Texpand APK 2.3.6 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Texpand APK 2.3.6 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android


App Name Texpand: Text Expander
Publisher Isaias Matewos
Genre Productivity
Latest Version 2.3.6 - 9c20021
Update on Dec 12, 2023
Requirements 7.0
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Have you ever felt stuck in a mental rut or wished you could be more creative? Texpand is a new app that aims to expand your thinking and spark your imagination through unique writing prompts and challenges.

Texpand MOD APK

What is Texpand?

Texpand is a mobile app for iOS and Android that provides thought-provoking writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing. The app features over 800 prompts across 20 categories like philosophy, fantasy, and humor.

Unlike other writing prompt apps that give you a simple phrase or question, Texpand’s prompts provide detailed scenarios to immerse your imagination. For example:

You awake to find yourself in a mysterious library with no doors. The shelves are filled with books containing cryptic writing. You focus on deciphering the codes within a large red book titled “The Way Out.”

Prompts range from 100 to 300 words and are written to spark ideas without restraint. The app also includes useful tools for writers like timers, word counters, and save features to continue working on stories over multiple sessions.

Texpand MOD APK

Why Was Texpand Created?

Texpand was created by a team of writers, psychologists, and technologists to address the need for more unconventional thinking in today’s world. The founders realized many people struggle with creative blocks, habitual thought patterns, and lack of inspiration.

However, psychological studies show pushing people outside their comfort zones with atypical ideas can boost divergent thinking – the ability to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Texpand’s prompts provide this needed stimulation for the brain.

Early users have reported feeling more creative, less mentally stagnant, and able to generate unique ideas easier with regular use of the app.

Texpand MOD APK

Texpand’s Key Features

Here are some of the standout features that set Texpand apart:

Diverse Prompt Categories

Choose from 20 categories including:

  • Philosophy – Prompts about the mind, ethics, and reasoning
  • Fantasy – Imaginative ideas about magic and alternate worlds
  • Dystopian – Dark “what if” scenarios about futuristic disasters
  • Absurdist – Surreal and intentionally nonsensical prompts
  • Slice of Life – Relatable real-world situations

And 15 more genres to fit any mood or interest!

Custom Writing Challenges

In the Challenges section, set custom criteria like word counts, time limits, keywords to include, etc. to test and strengthen your writing skills.

Idea Generation Mode

When you need fresh ideas quickly, enter this mode for rapid-fire prompts. Great for sparking new creative projects or breaking through writerʼs block.

Saved Drafts

Save works-in-progress directly in the app to continue writing later. Drafts sync between devices.

Daily Prompts

Check the app daily for new prompts to build a consistent writing habit. Gets your creative juices flowing first thing!


Listen to prompts through Texpand’s text-to-speech feature to engage different parts of your brain.

Part Text Prompts

Prompts occasionally start with a sentence or two to provide a springboard before you take over.

Clean, Intuitive Interface

Texpand prioritizes an efficient, clutter-free interface so you can focus on writing. Easily access prompts, tools, save features, and settings.

Texpand MOD APK

Who Can Benefit from Texpand?

While Texpand caters to writers looking to expand their creative horizons, the app can benefit anyone who wants to stretch their thinking, including:

  • Bloggers – Use crazy prompts to develop fresh blog post ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs – Spark innovative business ideas and products.
  • Students – Improve divergent thinking abilities for better creativity and problem-solving.
  • Artists – Ignite visual inspiration spanning different mediums like drawing, painting, photography.

Texpand also includes therapeutic benefits. The unique prompts can help you:

  • Relieve anxiety – Immersive writing distracts from real-life worries.
  • Reduce stress – Expressing thoughts through writing is cathartic.
  • Boost mindfulness – Fully focusing attention on unusual ideas increases present moment awareness.

So anyone who wants to give their mental state a healthy boost can find value in the app.

How Much Does Texpand Cost?

Texpand is free to download and comes with 20 free prompts to try.

Full access to the 800+ prompt library is through a premium subscription for $4.99 per month or $19.99 annually. Considering the costs of therapy, meditation apps, writing courses, and productivity tools, Texpand provides excellent value.

There is also a one-time purchase option of the Pro version for $24.99 which gives lifetime access to all prompts and features.

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Texpand MOD APK

Texpand User Reviews

Early users rave about Texpand’s ability to stretch your mind in new directions:

“I’ve tried other writing prompt apps, but Texpand’s challenges force me to think differently than I ever would on my own. My story ideas feel so much more original now!”

“As an artist with bad creative block, Texpand has helped inspire my most unique work in years. My mind feels more flexible thanks to the bizarre prompt scenarios.”

“I don’t consider myself a writer, but I’m loving the daily prompts to journal my thoughts. It’s therapeutic while also making me a better thinker.”

“As an entrepreneur, I need innovative ideas constantly flowing. Texpand gives me fresh bursts of creative thinking to improve all areas of my business.”

With overwhelmingly positive reviews, Texpand has demonstrated immense value for unlocking new mental potential.


For anyone experiencing mental stagnation, lack of inspiration, or repetitive thought patterns, Texpand provides the solution. Push your thinking into exciting new territories with a subscription for unlimited access to thought-stretching prompts that spark unconventional creativity.

The app empowers writers, artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and all types of everyday thinkers to generate their most original ideas and solutions.

With a thoughtful, psychology-backed design, beautiful interface, and affordable pricing, Texpand will expand what your mind is capable of.

Download the app now to start thinking outside the box!

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