Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk v10.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk v10.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

GAME INFO: Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Games
Size 68 MB
Version v10.2.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk – The Ultimate Ninja Slicing Action Game


Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk is an exciting action game for Android that will get your heart racing. In this game, you play as a ninja who must slice through obstacles and enemies using razor-sharp swords and other weapons. With simple swipe controls and energetic gameplay, it provides a hugely satisfying mobile gaming experience.

The modded version of Sword Play! provides you with unlimited coins and no ads, allowing you to enjoy the game to its full potential without interruptions. In this post, we will explore what makes this ninja runner so entertaining, provide tips on mastering the controls, outline the best features of the mod apk, and ultimately help you decide if Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod is the right game for you. Let’s get slicing!

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What is Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner?

Sword Play! is an adrenaline-fueled endless runner game developed by BeefJack. As a highly trained ninja with a killer instinct, you must tap and swipe to slice through obstacles and eliminate enemies that stand in your path. The further you run, the faster the action becomes – requiring lightning-quick reflexes and perfect timing to continue your streak.

With simple one-touch controls, you can perform different sword combos and special moves to maximize your score. The vibrant 3D graphics and atmospheric sound effects fully immerse you in the dangerous world of the lone warrior. Unlock new characters, swords, skills and power-ups as you progress through an increasingly challenging series of environments.

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk

Key Features of Sword Play:

  • One-touch swipe controls for slicing action
  • 3 unique ninja characters to unlock, each with special moves
  • Endless runner gameplay gets faster and harder the further you go
  • Vibrant 3D graphics and animations
  • Unlock new swords, outfits and power-ups
  • Compete on the global leaderboards
  • Easy to play, tough to master!

Benefits of the Modded Version:

The modified version of Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner provides some great advantages:

  • Unlimited coins – purchase any item without needing to earn coins
  • No ads – enjoy uninterrupted gameplay
  • Unlocked characters and weapons – access all ninjas, swords, power-ups etc from the start

This means you can fully focus on honing your slicing skills without being hampered by timers, ads and hidden costs.

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk

Gameplay and Controls

Sword Play utilizes an intuitive one-touch control scheme that is easy to pick up but difficult to fully master.

To slice through obstacles and attack enemies, you simply swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want to strike. Tapping the screen jumps over hazards in your path. Additional gestures unleash special moves and combos:

  • Swipe horizontally – Slice horizontally
  • Swipe vertically – Slice vertically
  • Swipe diagonally – Diagonal sword strike
  • Double tap – Rapid sword combo
  • Downwards swipe – Smashing sword slam

The responsiveness of the controls allows you to cut down enemies and objects in quick succession. As the speed ramps up, you’ll need precision timing to successfully navigate deadly traps and defeat powerful foes.

Mastering the touch controls is all about developing your reflexes and sense of rhythm. Start slow and get a feel for the different swiping motions before gradually increasing your speed on easier levels. With enough practice, your finger will act like a real sword as you swipe away bombs, logs, ghosts and more!

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk


As you slice your way through the game, treasure chests and breakable objects will randomly award you with power-ups. These provide temporary boosts and abilities to overcome challenges:

  • Invincibility – Become immune to damage for a short time
  • 2x Score Multiplier – Double your points for big combos
  • Slow Motion – Enemies move slower, making avoidance easier
  • Coin Magnet – Coins gravitate towards you automatically
  • Giant Mode – Grow to twice your size for stronger attacks

The coin magnet is particularly useful for quickly gathering coins to exchange for upgrades in the store. Make sure to utilize power-ups intelligently for the maximum benefit.


Sword Play currently features 3 unique ninja characters, each with their own skillset and special moves.

Kunoichi – A female ninja with fast dashing abilities. Her special technique is a jumping spin attack.

Samurai – A male samurai warrior with a balanced skillset. He can charge his sword strikes for greater damage.

Shinobi – A stealthy ninja who excels at avoiding damage with quick rolls and evasion.

Trying out each ninja is the best way to find a playstyle that suits you. The modded APK lets you access all characters from the start.

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk


As you cut through rival ninjas and demons, your trusty blade will slowly degrade until destroyed. But don’t worry, you can unlock more powerful swords along the way to unleash even greater carnage.

From quick katanas to heftier broad swords, each has unique stats and attack animations to master:

  • Bamboo Sword – A basic starting weapon. Quick and lightweight.
  • Ninjato – An improved short katana with good balance.
  • Dual Katanas – Wield two swords for multi-directional attacks.
  • Heavy Cleaver – Slow but devastatingly powerful strikes.
  • Magic Sword – Glowing enchanted blade that cuts through enemies.
  • Samurai Sword – A balanced katana for skilled samurai.
  • Scythe – Long sweeping curved blade with extended reach.

Testing out each blade is worthwhile to take advantage of their unique properties. Personal preference plays a key role – some may favor fast lightweight swords while others prioritize raw power.

With the mod APK, all swords are available immediately to discover your ideal fit.


You’ll need lightning fast reflexes to overcome the many traps and obstacles in your path across dozens of environments, including:

  • Bamboo Forest – Slice through dense bamboo thickets.
  • Graveyard – Dodge tombstones and animate skeletons.
  • Pirate Cove – Beware swinging hooks and plundering pirates.
  • Haunted Temple – Defeat demons and hop over fiery lava pits.
  • Night Market – Leap over vendors’ carts and food stalls.
  • Magic Canyon – Teleport across mystical floating islands.

The dynamic environments keep gameplay exciting and unpredictable. As you progress further, the speed and difficulty continues to ramp up exponentially.

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk


As you chop through enemies and break objectives, you’ll earn coins for acquiring powerful upgrades and unlocks:

  • Characters – Unlock Samurai, Kunoichi and Shinobi.
  • Swords – Forge new katanas, scythes, cleavers and more.
  • Outfits – Dress your ninja in colorful costumes.
  • Powers – Special moves like health regen and double jump.
  • Pets – Adorable pets that give bonus abilities.
  • Relics – Equip relics for passive boosts.

With the mod, all characters, swords, outfits and power-ups are instantly available free of charge. This lets you customize your ninja exactly how you want from the very start.

Tips for Advanced Players

Once you’ve honed the basic controls and completed the initial levels, here are some expert tips to take your skills to the next level:

  • Memorize enemy patterns – Study behaviors to perfectly time your strikes and evasions.
  • Utilize combos – String together swipe combos for maximum damage.
  • Roll more – The roll move can pass right under many hazards.
  • Equip relics – Match relics to your playstyle for added benefits.
  • Upgrade swords – Regularly forge new swords to increase your power.
  • Go for broke – Aim for high scores by never stopping your run.

With enough practice utilizing these advanced tactics, you can climb to the top of the global leaderboards!

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the key positives and potential downsides of Sword Play: Ninja Slice Runner:


  • Simple intuitive swipe controls
  • Escalating challenging gameplay
  • Vibrant graphics and animations
  • Unlockable characters, swords, outfits and power-ups
  • Global leaderboards support
  • The mod provides unlimited coins and no ads


  • Gameplay might feel repetitive for some
  • Requires fast reflexes and skill
  • Can be difficult and punishing for beginners
  • Modders may have an advantage on leaderboards

As long as you go in expecting an intense, high skill action game, Sword Play should provide hours of slicing fun. The optional mods further enhance enjoyment by removing grinding and interruptions.

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod Apk


For fans of skill-based arcade action games, Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner delivers an incredibly satisfying and intense gameplay experience. With simple swipe controls, vibrant graphics, unlockable content and endless high score chasing, it’s easy to see why Sword Play has built such a dedicated fanbase.

The mods remove any paywalls and distractions, letting you fully immerse in the frenetic ninja slicing world. Overall, Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner is an excellent option if you want challenging gameplay that encourages mastery through extensive practice. Just be prepared to have your reflexes tested against traps, enemies and obstacles that come faster than you can shout “Get over here!”

7 Key Questions and Answers

Still deciding if Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner is right for you? Here are answers to 7 of the most common questions:

Q: Does the game require an internet connection?

A: No, Sword Play can be played fully offline once downloaded. However, you’ll need a connection for the initial install, leaderboards and cloud save data.

Q: Can I play Sword Play on PC/Mac?

A: Unfortunately Sword Play is only available on Android mobile devices currently. The game utilizes touch screen controls.

Q: Is the Mod APK safe to download?

A: Downloading mods always carries some risk. We recommend sticking to trusted sources, installing antivirus software and reviewing permissions before installing any APKs.

Q: Does Sword Play support multiplayer or PvP?

A: The game is single player only. However, you can compete indirectly against others via the global leaderboard system.

Q: How much does the full game cost?

A: Sword Play is free to download. The modded APK removes all ads and gives unlimited coins for free.

Q: Will my progress be saved if I uninstall the game?

A: As long as you linked your Google Play account or Facebook profile, your progress is saved remotely to the cloud. Just be sure to backup your data regularly.

Q: Can you play Sword Play on a tablet?

A: Yes, Sword Play is fully compatible with Android tablets. The larger screen provides an even more immersive experience.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

  • Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner delivers intense, challenging gameplay focused on quick reflexes and precision timing. Simply swipe to slash through obstacles and enemies.
  • With vibrant graphics, unlockable content and global leaderboards, it provides hours of arcade action gameplay.
  • Modded APKs remove ads and give unlimited coins, allowing you to instantly access all content.
  • Master the simple touch controls through practice. Memorize enemy patterns, utilize combos and abilities.
  • If you love skill-based mobile action games that test your limits, Sword Play! will certainly deliver. The optional mods eliminate grinding to let your ninja slicing skills shine.

So sharpen your blade, tighten your headband, and prepare for an exhilarating test of your ninja abilities. With the tips, details and advice covered in this post, you can determine if the intense action of Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Mod is a good fit for you. Now get out there and start slicing like the fate of the world depends on it!

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