Strava APK 335.8 MOD (Premium Subscription) for android

Strava APK 335.8 MOD (Premium Subscription) for android

App Name Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
Publisher Strava Inc
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 30 MB
Latest Version 335.8
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Mod info Premium Subscription
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Strava is a popular fitness tracking app designed specifically for runners and cyclists. With over 50 million users worldwide, Strava provides users with detailed activity statistics, route planning, training plans, and a robust social community.

User Interface and Navigation

The Strava android app provides a clean, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to access key features.


The home screen displays your weekly activity at a glance, along with shortcuts to record a new activity, join challenges, and view your profile. Icons and menus are simple and easy to understand.

The sidebar menu provides quick access to:

  • My Activities – View your activity feed
  • Explore – Discover routes and segments
  • Training – Browse training plans
  • Clubs – Join clubs and groups
  • Challenges – Join monthly challenges


You can customize the home screen widgets to display information most relevant to you, like weekly distance, achievements, goals, and more.

The app provides settings to:

  • Change activity default privacy
  • Customize activity screens
  • Set up custom alerts and auto-pause
  • Connect sensors and devices
  • Manage notifications

Overall, the app makes it easy to access key features without cluttering the interface.

Strava MOD APK

Activity Tracking and Sensors

Strava provides detailed activity tracking using your phone’s GPS and sensors or external devices.

Recording Activities

The app can track outdoor activities like:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • And more

It also includes options for yoga, weight training, swimming, and other gym activities, but without GPS tracking.

To start recording an activity:

  1. Tap Record on the home screen
  2. Select your activity type
  3. Tap Start to begin recording

Your route is mapped in real-time and key stats like duration, distance, speed, and heart rate are displayed on the recording screen.

You can customize data fields and set up alerts for pace, time, distance, heart rate zones, and more. The app can also automatically pause tracking when you stop moving.

Connected Devices

In addition to using your phone’s GPS, you can connect external sensors and devices to track advanced metrics:

  • Heart rate monitors – View heart rate zones and calories burned
  • Cycling sensors – Track cadence, speed, power, and other cycling dynamics
  • Smartwatches – Record activities directly from your watch

Strava supports most Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors including popular brands like Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto, and more.


Strava uses GPS and GLONASS systems to provide accurate distance and pace tracking for outdoor activities.

In my testing, distances recorded by Strava matched up closely with routes mapped on Google Maps. Pace data was also consistent with other running apps I’ve used.

For cycling, you may need to add an external sensor to get reliable speed and distance data. Overall, Strava provides accurate activity tracking on par with top fitness apps.

Strava MOD APK

Analysis and Statistics

Strava goes beyond basic activity tracking to provide in-depth analysis of your performance.

Activity Details

For each activity, Strava generates a detailed breakdown including:

  • Distance – Total distance traveled
  • Moving Time – Time spent actually moving
  • Elapsed Time – Total duration including stops
  • Elevation Gain – Total elevation gain during activity
  • Average Speed – Overall average speed
  • Max Speed – Top speed achieved
  • Splits – Pace for each mile/km
  • Heart Rate – Average and max heart rate with time in zones
  • Power – Average and max power (with cycling sensor)
  • Cadence – Average and max cadence (with sensor)

You can view your route on a map with elevation profile, heart rate overlay, and pace analysis.

Training Log

The training log compiles all your activities to provide weekly, monthly, and yearly totals and averages for:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Elevation
  • Speed
  • Calories burned
  • Achievements

This lets you track long term progress and fitness trends.


You can set weekly and yearly distance, time, and elevation goals and monitor progress toward those goals.

Performance Insights

Strava provides periodic performance insights that analyze your recent training to inform you if you are training productively, peaking, or overreaching. This helps you adjust your training as needed.

Fitness and Freshness

The Fitness and Freshness feature estimates your overall fitness level and fatigue based on your recent training load. This helps identify optimal times for hard training or rest.

Strava MOD APK

Routes, Segments, and Challenges

In addition to tracking individual activities, Strava helps you discover new places to train and challenge yourself.


You can browse over 100 million running and cycling routes uploaded by Strava users around the world. Search routes by location or import GPX files.

Route details include:

  • Distance
  • Elevation gain
  • Estimated time to complete
  • Difficulty level
  • Athlete’s description and rating

You can upload routes to view turn-by-turn directions on your phone.


Segments are specific sections of road or trail that you can compete on for time. Strava has over 25 million segments globally.

When you record an activity with a segment, Strava compares your performance to:

  • Your own previous efforts
  • The top times on the leaderboard

This allows you to benchmark your performance and track your progress over time.


Strava offers monthly challenges to motivate you to achieve new goals. Challenges include:

  • Distance challenges – Cover a set total distance
  • Climbing challenges – Tackle a specific amount of elevation gain
  • Activity challenges – Complete a number of activities per week

You can join challenges on your own or with a team. Completing challenges earns you virtual badges and trophies.

Social Features and Community

Strava connects you with a community of over 50 million athletes.


The activity feed shows recent activities from people you follow along with kudos, comments, and photos. You can upload photos and give kudos to motivate your connections.

The home feed highlights achievements, new gear, challenge progress, and other updates from your community.


Clubs allow you to connect with groups of athletes based on location, activity type, training level, interests, and more. Clubs foster camaraderie and friendly competition.


As mentioned previously, Strava challenges provide motivation while connecting you with the larger community.

Segment Leaderboards

Leaderboards for segments let you see how your performance stacks up against other athletes who have completed the segment. Leaderboards promote friendly competition and benchmarking.

The social features make training more fun and help you meet new people who share your interests.

Strava MOD APK

Safety and Privacy

Strava provides important safety and privacy features.


The Beacon feature allows you to share your live location with specified contacts during activities for enhanced safety. Beacon requires the paid Strava subscription.

Privacy Zones

You can define privacy zones around your home, work, or anywhere you want to hide your location. Activities in privacy zones are hidden from other Strava users.

Activity Privacy

You can set activities to be private or only visible to followers. Private activities are hidden from the segment leaderboards.

Group Privacy

Clubs and challenges can be made private so only members can view associated activities. This allows for privacy when training as a team.

The privacy settings help protect your personal information while still allowing you to engage with the community.

Pricing and Plans

Strava offers a free basic plan along with a paid subscription option called Summit.

Free Plan

The free plan includes:

  • Activity tracking and analysis
  • Community features
  • Segment leaderboards
  • Route planning
  • Training log

The free plan limits you to only one activity type preference, does not include Beacon, and has limited analysis features.


Strava Summit costs $59.99 per year and adds:

  • Enhanced analysis – Suffer score, power curves, FTP estimation, training load focus, etc.
  • Training plans – Custom multi-week training plans with daily workouts
  • Beacon safety tracking
  • Route suggestions – Personalized route recommendations based on your preferences
  • Live event tracking – Follow athletes during races and events

Summit primarily enhances analysis and safety features for serious athletes.

Strava MOD APK

Integration with Other Apps

Strava integrates with numerous third-party platforms.

Exporting Data

You can authorize apps like TrainingPeaks, Today’s Plan, and Final Surge to access your Strava activity data. This allows more detailed analysis and coaching.

Fitness Trackers

Strava automatically syncs activities from devices like Garmin, Polar, Suunto, and Fitbit. This consolidates all your fitness data.

Mapping Apps

You can export routes from Strava to apps like RideWithGPS and Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation.

Apple Health and Google Fit

Strava can share activity data with Apple Health and Google Fit to combine with your overall wellness data.

Social Media

You can automatically share Strava activities on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The integrations allow deeper analysis and sharing of your activities.

Overall Performance

After extensively testing the Strava android app, here are my overall impressions:


  • Excellent activity tracking with GPS and sensors
  • In-depth performance analytics
  • Motivating challenges and leaderboards
  • Engaging social community
  • Solid safety and privacy features
  • Seamless integration with other apps and devices


  • Touchy auto-pause function can incorrectly stop activities
  • Summit subscription is expensive for basic users
  • Potential battery drain and data usage during activities

Strava MOD APK


Strava stands out as the most robust fitness tracking platform for runners and cyclists. The combination of detailed statistics, social engagement, and integration with third-party apps provides a complete training ecosystem.

While the subscription may not be worthwhile for casual users, Strava Summit offers valuable analysis for serious athletes. The app provides unparalleled insights into your performance.

For runners and cyclists who train with purpose, Strava is an invaluable training partner. The app motivates you to push your limits while connecting you to an inclusive community.

Overall, Strava sets the standard for GPS-based activity tracking and training analysis. The android app delivers the core Strava experience in a polished mobile package. Despite some minor flaws, it is a top choice for optimizing your performance.

  • Subscription Premium

Hi there. We fixed a couple bugs and made some performance improvements, so the app should now be almost as speedy as you. Have fun out there!

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