Tank Physics Mobile MOD APK 4.2 (Remove ADS)

Tank Physics Mobile MOD APK 4.2 (Remove ADS)


App Name Tank Physics Mobile
Publisher Chobi Software
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 4.2
Update on Oct 25, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Tank Physics Mobile is a unique tank driving simulator game for Android that focuses on realistic physics and tank mechanics. Developed and published by Chobi Software, the game allows players to drive a variety of tanks across challenging terrain and obstacles while experiencing advanced physics and suspension systems.

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In this extensive review, we will take a deep dive into all aspects of Tank Physics Mobile. We will cover the game’s key features, graphics and audio, available tanks, controls and mechanics, maps and environments, upgrades and customization, game modes, monetization, and overall gameplay experience. Whether you are considering downloading the game or just want to learn more about it, this review will provide all the details you need to know.

Key Features

Here are some of the standout features that make Tank Physics Mobile a one-of-a-kind tank simulator for Android:

  • Realistic Tank Physics – The game uses an advanced real-time physics engine to simulate the complex suspension systems, tracks, wheels, and weight of tanks. Players can feel the realistic momentum and handling of operating a tank.
  • Variety of Playable Tanks – The game allows you to drive tanks from different eras and nations, including the Soviet T-34, American Sherman, British Cromwell, German Panzer IV, and more. Each tank has distinctive characteristics.
  • Challenging Terrain – Maps contain a variety of challenging environments like muddy roads, rocky hills, rivers, and dirt trails that put your tank driving skills to the test.
  • Upgrades and Customization – As you progress, you can upgrade components of your tanks like engines, armor, and weapons to improve performance.
  • Intuitive Touch Controls – Controls are optimized for touchscreens. You can easily drive, aim turrets, change camera angles, and fire weapons.
  • First-Person Perspective – Switch to first-person view from the tank’s cockpit for an even more immersive experience.
  • Detailed Tank Models – Tanks are intricately modeled with high-quality textures, complex moving parts, and accurate details. Interior cockpits are also detailed.
  • Single Player Modes – Currently the game offers single player modes only, allowing you to freely drive and test tanks at your own pace.

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Graphics and Audio

The graphics and audio of Tank Physics Mobile help contribute to the realistic and immersive tank driving experience:

  • 3D Visuals – Tanks, environments, and effects are rendered in detailed 3D graphics that look great on mobile screens. Visuals are on par with early PlayStation 3-era graphics.
  • Weather and Particle Effects – Weather effects like rain and snow along with smoke, fire, and debris effects add to the realism.
  • Dynamic Lighting – Realistic dynamic lighting brings environments to life and casts shadows from the tanks.
  • Camera Options – Toggle between different camera angles and views including exterior, first-person, and overhead.
  • Tank Engine Sounds – Each tank features authentic engine sounds, shifting gears, and squeaking metal tracks.
  • Environmental Audio – Sounds of nature like birds chirping in forests or splashing through rivers make environments feel alive.

The combination of great visuals and audio generates an immersive atmosphere where you feel like you are actually driving a tank.

Available Tanks

Tank Physics Mobile currently features 12 playable tanks spanning from World War II to the early Cold War-era:

Soviet Tanks:

  • T-34/76 – Iconic WWII-era medium tank with sloped armor and 76mm gun
  • T-34/85 – Upgraded T-34 with more armor and 85mm gun
  • KV-1 – Heavy breakthrough tank with thick armor from 1939-40
  • KV-2 – KV variant armed with massive 152mm howitzer
  • BT-7 – High-speed cavalry tank from the 1930s
  • BT-42 – Finnish modification of BT-7 with British 4.2-inch howitzer

Japanese Tanks:

  • Type 89 Chi-Ro – Early WWII Japanese medium tank with 57mm gun
  • Type 97 Chi-Ha – Main Japanese medium tank of WWII with low-velocity 57mm gun

American Tanks:

  • M4A4 Sherman – Mass-produced medium tank of WWII armed with 75mm gun
  • Sherman Firefly – British Sherman variant with powerful 17-pounder gun

British Tanks:

  • Cromwell – Quick cruiser tank with Meteor engine and 75mm gun

German Tanks:

  • Panzer IV – Main German medium tank of WWII with 75mm kwk 40 gun

This diverse selection of tanks from different nations ensures you’ll get to experience the unique characteristics of each vehicle including speed, armor, and firepower.

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Controls and Mechanics

The touchscreen controls of Tank Physics Mobile allow you to easily operate the complex functions of a tank:

  • Dual Control Sticks – Left stick controls the tank’s movement while the right stick controls the turret and aiming.
  • Buttons – Buttons allow you to fire weapons, switch camera views, change gears, start/stop the engine, and more.
  • Throttle Slider – This slider lets you incrementally control the engine throttle for smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Interactive Cockpits – In first-person view you can toggle switches, turn dials, and pull levers in the detailed cockpit.
  • Gear Shifting – Manually shift between gears using on-screen buttons or the interactive stick shift in first-person mode.

The advanced physics engine gives each tank an incredible sense of weight and momentum. You have to account for inertia when starting, stopping, or turning these heavy metal beasts. The suspension sways and tracks squeak and shudder as they grind along different surfaces. It’s impressive how the physics convey the sensation of controlling a real tank.

Maps and Environments

The maps in Tank Physics Mobile provide diverse terrain and obstacles to test your tank driving abilities:

  • Forest Trails – Drive through lush forests on winding dirt trails. Watch out for rocks, fallen trees, and muddy pits.
  • Farmlands – Plow through open farmland dotted with old barns, grain silos, and farmhouses.
  • Alpine Mountains – Navigate steep mountain passes covered in snow. Beware of icy cliffs and avalanches!
  • Tropical Islands – Traverse tropical islands with jungles, beaches, rivers, and rocky terrain.
  • Military Test Range – Obstacle course with target dummies, barriers, ramps, and bunkers.
  • Proving Grounds – Test facility with test tracks, banked turns, and specialty areas to push your tank’s limits.

The destructible environments also add to the realism – you can crush fences, smash through walls, and knock down trees that get in your path. Overall the maps provide challenging and scenic environments suited for testing tanks.

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Upgrades and Customization

As you play Tank Physics Mobile, you can unlock upgrades and customizations for your tanks:

  • Engine Upgrades – Upgrade your tank’s engine for increased top speed and acceleration.
  • Armor Upgrades – Add reinforced armor plates to increase protection.
  • Weapon Upgrades – Improve reload speed, turret rotation speed, or ammunition on your main cannon.
  • Suspension Upgrades – Enhance suspension systems for better handling over rough terrain.
  • Cosmetic Customization – Change your tank’s paint job and add decals.

Upgrades allow you to enhance performance in areas like speed, protection, firepower, or handling to match your playstyle. The cosmetic options then let you personalize the look of your tank.

Game Modes

Tank Physics Mobile currently focuses on a single player experience with no multiplayer modes:

  • Free Drive – Roam open maps and freely drive tanks with no objectives.
  • Time Trials – Complete laps or point-to-point races on maps as quickly as possible.
  • Survival – Fend off endless waves of enemy tanks charging at you.
  • Target Practice – Drive an obstacle course while shooting pop-up targets.
  • Proving Ground Trials – Run your tank through various specialty test tracks and courses.

While there is no direct PvP mode, you can still compete against friends or global leaderboards in the time trials. The single player modes provide a relaxed sandbox experience to enjoy driving the tanks.

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Tank Physics Mobile monetizes through a single low-cost purchase to unlock the full game:

  • Free Download – You can download and play Tank Physics Mobile for free. This provides 1 tank, 2 maps, and 5 minutes of play per session.
  • $3.99 Full Version Unlock – A single $3.99 in-app purchase permanently unlocks the full 12 tanks, all maps, unlimited playtime, and removes ads.
  • No Pay-to-Win – There are zero microtransactions that impact gameplay. All tanks and upgrades are earned through playtime.

This is a very fair monetization model. You can try a limited version for free before deciding to pay once to unlock the full content. There are also no manipulative microtransactions or pay-to-win mechanics.

Gameplay Experience

Now let’s look at what it’s actually like to play Tank Physics Mobile and the overall gameplay experience:

  • Easy to Pick Up – The intuitive touch controls and simplified mechanics make tanks accessible to drive for everyone.
  • Challenging to Master – However, mastering the momentum and advanced maneuvers takes practice even with simple controls.
  • Relaxing and Engaging – Casually cruising through scenic maps is relaxing while challenging courses engage your focus and skills.
  • Diverse Tanks – Each tank has distinct characteristics that make them fun to learn and drive.
  • Sense of Progression – Earning upgrades, unlocking new tanks and maps gives a satisfying sense of progression.
  • Visual Showcase – The game can serve as a visual showcase with the detailed tanks, environments, physics and effects.

Overall, Tank Physics Mobile finds a great balance as an accessible tank simulator that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy. The realistic physics and detailed models make it an impressive technical showcase while the straightforward gameplay makes it easy to pick up and play.

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To summarize, Tank Physics Mobile is a one-of-a-kind tank driving experience on Android. The advanced physics engine and detailed tank models generate an incredibly realistic feel that fully immerses you into virtually driving these massive machines.

The intuitive touch controls allow anyone to easily pick up and play while the challenging terrain and single player modes provide hours of engaging gameplay. Exploring the diverse tanks from different nations is also rewarding. While multiplayer is currently absent, the fair monetization and relaxing sandbox experience make Tank Physics Mobile easy to recommend trying, especially for tank enthusiasts.

So if you want to experience driving a tank without joining an army, Tank Physics Mobile is currently the most realistic option on mobile. The game remains an impressive technical showcase that makes tank physics and mechanics accessible to everyone.

Ver.4.2 - Small bugs are fixed.

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