Temp Mail APK 3.40 MOD (No Ads, Premium) for android

Temp Mail APK 3.40 MOD (No Ads, Premium) for android

App Name Temp Mail - Temporary Email
Publisher Privatix Limited
Genre Communication
Size 16 MB
Latest Version 3.40
Update on Nov 23, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info No Ads, Premium
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Temp Mail is an android app that provides users with temporary, disposable email addresses. It allows you to instantly generate an email address to use for registrations, signups, and other purposes where you may not want to use your personal email.

Some key things the Temp Mail app allows you to do:

  • Generate instant, anonymous email addresses
  • Receive emails at the temporary address, including attachments
  • Copy the address to your clipboard
  • Get push notifications when you receive new emails
  • Delete emails and generate new addresses easily


Here are some of the main benefits of using the Temp Mail android app:

  • Privacy – Your real email stays protected from spam and potential security breaches. The temp address self-destructs after a set time.
  • Anonymity – No personal information required to generate addresses. Emails are truly anonymous.
  • Simplicity – Easy to generate, copy, and delete emails on the go. Intuitive interface.
  • Accessibility – Use the temporary email anywhere with the android app. Receive attachments and notifications.
  • Security – Temporary nature of the emails limits impact of potential hacking or data leaks.

Temp Mail MOD APK

Key Features and Functions

The Temp Mail app includes a robust set of features to facilitate easy and private temporary email usage:

Instant Email Generation

  • Generate unlimited email addresses quickly
  • Change the address with one tap if desired
  • Copy addresses to clipboard easily

Email Receiving & Management

  • Receive emails from any source to your temp address
  • Get push notifications when you receive new emails
  • Archive/delete emails to keep inbox clean
  • Emails auto-delete after set timeframe

Privacy Protection

  • No personal information collection
  • Anonymous email addresses protect your identity
  • Emails securely deleted forever after timeout

Simple & Intuitive Interface

  • Clean, ad-free interface for fast usage
  • Easy to copy, delete, and generate new addresses
  • Includes QR code for email address

Premium Version

  • Ad-free experience
  • Extended email storage beyond free timeout
  • Private domain email addresses
  • Priority email support

Temp Mail MOD APK

Walkthrough of Main App Functions

Here is a detailed walkthrough of how to use the main functions of the Temp Mail android app:

Generating a Temporary Email Address

Generating a new temp email address only takes a second.

  1. Open the Temp Mail app
  2. An email address is automatically generated
  3. Tap the Change button if you want a different address
  4. Copy the address with the Copy button

Now you have an anonymous, fully disposable email address ready to use!

Receiving and Reading Emails

Emails sent to your temp address will appear in the app inbox.

  1. Keep the app open to receive emails
  2. Get push notifications when you get new mail
  3. Tap an email to view contents and attachments
  4. Download attachments if desired
  5. Delete emails when finished

It’s that easy to get access to messages without exposing your real email!

Deleting and Creating New Addresses

Want to generate a new temp email? Deleting and creating new addresses takes just one tap.

  1. Tap the Change button to get new address
  2. Old email address is now invalid
  3. Repeat process whenever you want a new address

Now you have a new anonymous email to use while keeping your identity protected!

Temp Mail MOD APK

Usage Examples

Here are some common examples of how the Temp Mail android app can be useful:

Signing Up for Accounts

  • Social media – Create social media accounts without exposing personal emails
  • Forums/memberships – Provide disposable address when signing up for forums, subscriptions, or memberships
  • Professional networks – Keep LinkedIn or job search contacts separate from personal email

Making Purchases

  • Shopping online – Give temporary email address at checkout to avoid marketing emails
  • Free trials – Sign up for app or software trials without spam to personal inbox

Verifying Accounts

  • Password resets – Verify account ownership for password resets without exposing main email
  • SMS verifications – Receive SMS texts to verify accounts using temp phone numbers

Security & Privacy

  • Public WiFi – Prevent hacking attempts and spam while using public networks
  • Anonymous browsing – Create social media or forum accounts without tying to your identity

As you can see, the Temp Mail app enables enhanced privacy, security, and convenience in many common situations.

Temp Mail MOD APK

App Interface

Here is an overview of the Temp Mail app’s interface:

Landing Page

  • Shows currently generated email address
  • Displays copy, change, and QR code buttons
  • Indicates when new emails received
  • Inbox shows received emails
  • Change email address
  • View FAQs

Email Inbox

  • List of received emails
  • Sender, subject, attachment indicators
  • Delete or download emails
  • Refresh to sync mailbox


  • Remove ads (one-time purchase)
  • Enable push notifications
  • Change timeout period for emails
  • Upgrade to premium

The interface is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Key functions and emails are easily accessible.

Temp Mail MOD APK

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the main pros and cons of the Temp Mail android app:


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Easy to generate and manage temporary emails
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Avoid spam to personal accounts
  • Receive attachments and notifications
  • Ad-free experience with upgrade


  • Cannot send emails, only receive
  • Limited attachment type support
  • Emails deleted after designated timeout period
  • Premium version requires subscription

While the app has great utility overall, it does not support email sending or all attachment types due to the temporary nature. Premium adds useful features but comes with a recurring subscription cost after the trial.

Premium Version

The Temp Mail app offers a premium version for $2.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.

Here are the key premium features:

  • Ad-free experience
  • Extended email storage for 30 days
  • Private domain email addresses
  • Priority customer support
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Custom domains
  • Team inboxes & collabs

The premium version mainly offers benefits like increased email longevity, custom domains for anonymity, and customer support. For heavy or business usage, it may provide enough value to warrant the monthly cost.

Temp Mail MOD APK


Overall, the Temp Mail android app provides excellent utility for easily generating and managing disposable, temporary email addresses on the go. With a simple and intuitive interface along with solid feature set, it is likely the top app in its category.

The free version meets most consumer needs for privacy and anonymity. Power users may benefit from the expanded features and support in the premium version.

In summary, the Temp Mail app scores very highly marks for the following:

  • Simplicity – Easy to start using quickly
  • Functionality – Has all core features needed
  • Privacy – Emails truly anonymous and temporary
  • Security – Limits spam and identity theft risks

If you require disposable email addresses to protect your identity and inbox, the Temp Mail app is a top choice. It makes temporary email fast and straightforward from your android device.

  • AD Free
  • Premium Unlocked

Performance improvements and libraries update

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