TIDAL Music Mod Apk 2.85.0 (Plus Unlocked)

TIDAL Music Mod Apk 2.85.0 (Plus Unlocked)

MOD Features Plus Unlocked
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Size 77 MB
Version 2.85.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Tidal Music Mod Apk Free Download is a streaming music and podcast application on iOS and Android platforms. This app allows you to explore, discover, listen to, download, and share your favorite songs from millions of tracks. It has various musical genres, from classical to hip-hop and rap. The app also offers exclusive content, including music videos, live concerts, and sessions that can be accessed offline or streamed online for free or as part of Tidal’s Mod Apk subscription service. Its easy-to-use interface makes finding new tunes easy and fun for everyone! There are also no ads so you can enjoy your favorite singers without interruption!

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Tidal Music Mod Apk

Music Discovery

Tidal makes finding Music and discovering new artists easy with intuitive searches, playlists, recommendations tailored to your taste, and even recorded radio shows. The integration of its extensive database of more than 35 million tracks allows users to search for songs by title, artist, or album and browse genres ranging from pop to punk rock. Additionally, Tidal offers curated content, such as exclusive albums created in collaboration with various artists specifically for the platform, plus weekly playlists updated according to current trends and events that make discovering great Music simple!

Tidal Music Mod Apk

Live videos and concerts

Music lovers can experience live performances from their favorite stars or popular festivals on their phones through dedicated sections within the app that include hundreds of hours’ worth of footage shot at different locations worldwide, including big stages like Coachella and Lollapalooza! It also offers multi-view angles so you can watch every nuance clearly and enjoy unique soundtracks explicitly crafted for each video’s scene. These are also synchronized perfectly with what’s happening on stage, making it an immersive concert experience not easily replicated elsewhere online!

Audio Quality

Tidal uses Uncompressed audio formats like CD quality (1411 kbps) and hi-res (24 bit/92 kHz). HD streaming enhances every album sonically, allowing listeners to hear each note sung or played flawlessly, ensuring they don’t miss out on any detail. Plus, CD-quality downloads mean one song usually weighs about 10 megabytes compared to a 1 MB compressed mp3 file, giving users access to 13x bigger audio files without using up data limits. Accessible to both subscribed free account holders regardless of speed connection, Wi-Fi internet would yield faster results due to being wired less than 4G networks! Ensuring audiophiles are never disappointed when trying to find the perfect track save device library collection

Exclusive Content

Provides a range of features. Give members unique access to behind-the-scenes material offering variety in today’s most famous artist interviews, backstage passes, and documentaries, giving everyone a chance to understand the process of crafting hit records, watching rehearsals, developing tours, and other insights into creators’ lives, adding a personal touch to a vast library of millions of tunes, handpick able favorites, queue anytime, feast eyes, and

Tidal Music Mod Apk

Social Features

Sharing Music just got funnier and more accessible. An incredible way to connect and bond with fellow fans is by creating groups to share tastes, discoveries, and the latest popular songs. Grooving days old hits and soulful classics broadcast to more comprehensive, expansive audiences community streaming service Join forums discussing topics. Taming popularity Spotify iTunes Power-hungry musicians now look to cater to social circles, favor likes, follow supporters, listen, and appreciate the official page team.

Offline Mode

A premium subscription removes limitations on accessing available tracks. It gives the user freedom away from home when cellular connections aren’t available for travel plans in wilder regions. Quick tip Tune into the High Fidelity setting to save data and ensure that you get the most out of your battery life, whether with friends, colleagues, or phones.

Likes and Favorites section

TIDAL’s favorite tab makes it easier for users to keep track of their go-to artists and songs as well as explore more of the Music available on TIDAL Mod Apk by giving them an overview of what they like best. By tapping a special ‘heart’ icon, you can favorite any track or artist that catches your eye; this allows you to quickly access those tracks later within seconds without having to research. With every musical journey taken, each user’s tastes and preferences grow in intensity since favorite sections automatically refine the experience towards individualized preference, discovering awesome tunes one step further!

What is the Tidal Music Mod APK?

Tidal Music Mod APK is an Android-based music streaming application developed by Tidal. It offers a variety of features that allow its users to listen to over 35 million tracks, watch live concerts, share the Music they love, and much more. The modded version can access features like ad removal, unlimited downloads, and high-fidelity sound quality without subscribing to premium services. This allows users on limited data plans or phones or who have restricted access for budgetary reasons to enjoy a consistent listening experience similar to (or equal to) those with the premium subscription!

Tidal Music Mod Apk

Features of Tidal Music Mod APK

Plus Unlocked

Tidal Music Plus Unlocked is a premium version that allows users to access all unique content and features, such as exclusive artist collaborations, A&R choices, interactive audio-visual live streams, and offline mode, without restrictions. It also provides high-fidelity Music streaming at up to 93 K/B in addition to the standard formats shared on free accounts (320 kHz).

No Ads

Tidal Music Mod APK offers unlimited listening free of ads, allowing for uninterrupted music playback! As well as no data limit caps, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite tunes hassle-free without worrying about constantly being disconnected or facing costly overage fees!

Offline Mode

The modded app allows users to download their playlists and listen to them whenever they wish. It allows them to experience tracks even when hopping flights, planes, or roaming zones with limited phone functionality. So never miss a beat!

Unlimited Downloads

Its standard version restricts song downloading to certain limits and strict nature subscription rules; however, those provisions have been removed by unlocking some serious potential storage devices to ensure maximum usage duration.

High-fidelity sound quality

Unlocks complete crisp party’s equally immersive make game new levels edit live records multiple clips scratches mash-ups Midi sequencing injects raw power that especially tastes listeners—a way to stack unheard textures. Beautiful pulse frequencies that need a professional ear to understand and appreciate frequency resonance compositions.

How to Download and Install Tidal Music Mod Apk

• Visit Modloy.com and download Tidal Mod Apk from the app list.

• Launch the Tidal app, sign up for free, and log in using your existing account or create a new one.

• Go to Modloy.com and search for ‘Tidal Music Mod APK’ on their website.

• Download the latest version of the mod apk file available on Modloy.com.

• Allow installation permissions from unknown sources if prompted during installation and wait until completion.

• Open the application once installed and enjoy all features unlocked!

Tidal Music Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have a stable internet connection while downloading and installing the Tidal Music Mod APK.

• Check that your phone’s operating system is compatible with the mod apk file.

• Clear up storage space on the device; uninstall useless apps; remove malware conflicts; In most cases, reinstalling from a trusted source is a sufficient solution. If the problem persists, contact the app creator’s support staff with a description of the issue’s

• Allow installation from unknown sources, enable 3rd-party application permissions, and retry installing the apk file again if the installation fails multiple times.


Tidal Music is a streaming music and podcast application that offers millions of tracks from various genres, exclusive content like videos and live concerts, and an ad-free experience. The Mod APK unlocks myriads of features, including unlocked content, no ads, offline mode, and unlimited downloads, in addition to high-fidelity audio quality not available on the traditional version, enabling users across all platforms to access even more amazing tunes without having to subscribe for premium services. Therefore, Tidal Music Mod APK allows you to explore and discover Music with exceptional ease, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the perfect musically tailored playlist!

Tidal Music Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the Tidal Music Mod APK free to download?

A1. Yes, It is available for free download, and you can get it from various websites, such as Modloy.com, depending on your device’s platform.

Q2: Does it require an internet connection?

A2: Yes, an internet connection is required for the app to stream or download Music and content from the vast library offered by Tidal Music Mod APK; users need an active Wi-Fi or cellular data plan to use the application properly! However, some cached audio listening features are accessible offline once downloaded onto a device.

Q3: Can I listen ad-free with the Tidal Music mod apk?

A3: YES! The unlocked version offers users ad-free streaming without interruption, giving them the pleasure of uninterrupted enjoyment of their favorite artist’s records online! Plus, high-fidelity sound quality settings like 93 kHz playback are optimally used if the 1411 CD-quality version does not provide the desired experience. Considerations were made regarding reliability in situations where fewer battery charges, such as long flights or midi mapping events, serve the purpose well.

Q4: Is the Tidal Music Mod APK legal?

A4: Yes, it is 100% legal and safe to use as long as the downloaded apk comes from a reputable source and mirrors original versions of the app available on Google Play or the Apple Store, like Modloy.com in this instance; hence, it’s suggested one access legitimate websites and adequately check the authenticity of files, avoiding malware viruses.

Q5: What extra features does Tidal Music Mod Apk Unlocked Apk provide?

A5: The modded version can access features like ad removal, unlimited downloads, and high-fidelity sound quality without subscribing to premium services. This allows users with limited data plans or phones and restricted budgets to enjoy a consistent listening experience similar to (or equal to) those with a subscription!


Tidal Music Modded Apk is a streaming music and podcast application on iOS and Android platforms.

• It offers an extensive library of over 35 million tracks, exclusive content like live concerts and sessions, high-fidelity sound quality, and other features.

• The modded version unlocks these features along with ad removal, unlimited downloads, and extended access to all existing content for users not subscribed to the premium services.

• It can be downloaded from websites like Modloy.com, depending on your device’s operating system, and is 100% legal and safe.

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