Subway Surfers hack APK 3.18.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins, Keys, Mod Menu)

Subway Surfers hack APK 3.18.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins, Keys, Mod Menu)


App Name Subway Surfers
Publisher SYBO Games
Genre Arcade
Size 169 MB
Latest Version 3.18.0
Update on Sep 14, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Keys/Mod Menu
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Subway Surfers is an endless running mobile game co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. Originally released in 2012, it has become one of the most popular and highest downloaded mobile games of all time, with over 2 billion downloads across iOS and Android devices.

The core gameplay involves controlling a young graffiti artist named Jake as he runs through various subway tracks and environments, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. The player must swipe left, right, up, and down on the touchscreen to move Jake and perform actions like jumping and rolling to avoid getting caught by the grumpy inspector and his dog.

In this comprehensive review, we will examine Subway Surfers’s gameplay, graphics, controls, and audio to see what makes this endless runner so addictive and fun to play.

Subway Surfers MOD APK


Endless Running

The main gameplay mechanic of Subway Surfers is endless running. The player runs continuously to the right while dodging obstacles and collecting coins and powerups. There is no finish line, so the goal is to run as far as possible without crashing or getting caught.

New sections of track are procedurally generated as you run, so the game feels different each time. The game starts off slow, but gradually increases in speed, ramping up the challenge. This creates an addictive gameplay loop as you try to beat your high score.


In addition to distance and high score goals, Subway Surfers also sets daily objectives for the player to complete. These include objectives like collecting a certain number of coins, reaching a distance milestone, or collecting specific powerups.

Completing objectives earns you keys, which can be used to unlock new characters, hoverboards, and other cosmetic items. This gives you additional goals to work towards besides just getting a high score.


Powerups are a core part of the Subway Surfers gameplay. As you run, you’ll collect powerups like jetpacks, magnets, score multipliers, and super sneakers. Each powerup provides a temporary boost or ability that helps you cover more distance.

Using powerups at the right moments is crucial for getting a high score. For example, activating a coin magnet when a bunch of coins are nearby can rack up your coin total quickly. Powerups add more skill and strategy to what would otherwise be a simple reaction and avoidance game.

Characters and Hoverboards

Subway Surfers features unlockable characters and hoverboards that change up the visuals and gameplay. Different characters have slightly different speeds and abilities, while hoverboards grant special powers like improved jumping or grinding.

Unlocking new gear gives you reasons to keep playing and provides more gameplay variety. You can customize your runner with your favorite looks and abilities.

World Tour

One of the most exciting gameplay features added over the years is the World Tour. This takes Jake and the crew to famous cities around the world, each with unique environments, architecture, and visual themes.

Destinations like Rome, Tokyo, and Sydney give the gameplay more visual flair and variety beyond just subway tracks. There are now over 35 vibrant cities to run through, with more added regularly.

Social Features

Subway Surfers incorporates social features like leaderboards and friend challenges to add competitiveness. You can compete with friends or top players globally for the highest scores and farthest distances.

Being able to show off your accomplishments and compete gives the game more long-term appeal and replayability.

Subway Surfers MOD APK


The graphics in Subway Surfers are simple yet visually appealing, with a colorful, cartoonish style.


The environments and backdrops you run through are the highlight of the graphics. Each city on the World Tour has recognizable landmarks and architecture that match the region.

You’ll run alongside the Tokyo Skytree, through the canals of Venice, and across the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The environments are full of vibrant colors and fun details that keep the visuals engaging as you run.


The playable characters also showcase the colorful, cartoonish style. Their designs are exaggerated and quirky, matching their personalities.

For example, Jake has spiky blue hair, baggy clothes, and a beanie, reflecting his rebellious graffiti artist persona. The visuals give each character flair.


A key aspect that brings the graphics to life is the smooth animations. Actions like jumping, rolling, and crashes are animated in an over-the-top, cartoony way that fits the art style perfectly.

The animated motions have a level of exaggeration and fluidity that makes the gameplay feel dynamic and alive.

Visual Effects

Various visual effects add excitement to the graphics as well. Sparks fly when grinding rails, smoke billows when crashing, and the screen shakes when dodging dangers narrowly.

These visual flourishes make the gameplay feel more vivid, energetic, and satisfying. The cartoonish art style still shines through despite the simple 2D graphics.

Subway Surfers MOD APK


Subway Surfers features an intuitive, touchscreen-based control scheme that is easy to pick up but allows for skillful play.

Swipe Controls

The main controls involve swiping up, down, left, or right. Swiping up makes your character jump, swiping down rolls, and left/right changes lanes.

These simple swipe gestures feel natural and responsive. The controls are accurate and immediately register your inputs, capturing that feeling of maneuvering through obstacles at high speeds.

Touch Controls

Tapping certain on-screen buttons activates your equipped hoverboard or powerups. The placement of these buttons makes them easy to tap even when frantically dodging obstacles.

Overall, the controls are simple enough for anyone to grasp quickly, but allow for precision and skill the more you play.


You can customize the swipe and touch controls to your preference in the settings menu. For example, you can move the powerup buttons or invert the swipe directions.

This allows you to tweak the controls to best fit your playstyle and device, improving the experience.

Difficulty Curve

The controls start off forgiving, with wide lanes and slow speeds. But as your score increases, the lanes become narrower and the speed ramps up.

This gradually increasing difficulty curve with the controls keeps the game challenging without being frustrating. The controls remain fair but test your skill.

Overall, the controls are intuitive and responsive. Their simplicity makes the game accessible, but the depth keeps gameplay engaging.

Subway Surfers MOD APK


The audio design of Subway Surfers complements the lighthearted, energetic tone established by the visuals.

Sound Effects

From collecting coins with a satisfying clink to crashes with comical boings, the sound effects liven up the gameplay.

The audio feedback makes your actions feel impactful. The exaggerated effects like loud thuds when landing fits the cartoonish style.

Background Music

Upbeat, catchy background music matches the fast-paced running. The tracks are energetic to keep you engaged without being overpowering.

The music shifts seamlessly as you transition between environments. For example, Tokyo has faster, more J-pop inspired tunes.

World Tour Music

The World Tour locations feature region-appropriate music as well. Levels in India have Bollywood-style songs while Rio has Latin pop.

Hearing culturally fitting music enhances the feeling of traveling to exotic locales. The audio reinforces the visual themes.


You can customize the audio experience in the settings menu. Options include muting the music, adjusting volumes, or disabling sound effects.

This allows you to fine tune the audio to your preferences, like lowering sound effects while keeping the music audible.

Overall, the energetic sound effects and catchy music complement Subway Surfers’s kinetic visuals and gameplay well. The audio draws you into the lighthearted world.

Subway Surfers MOD APK



  • Addictive, endless running gameplay that is easy to pick up but challenging to master
  • Varied objectives and powerups add depth beyond just getting a high score
  • World Tour provides diverse scenery and culturally appropriate music
  • Bright, colorful graphics with smooth animations and visual effects
  • Intuitive swipe and touch controls that feel natural and responsive
  • Catchy, upbeat background music suits the energetic pace
  • Customizable controls, audio, and cosmetics allow you to tailor the experience


  • Gameplay can feel repetitive over long sessions
  • Contains ads between games that cannot be removed
  • Online connectivity required to save progress


Subway Surfers absolutely lives up to its reputation as one of the most addictive and fun mobile games. It nails the endless running genre with accessible gameplay, depth from objectives and powerups, and plenty of style from the graphics and audio.

Frequent updates with new World Tour locations, characters, hoverboards, and more provide amazing value and content for a free game. The ads and online requirements are understandable tradeoffs for an otherwise polished, content-rich experience you can easily lose hours to.

Subway Surfers receives a 4.5/5 star rating and is easily recommended for anyone looking for a great casual game to fill spare moments of free time. With billions of downloads and counting, this is one train you should definitely jump on for thrilling, enjoyable gameplay.

Subway Surfers MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Subway Surfers free to play?

Yes, Subway Surfers is completely free to download and play on both iOS and Android. There are optional in-app purchases for coins, keys, and cosmetic items but they are not required.

Does Subway Surfers work offline?

No, an internet connection is required to play Subway Surfers. Progress is saved online, so you must be connected for your runs, achievements, and unlocks to be recorded.

How much storage space does Subway Surfers take up?

Subway Surfers takes up about 100MB of storage space on Android and iOS. The install size may grow slightly with major updates that add new environments and cosmetics.

Does Subway Surfers drain battery life?

Yes, as an intensive 3D game, Subway Surfers can drain your battery faster than other apps, especially at higher graphic settings. Lowering visual quality can improve battery life.

Is there a Subway Surfers movie?

Yes! An animated Subway Surfers movie was released in 2022 by SYBO Games and Apex Animation. Jake, Tricky, and Fresh must outrun the inspector and his robot henchmen.

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Free Shopp
  • Free Shopping ( Google Play )
  • Unlock Achievement
  • Double Coin
  • Power Level Up
  • Stop Camera
  • Camera Follow
  • God Mode
  • God Mode ( Auto Revive )
  • Wallhack
  • No Character Stumble
  • Remove Gravity
  • Freeze Character
  • Unlimited Jump
  • Instant Lane Change
  • Stop Train
  • Stop Train 2
  • Teleport
  • Hide Sneakers
  • Hide Flight
  • Hide Pogostick
  • Hide Magnet
  • Hide Hoverboard
  • Speed Jack
  • Jump Heights
  • Score Multiplier

- The Subway Surfers World Tour heads to Hawaii - surf past stunning beaches and charming tiki huts! - Introducing Collections, the newest feature! Complete all the Collections and unlock additional rewards. - The third Rival is here! Hali from Hawaii goes head-to-head with Fresh in a LOUD confrontation. - Taha gets a dapper new Outfit - find him and his Tropi look in the Season Hunt. - Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Crew in a special Marathon Challenge

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