Tempo APK 4.24.0 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Tempo APK 4.24.0 MOD (Pro Unlocked)


App Name Tempo - Music Video Maker
Publisher Tempo trend video editor with effects & music Ltd
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 71 MB
Latest Version 4.24.0
Update on Nov 20, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Pro Unlocked
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The Tempo android app is a popular video and music editing app that allows users to easily create professional-looking videos. With its wide range of features, intuitive interface, and constantly updated effects and filters, it’s easy to see why Tempo has become one of the top choices for android users looking to take their mobile content creation to the next level.


User Interface and Usability

The first thing you’ll notice when opening the Tempo app is its clean, intuitive interface. The home screen displays a feed of featured videos created with Tempo, which helps inspire ideas for your own projects. At the bottom, tabs provide quick access to the Home, Explore, Create, and Profile sections of the app.

In the Create tab, you’ll find options to make a new video, photo slideshow, or collage. Tapping one of these starts the editing process and opens up Tempo’s timeline-style editing interface. Here, all the tools you need are clearly laid out in a logical order. Adding media, trimming clips, including effects—everything is streamlined in a way that makes the advanced editing capabilities of Tempo feel simple and straightforward.

Overall, the app follows Google’s Material Design standards with bold, colorful icons, clean fonts, and intuitive gestures. Key features can be accessed with just a tap or swipe, making Tempo feel instantly familiar. While it may take new users a bit of time to fully get the hang of Tempo’s wide range of editing options, the interface itself does a great job at making the app easy to navigate.


Video Editing Capabilities

As you would expect, Tempo provides extensive tools for editing video content. After importing clips from your phone’s gallery, you can trim, rearrange, and split them as needed on the timeline. The multi-track timeline allows you to layer videos and images, with the ability to adjust opacity, add animations, and more.

Some of the key video editing features include:

  • Trimming/splitting clips – Precisely adjust start and end points, split clips into segments
  • Multi-layer timeline – Layer multiple video clips, images, text, and effects
  • Chroma key – Remove and replace backgrounds with transparency
  • PIP (picture-in-picture) – Layer two videos simultaneously in different sizes
  • Speed control – Speed up or slow down clip playback
  • Filters – Apply filters like black and white, vintage, HDR, etc.
  • Text – Add animated text with control over font, color, size, etc.
  • Transitions – Add transitions between clips like fade, wipe, zoom
  • Stickers – Overlay animated stickers/emojis
  • Drawing – Freehand drawing tool to annotate videos
  • Rotation – Rotate and flip clips and images
  • Animation effects – Make clips move, shake, zoom with various effects

Advanced editors will appreciate the granular control offered for each tool, while beginners can achieve professional effects by simply selecting from Tempo’s preset options. For example, the chroma key tool makes it incredibly easy to replace backgrounds, with settings like auto green screen detection and edge smoothing to help create a perfect composite.

Overall, Tempo provides an excellent balance of advanced video editing functionality with a user interface that makes these tools intuitive and easy to apply. While it may not have absolutely every capability offered by desktop editing software, Tempo includes more than enough features for creating great looking videos right from your phone.


Audio Editing Features

In addition to robust video editing tools, Tempo also provides a suite of options for editing and enhancing audio tracks. After importing your media, you can add music and sounds from Tempo’s built-in audio library. You can also record directly into the app or import your own audio files.

Tempo gives you precise control over the volume levels of each audio clip on the timeline. You can also apply fade in/out effects with just a few taps. Some of the other great audio editing features include:

  • Volume envelope – Customize volume over time with keyframes
  • Equalizer – Boost/cut frequencies with 5-band equalizer
  • Filters – Apply audio filters like echo, amplify, normalize, etc.
  • Beat sync – Sync edits to the beat for seamless transitions
  • Ducking – Automatically lower music volume during speech parts
  • Noise removal – Reduce background noise from recordings
  • Compressor – Even out volume levels and add punch

The beat sync feature is especially helpful for creating smooth musical transitions. And options like ducking and compressor allow you to seamlessly integrate music tracks under voiceovers or dialogue.

While Tempo may not provide the same hyper-specific audio editing controls found in dedicated DAW software, it includes an excellent set of tools for basic cleaning up and enhancement. And the ability to directly import and edit audio alongside video clips helps streamline the entire editing workflow.


Special Effects and Filters

One of Tempo’s biggest selling points is its library of special effects and artistic filters. In the FX tab, you’ll find dozens of effects ranging from subtle enhancements to totally transformative looks. Here are some of the coolest effects included:

  • Face effects – Fun filters like face swap, aging, babyface, etc.
  • AR masks – Augmented reality masks and filters
  • Glitch – Cool digital distortion effects
  • VHS – Make your video look like retro videotape
  • Neon – Stylize video with neon sci-fi looks
  • Pixelate – Censor or stylize with mosaic pixelation
  • Thermal – Simulated heat vision camera view
  • Shake – Earthquake-like camera shake
  • Mirror – Kaleidoscopic mirrored effects
  • Time effects – Slow motion, fast forward, reverse play
  • Color shift – Dramatically shift hue, saturation, brightness

The variety here is really amazing. While some effects are a bit gimmicky, many can add production value and interest to otherwise basic video clips. Things like glitch, VHS, and thermal effects would require lots of specialized plugins and compositing in desktop software. But Tempo makes it easy to apply these with just a couple taps.

There are also dozens of video filter presets that instantly give your footage a unique stylized look. Some examples include:

  • Black and white
  • HDR
  • Vintage
  • Cinematic
  • Retro
  • Film grain
  • Vignette
  • Duotone
  • Night vision
  • And many more!

Again, the number and quality of these filters mean you can give almost any video or photo a professional polish. Tempo really shines here in letting creators enhance their media with effects they may not have the skill to recreate manually.


Exporting and Sharing

Once your video is complete, Tempo provides flexible options for exporting and sharing your creation. The app can export videos at resolutions up to 4K, which is essential for retaining quality when uploading to sites like YouTube. You can choose to export with or without a watermark.

Videos can be shared directly to popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok from within the app. This streamlines the process of posting your content. Tempo can also save edited videos to your device’s local storage or gallery for easy uploading later.

The app also allows you to save your projects within Tempo to return to editing later. This includes saving all media, edits, and effects that have been applied, making it easy to pick up right where you left off.

While Tempo may not have options for exporting projects to edit in external software, the ability to share videos quickly on social media or save high-quality files for other uses makes it easy to get your finished videos out to the world.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Tempo offers both free and paid subscription options:

  • Free – Limited access to effects, maximum export resolution 1080p
  • Monthly – $4.99/month, full access to effects, maximum export 4K
  • Yearly – $19.99/year, full access to effects, maximum export 4K

The free plan for Tempo is quite generous, providing access to all editing features and some basic effects. But upgrading to the paid subscription gives you the ability to export in 4K and unlock the full library of effects. Considering the number of effects included, the subscription pricing feels worthwhile for serious creators.

Tempo also occasionally offers discounted introductory pricing for the paid tiers. This makes it affordable to test out the app before committing to a full-year subscription.

There are no ads shown in the paid versions of Tempo. Some users may not feel the need to upgrade from the free plan. But the additional effects and 4K exporting make the paid subscription a great value for anyone looking to take their video production quality to the next level.


Performance and Stability

Based on extensive hands-on testing, Tempo performs reliably well, even on older Android devices. The app feels fluid and responsive thanks to efficient coding. Editing even longer videos with multiple tracks of media doesn’t seem to bog things down.

Stability is also excellent. During testing, Tempo did not crash, freeze up, or present any major bugs. There are always minor issues that crop up after significant app updates. But the developers do a great job of quickly patching problems and listening to user feedback.

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Ads-Free Access

Tempo provides thousands of well-liked templates and personalized MyPage for you to fancy your video. Share your creative photos/videos SlideShow to Facebook, Instagram, and other SNS anytime and anywhere.

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