Telegram MOD 10.3.1 APK (Premium Unlocked/Lite/No Ads)

Telegram MOD 10.3.1 APK (Premium Unlocked/Lite/No Ads)

App Name Telegram
Publisher Telegram FZ-LLC
Genre Communication
Size 46 MB
Latest Version 10.3.1
Update on Nov 30, 2023
Mod info Premium Unlocked/Lite/No Ads
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Telegram is a popular messaging app available for Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. With over 700 million active users as of 2022, Telegram offers a robust set of features beyond basic messaging. This article provides an in-depth review of Telegram’s functionality, user experience, privacy, and security on the Android platform.

Telegram MOD APK

Overview and Setup

Telegram is free to download and use without advertisements. The initial setup requires you to enter your phone number to receive an activation code via SMS. Once activated, you can access Telegram across all your devices using the same account.

Your phone contacts who also have Telegram automatically show up in your contacts list within the app. You can also find people by searching for their usernames.

Key Features:

  • Messaging with contacts, groups, and channels
  • Media sharing (documents, photos, videos, etc.)
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls (including group video calls)
  • Bots for automation
  • Sync across all devices
  • Cloud-based messaging history

User Interface and Experience

Telegram offers a polished user interface with smooth animations and transitions between screens. The app uses a tab-based navigation at the bottom for Home, Calls, People Nearby, etc.

Home Tab

The Home tab shows your recent chats and messages. You can pin favorite contacts or groups to the top. It’s easy to switch between personal and group messages here.

Calls Tab

The calls tab shows your call history with quick buttons to voice/video call contacts. You can make group video calls with up to 30 people directly from here.

Contacts Tab

The contacts tab contains your phone and Telegram contacts. There is also an option to import contacts from various sources like Google and others. You can create local Telegram groups, channels, and bots from this tab.

Media Tab

The media tab lets you quickly access recently sent and saved media on Telegram. This includes photos, videos, documents, music, etc. You can also search through historical media and sort by type.

Additional Tabs:

  • People Nearby – Find people physically nearby who also have Telegram
  • Settings – Manage notifications, privacy, data usage, etc.
  • Folders – Organize chats into custom folders

Telegram MOD APK

Messaging Features

Telegram supports a wide variety of messaging features including:

Formatting Options

You can format text using bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and monospace. Telegram also renders markdown formatting.


Almost any type of file can be attached and shared via Telegram:

  • Documents (PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, ZIP files, etc.)
  • Photos and videos
  • Contacts and locations
  • Polls
  • Music
  • Stickers

File sizes up to 2GB are supported.

Message Translation

Telegram can automatically translate messages in another language into your preferred language. This feature supports over 100 languages.

Deleting Messages

Messages can be deleted for both you and the recipient after the fact. This even applies to media and files you’ve shared previously.

Read Receipts

See when your contacts have read your messages with read receipts. You can also disable read receipts in your privacy settings.

Telegram MOD APK

Group Messaging

In addition to one-on-one messaging, Telegram supports group messaging with the following capabilities:


You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members. Useful for teams, communities, events, etc.


Channels act as broadcasting lists that can have unlimited followers. Only admins can post here while other members can comment. Useful for announcements, news, etc.

Admin Tools

If you create a group or channel, you have owner privileges. This gives you moderation capabilities like adding, removing, banning members, etc.

Message Pinning

Pin important messages in groups and channels so they remain at the top for all members to see.


Set a public username so people can find you by your username vs phone number. Useful in group chats.

Telegram MOD APK

Security and Privacy

Telegram prioritizes privacy and allows for secure messaging via end-to-end encryption.

Secret Chats

You can enable end-to-end encrypted “Secret Chats” with contacts when you want complete privacy. Secret chats can also have a self-destruct timer that automatically deletes messages after the set timeframe.

Note: Secret chats do not work in groups or channels. Only between two people.

Two-Step Verification

Add an extra password/PIN to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Telegram supports third-party authenticator apps for enhanced security here.

Privacy Settings

You can control your visibility on Telegram by tweaking your privacy settings:

  • Profile photo visibility
  • Online presence visibility
  • Read receipts visibility
  • Call privacy settings
  • Groups and channels discovery
  • etc.

Telegram MOD APK

Advanced Features

Beyond messaging, Telegram contains advanced capabilities that enhance the user experience:

Bots API

Telegram has a bots platform that lets developers create interactive bots with conversation flows. Bots can provide alerts, news, games, tools, commands, and more.

Cloud Storage

Telegram offers unlimited cloud storage for your media and files. This data is stored across multiple data centers around the globe.

Sync Across Devices

Messages automatically sync across all your logged in devices. You can be messaging on your phone and seamlessly pick up the conversation on another device.

Offline Mode

You can enable offline mode in Telegram if you lose internet connectivity. Messages will queue up and send automatically when you reconnect.

Night Mode

An integrated dark mode helps make messaging easier on the eyes in low light environments. Toggles between light and dark themes easily.

Telegram MOD APK


Telegram excels in providing a fast, intuitive, and highly functional messaging experience on Android devices. Core messaging works flawlessly while advanced capabilities like cloud storage, encryption, and bots provide bonus utility. The app is polished, customizable, and enjoyable to use while still focusing on security and privacy where it matters. If you are looking for a messaging app beyond basic texting and media sharing, Telegram is one of the best options available on Android.

  • App Icon Changeable to Premium
  • Unlocked 10 Pin Chats Limit
  • Unlocked Captions Limit
  • Premium Badge ( Not Visible to Public)
  • Disabled Sponsored Ads

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