprehensive look.

Tiny Hunters MOD APK


The core gameplay loop of Tiny Hunters is simple yet engaging. Each level pits your team of 3 hunters against waves of monsters. You must work together to defeat them using various weapons and abilities.


Controlling your hunter is easy with virtual joysticks and buttons. You move with the left joystick and aim/attack using the right side. Special abilities are mapped to buttons at the bottom.

The controls are responsive and intuitive. Attacking feels satisfying as you slash away at monsters. The only issue is that the joysticks are small, making precise movement tricky at times. Still, the controls get the job done on mobile.


In each level, the goal is to defeat all enemy monsters. Waves get progressively more difficult, with new monster types introducing at higher levels. Bosses also appear every few levels, acting as major hurdles to overcome.

Surviving the onslaught requires teamwork with the AI or human allies. Monsters hit hard and can kill hunters rapidly without support. Reviving downed teammates is crucial between waves.

Progression & Rewards

Defeating levels earns trophies, which act as the progression system. Specific trophy thresholds unlock new environments, game modes, and cosmetic hunter/weapon skins.

You also gain coins (soft currency) and gems (premium currency) from victories. These let you upgrade weapons or purchase boosters for an edge in battle.

Overall, the progression gives a steady stream of unlocks to work toward. The trophies-based system provides solid milestones for advancement.

Tiny Hunters MOD APK

Game Modes

Tiny Hunters offers a handful of ways to hunt monsters, including:


The main mode sees you battling through 100+ levels across different environments. Each area introduces new monsters and hazards to overcome. Campaign provides the core progression through trophies and rewards.


Survival mode pits you against endless waves of monsters. The goal is to survive as long as possible against the onslaught. This provides a challenging gauntlet to test your skill. Leaderboards allow competing for high scores.


In Duels, you face off 1v1 against another player. Victory earns trophies and bragging rights. Duels let you apply your skills in direct competition against others.


Limited-time events feature special levels and modifiers. These events add variety to the game with unique twists on standard hunts. Prizes like outfits and currency are up for grabs.

While not the most extensive selection, these modes provide plenty of monster-slaying action. The competitive and cooperative options give longevity through challenging yourself or others.

Tiny Hunters MOD APK

Graphics & Audio

The visual presentation of Tiny Hunters utilizes a colorful, cartoonish style. The hunters and monsters feature exaggerated proportions and animations. Vibrant spell effects and environmental details liven up the levels.

The cutesy graphics won’t impress technically, but fit the lighthearted tone well. Each level has some variety in terrain and style to keep things visually fresh.

The audio mainly consists of upbeat background music during hunts. Different instruments chime in based on the action, like drums picking up when engaging a monster. The music is pleasant and energetic without being overbearing.


Tiny Hunters monetizes through advertisements and optional in-app purchases (IAPs).

Full-screen video ads play between levels. Thankfully, they don’t interrupt gameplay though. Players can also watch additional ads to earn coins or revive hunters.

IAPs provide means to accelerate progression. You can buy coins, gems, trophy boosters, and hunter skins. Prices range from $1 to $30 USD.

The monetization seems fairly balanced. Ads are present but not excessive or intrusive. IAPs offer shortcuts but aren’t required to progress or compete. The game remains enjoyable without spending money.

Tiny Hunters MOD APK

Progression & Meta

Advancing in Tiny Hunters revolves around acquiring trophies to unlock content while boosting your hunter’s power. Here are some key progression systems:

Hunter Levels

Your account level increases by gaining trophies. Higher levels unlock new environments, modes, and cosmetics.


Using coins and gems, you can upgrade each weapon type. This boosts their damage and effects. Maxing out weapons grows your hunter’s strength.


Armor pieces provide bonuses like more health or critical hit chance. You can craft new armor with materials from defeated monsters.


Equipping boosters provides buffs to damage, health regeneration, and more. They give an extra edge in difficult levels.


Each hunter has 4 unique skills. Using them often improves their effects, adding more utility and power.

Through upgrades, gear, and leveling up skills, you can tailor your hunter’s strengths and playstyle. The progression gives a satisfying sense of growth over time.


Tiny Hunters incorporates multiplayer in a few ways:


You can play through all PvE modes cooperatively with 1-2 others. Teaming up makes challenging levels easier and allows reviving allies.


Face off against real opponents in 1v1 duels. This competitive mode lets you test skills against other players.


You can join a team to take on events together and compare trophy counts. Being in a team isn’t required but provides community.

Playing with others makes the hunts more engaging. The co-op and competitive modes enhance longevity. The only limitation is a lack of online matchmaking – you can only play with friends.

Tiny Hunters MOD APK

Final Verdict

In the end, Tiny Hunters succeeds at being an accessible, enjoyable action game for mobile. The gameplay provides accessible yet challenging monster hunting. A variety of modes and progression systems give plenty to do. While the presentation is simple, it has charm and runs smoothly.

The multiplayer integration stands out as a highlight, bringing cooperative and competitive play. This significantly expands the fun factor and longevity. The fair monetization also allows enjoying the full experience for free.

However, the gameplay does get repetitive after a while. There are only a handful of level types and monsters to battle. Lack of online matchmaking also limits multiplayer. Frequent ads between levels can annoy some players.

But for a casual, pick-up-and-play monster hunting game, Tiny Hunters hits the mark. It’s easy to recommend to fans of action strategy games, especially those wanting multiplayer. Tiny Hunters delivers satisfying cooperative and competitive gameplay in an accessible package.

Tiny Hunters MOD APK


  • Simple yet addictive monster hunting action gameplay
  • Variety of game modes: campaign, survival, duels, events
  • Cute cartoonish graphics with colorful spell effects
  • Upgrades and gear progression to strengthen your hunter
  • Co-op play and competitive 1v1 duels against others
  • Fair free-to-play monetization with optional purchases
  • Accessible gameplay with depth from progression system
  • Repetitive levels and limited matchmaking hold it back
  • Overall an enjoyable casual action game with fun multiplayer

Final Score: 4/5

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Currency

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