The Godfather City Wars APK 1.8.0 MOD (Free Shopping, Unlocked)

The Godfather City Wars APK 1.8.0 MOD (Free Shopping, Unlocked)


App Name The Godfather: City Wars
Publisher PlaySide Studios
Genre Casual
Size 141 MB
Latest Version 1.8.0
Update on Nov 14, 2023
Requirements 9
Mod info Free Shopping/Unlocked
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The Godfather: City Wars is a mobile game developed by PlaySide Studios and based on the iconic Godfather franchise. Released in 2022 for iOS and Android, it combines city-building, resource management, and turn-based combat into an immersive mafia-themed experience.

In this extensive review, we will cover all aspects of The Godfather: City Wars, including gameplay, graphics, progression system, monetization, and overall fun factor. Whether you’re a fan of the movies looking for a new gaming experience, or someone who enjoys base-building and strategy games, this review will help you determine if The Godfather: City Wars is worth your time.

The Godfather City Wars MOD APK


The core gameplay loop of The Godfather: City Wars revolves around expanding and managing your criminal empire across New York City and Las Vegas. As a trusted member of the Corleone family, your job is to take over districts, improve businesses under your control, gather resources, and eliminate rival families.

City-Building and Management

A major part of the game is constructing and upgrading buildings that generate cash and other resources. Each district has slots for business, rackets, and black market buildings. Constructing them requires resources like concrete, wood, and steel, which are produced over time. Upgrading expands the number of slots and boosts output. Managing resources is key to growth.

You also need to assign capos to businesses. Capos generate bonus cash and attack enemies during shootouts. Leveling them up improves productivity. Balancing capo assignments to maximize earnings and combat ability takes strategy.

Overall, the city-building aspect is well-executed. Expanding your empire feels satisfying, and the assignment metagame adds depth. The only downside is waiting for resources to accumulate, but that’s typical of mobile empire builders.


Battles occur when initiating a takeover of a district owned by an enemy family. Combat is turn-based, with your capos and enemies taking alternating actions. You can perform basic attacks, use skills, or activate buffs and heals.

The combat incorporates some tactical considerations with positioning and turn order, but it isn’t very deep. The emphasis is on upgrading your capos’ stats and skills to overwhelm enemies. Auto-resolve is available if you don’t want to manually control fights.

While basic, the combat is enjoyable and provides a much-needed action component. Attacking and taking over territory from other families captures the mafia theme well.

Story and Setting

The game features an original story set within The Godfather universe. As a trusted friend of Don Vito Corleone, you’re recruited to help the Corleone family just as tensions begin escalating with rival families. The story unfolds through well-written dialogue and dramatic cutscenes.

Familiar characters from the movies like Vito Corleone, Michael Corleone, and Tom Hagen make appearances and provide guidance. The narrative does a decent job connecting with the films while carving out its own tale. It provides context and motivation for gameplay objectives.

Seeing events unfold and interacting with classic characters as you expand your empire is rewarding for Godfather fans. The story campaign lasts around 5-10 hours depending on playstyle.

Progression and Content

Progression in The Godfather: City Wars revolves around upgrading your mansion, capos, and businesses to increase your Family’s power and wealth. Completing story missions and expanding your empire unlocks new features and content.

The game always gives you goals to work towards, like gathering resources for upgrades, increasing capo levels, or taking over new districts. There’s satisfaction in seeing your mansion grow, capos get stronger, and empire spread.

Late game content like black market buildings, elite capos, and high-level crew skills keep things interesting. There’s always a new milestone to achieve, providing long-term engagement.

The Godfather City Wars MOD APK

Graphics and Audio

The Godfather: City Wars has relatively good graphics and production values for a mobile game. The art style features realistic urban environments and character models that capture the mob aesthetic. Iconic scenes from the movies are recreated using the game’s engine.

The game doesn’t push mobile hardware limits, but the visuals are sharp and detailed. Animations for combat and cutscenes are smooth and well-done. There are some nice visual flourishes during critical hits and special moves.

Audio design is another strength. The soundtrack features instrumental music reminiscent of the movies’ orchestral scores. Voice acting for central characters like Vito Corleone is excellent. Sound effects add visceral impact to gunfights and explosions.

While not at console quality, the graphics and audio are impressive by mobile standards. The presentation enhances immersion into The Godfather world.

The Godfather City Wars MOD APK


The Godfather: City Wars monetizes via two primary methods: an energy system and premium currency.

Actions like collecting business earnings or completing missions consume energy. It replenishes over time or can be restored instantly with premium currency. This encourages spending to speed up progress.

Premium currency (diamonds) is used to purchase resources, instantly finish upgrades, refresh market items, and revive during combat. Currency packs range from $2.99 to $99.99.

The game employs standard free-to-play gating mechanisms. Patience is required to progress without spending. However, the game is relatively generous by giving out energy refills, diamonds, and other rewards regularly through gameplay.

While the monetization aspects are unavoidable, they don’t feel overly aggressive or greedy. Reasonable progress can be made without paying. The game finds a fair balance between generating revenue and maintaining good gameplay flow.

The Godfather City Wars MOD APK


The Godfather: City Wars succeeds at translating the mob movie experience into an engaging mobile game. Expanding your criminal empire through strategy and combat is inherently fun, especially with The Godfather IP. The production values are excellent, with impressive visuals and audio.

The gameplay itself isn’t very deep, but it remains addictive and rewarding. The progression loop and steady content unlocks keep you invested. The monetization relies on energy timers and premium currency but isn’t overly intrusive.

Overall, The Godfather: City Wars is an easy recommendation for fans of the franchise looking to interact with the world and characters in a new way. It also appeals to players who enjoy the core empire-building and management gameplay, even without Godfather knowledge. While not flawless, it’s a high-quality mobile title that’s worth your time.

Gameplay – 8/10

  • Satisfying city-building loop
  • Strategic resource management
  • Turn-based combat adds engagement
  • Story campaign connects to Godfather lore

Graphics & Audio – 8/10

  • Strong visual presentation and art style
  • Smooth animations and effects
  • Great music and voice acting

Progression & Content – 7/10

  • Always new milestones to achieve
  • Unlocking new features is rewarding
  • Maintains engagement long-term

The Godfather City Wars MOD APK

Monetization – 7/10

  • Uses typical energy timer / premium currency
  • Generous with free rewards
  • Doesn’t feel overly aggressive

Overall – 8/10

  • Captures the mob movie fantasy well
  • Addictive progression loop
  • Excellent production values
  • Worth playing for strategy fans and Godfather devotees

The Godfather City Wars MOD APK


The Godfather: City Wars is an impressive mobile title that successfully adapts the iconic film franchise into an engaging empire builder with turn-based combat. Expanding your criminal operations across New York and Las Vegas while interacting with characters from the movies is intrinsically fun and satisfying. Some monetization frustrations aside, the gameplay, progression, and production values are polished. While not without flaws, The Godfather: City Wars is absolutely worth playing for fans of strategy games and the Godfather series.

  • Mod Menu
  • Free Purchase

- A new Limited-Time Event has been added to the game - A Favor for the Don: Moneybags - The Limited-Time Event Store now includes Free Associates! - Briefcases now give guaranteed rewards to help expand your Associate Collection - Added reminders for empty slots on Buildings and in the Shootout Screen - Various bug fixes and improvements

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