Survivor Island APK 3.247 MOD [Unlimited Money/Free Rewards]

Survivor Island APK 3.247 MOD [Unlimited Money/Free Rewards]

App Name Survivor Island-Idle Game
Publisher Longames
Genre Simulation
Size 130MB
Latest Version 3.247
Update on Jan 24, 2024
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/Free Rewards
Get it on Google Play
Survivor Island MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Free Rewards] is an exciting survival simulation game for Android that will truly test your strategic thinking and survival skills. Developed by Longames, this game strands you on a mysterious island filled with dangers where you must gather resources, build shelters, rescue survivors, and eventually repair an old ship to try and escape. With simple yet polished graphics and fun idle gameplay, Survivor Island APK MOD provides hours of challenging fun.

Survivor Island MOD APK

Overview of Gameplay and Story

You start Survivor Island MOD APK Unlimited Money after a party of adventurers gets shipwrecked on a strange, foggy island by a massive wave. Dangerous wildlife and mysterious ruins are scattered across the land. You must build up your camp and rescue survivors to work together on repairing the dilapidated ship nearby to have any chance of getting home.

Gameplay consists of typical simulation/strategy mechanics like gathering food and wood, building structures, crafting weapons and tools, and managing workers. You also explore the island, unlock new resources and habitats for your growing population, defend against wildlife attacks, and complete quests.

The overall goal remains escaping the island by fixing up the abandoned ship, which requires effectively managing your survivors, expanding your territory, and unlocking advanced technologies. It’s an addictive loop that starts simple but quickly becomes complex.

Survivor Island MOD APK

Key Features and Game Modes

Survivor Island APK 3.247 shines through well-balanced systems, smooth progression, and fun idle/offline play. Here are some of its best features:

Crafting and Resource Management

You spend most of your time gathering basic resources like food, wood, and stone to craft over 50 different tools, weapons, structures, and technologies. Managing resources is challenging yet enjoyable.

Rescuing and Managing Survivors

As you explore, you’ll rescue survivors who have unique traits and skills. You can then assign them jobs like building, researching, soldiering or healing. Leveling up survivors unlocks new crafting recipes.

Territory Building

You can build various huts, towers, walls, farms, and more to house survivors and defend your camp. Strategic building placement around the procedural island is key.

Researching Technologies

Advanced technologies like agriculture, mining, and sailing help tremendously by automating jobs, boosting efficiency, and more. But researching them takes lots of resources.

Defending Against Wildlife

Dangerous wildlife like tigers, snakes, and raptors attack at night. Building guard towers and walls is crucial to defend sleeping survivors from harm.

Day/Night Cycle

During the day, survivors work on tasks while at night they sleep and wildlife attacks. You generate no resources at night, so maintaining a stockpile is key.

Exploration & Unlocking New Areas

Exploring foggy areas uncovers new resources, survivors, and secrets. It also expands the island, providing more space to build your civilization.

Survivor Island MOD APK

What is the Survivor Island Mod APK?

The Survivor Island MOD APK 3.247 on is a hacked version of the game with cheats like unlimited money, all items unlocked, free rewards removed, higher building speed, and more. Here are the features it offers over the regular version:

Unlimited Resources

You gain unlimited wood, food, stone, gold and other resources. You’ll never have to worry about gathering basic materials again.

Free Building and Researching

All structures, technologies, and upgrades become free to build and research, even high-end ones. It removes all bottlenecks for rapid expansion.

Maximum Upgrade Levels

All buildings and technologies are instantly upgraded to maximum levels, giving you access to top-tier items immediately.

High Building Speed

All construction and research times are significantly reduced, some by over 90%, letting you expand faster.

Unlocked Areas/Survivors

The entire island and all areas are instantly explored and unlocked. All survivors also get rescued automatically.

No Ads

All ads in the game are disabled, providing uninterrupted gameplay. Useful for players frustrated by excessive ads.

Free Rewards Removed

Annoying pop-up rewards that interrupt gameplay get removed. This also disables their cooldown timers.

Extra developer menu mods like enemy spawning, faster movement, teleporting, free rewards, etc get unlocked for advanced cheating.

Survivor Island MOD APK

How to Download and Install the Mod APK

Downloading and installing Survivor Island moded APK only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

On Android

  1. Download Survivor Island mod APK and OBB files from a trusted site like on
  2. Enable “Install from unknown source” in Android settings if not already enabled
  3. Install the APK file first
  4. Then move the downloaded OBB file to Android/OBB folder
  5. Run the game – enjoy!

On PC (Emulators)

  1. Download Survivor Island mod APK from on
  2. Download emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player
  3. Install emulator and log into Google account
  4. Install APK file in emulator
  5. Run game and enjoy!

That’s it! Survivor Island MOD APK Unlocked All should now be ready to play on your device.

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Survivor Island MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Survivor Island modded APK:

Is the mod APK safe to download?

Yes, downloading mods from trusted sites like on is completely safe and virus free. Just avoid unknown sites.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, these mods are designed for offline play only and do not interact with the actual game servers, so there is no chance of bans.

Does the mod work on both new and old saved games?

Yes, the mods work seamlessly on both new and old saved games without causing any issues.

Do I need to uninstall original game before installing mod?

No need! Just install the mod APK directly over your current version and it will seamlessly overwrite it.

How do I revert back to the original game?

Simply uninstall the modded APK and reinstall the original game from the Play Store. Your save will still work normally.


Survivor Island MOD APK Free Rewards takes the survival simulation genre to new heights with polished graphics, fun city building mechanics, and enjoyable progression. If you enjoy resource management and strategy games, it easily provides dozens of hours of entertainment. The mod APK unlocks unlimited money and items for a smoother experience. Download Survivor Island Hacked APK today for an addictively fun battle of life and death!

Survivor Island APK 3.247 MOD [Unlimited Money/Free Rewards]

Unlimited Money/Free Rewards

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