Stickman Shinobi Fighting MOD 5.8 APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Stickman Shinobi Fighting MOD 5.8 APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)


Stickman Shinobi Fighting MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) is an exciting action game for Android and iOS that brings fast-paced ninja combat to mobile devices. Developed by NAGOO Studio, the game has received over 100 million downloads worldwide.


This full review will cover all aspects of Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk mod including:

  • Gameplay and Core Mechanics
  • Modes and Levels
  • Heroes and Skills
  • Customization
  • Graphics and Visuals
  • Monetization
  • Pros and Cons
  • Tips for Progressing
  • Verdict

So whether you’re a ninja action fan or just looking for an entertaining mobile game, read on to see what makes Stickman Shinobi Fighting so addictive.

Gameplay and Core Mechanics

Stickman Shinobi Fighting 5.8 apk features classic side-scrolling beat ’em up gameplay. Players control a ninja stickman character and fight through waves of enemies. Here are the core gameplay elements:

  • Intuitive Controls – Simple tap and swipe controls to move, jump, attack and block. Special skills mapped to buttons.
  • Combo Attacks – Chain basic attacks like punches, kicks and slashes into stylish combos.
  • Reactive Dodging – Time dodges and parries properly to counter enemy attacks.
  • Special Skills – Unleash shuriken, bombs, poison darts and magic attacks on foes.
  • RPG Progression – Level up ninja skills and stats RPG-style to take on tougher enemies.

The responsive controls combined with the combo chaining fighting mechanics make combat feel slick and satisfying. While simple on the surface, mastering dodges, skill timing and combos requires practice.


Modes and Levels

Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk mod offers a variety of game modes and levels:

Story Campaign

  • Multi-stage levels across different environments like forests, temples, caves etc.
  • Hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty as you progress.
  • Fight through waves of enemies in each level.
  • Epic boss battles at end of chapters against tough villains.

Infinity Tower

  • Survival mode with endless waves of enemies.
  • Climb as high as you can for leaderboard glory.
  • Regular checkpoints let you resume progress.


  • Training area to practice skills and combos.
  • Test damage output of skills and experiment with combos.
  • Dummy targets available.

Daily Trials

  • New challenge every day testing specific skills.
  • Earn rewards for completing trials.

Limited Events

  • Special limited time events with exclusive rewards.
  • Themed around seasons, holidays or collaborations.

There is plenty of content here to keep players engaged for countless hours.

Heroes and Skills

Stickman Shinobi Fighting on features over 50 ninja heroes inspired by Japanese anime and manga. Heroes are categorized as:

  • Warrior – Melee specialists good at close combat.
  • Assassin – Fast and lethal fighters that can disappear.
  • Mage – Cast powerful spells to decimate groups of enemies.
  • Marksman – Deal high damage from range with bows and guns.
  • Tank – Heavily armored tanks that can take hits.

Each hero has a unique set of skills upgradeable over time:

  • Basic Skills – Standard attacks like strike, slash and throw.
  • Special Skills – Unique skills like shuriken throw, poison dart etc.
  • Ultimate Skills – Flashy signature moves with long cooldowns.

You can form teams of heroes with complementary skills – like pairing a tank with a mage. Heroes gain XP from battles and can be ranked up to increase stats.



Players can customize their ninja heroes in a number of ways:

Outfits and Accessories

  • Unlock alternate costumes and outfits for heroes.
  • Equip gear like masks, swords, armor etc. for stat boosts.
  • Purely cosmetic changes that don’t affect gameplay.

Upgrades and Evolutions

  • Use coins and materials to upgrade skills.
  • Evolve heroes using rare materials to unlock new abilities.

Teams and Formations

  • Build a roster of heroes specialized for different situations.
  • Set teams of 1-3 heroes depending on game mode.
  • Tactically use formations that provide synergy.

The customization system allows creating a unique clan of ninja warriors tailored to your playstyle.


Graphics and Visuals

Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk goes for a stylized anime art style with fluid animations. Key visual elements:

  • Stickman Characters – Ninja heroes and enemies represented as stick figures.
  • Smooth Animations – Combat moves and skills animated seamlessly.
  • Vibrant Effects – Special moves have flashy VFX and particles.
  • Detailed Environments – Intricately designed levels with background animations.
  • Japanese Themes – Temples, bamboo forests, cherry blossoms and other Japanese scenery.

While visually simple due to the stickman style, the game’s animations and effects are polished. The style fits perfectly with the ninja theme to create an engaging atmosphere.


Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk monetizes through ads and in-app purchases. The various monetization avenues are:

  • Ad Placements – Video ads play between levels and when reviving.
  • Time Savers – Consumables that speed up progression like XP boosts.
  • Gacha System – Use premium currency to unlock new heroes randomly.
  • Battle Pass – Premium subscription for cosmetics and consumables.
  • Daily Deals – Special discounted packs.

The ads can be intrusive but are expected for a free game. The in-app purchases are optional for impatient players looking to speed up progression.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple yet satisfying combat mechanics
  • Huge roster of ninja heroes to collect
  • Stunning animations and visual effects
  • Progression system with upgrades and gear
  • Tons of stages and modes for variety
  • Does not require internet connection


  • Gets repetitive and grindy after some time
  • Aggressive monetization through ads
  • Story is barebones
  • Requires lots of grinding to progress
  • Heroes are represented by generic stickmen


Tips for Progressing

Here are some tips to power up faster in Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk:

  • Use the Dojo to practice combos and skill timing.
  • Upgrade heroes evenly rather than focusing on just one or two.
  • Complete daily quests for rewards to fuel progression.
  • Watch ads selectively only when you really need revives or boosts.
  • Replaying completed story stages on higher difficulties earns more XP.
  • Save up premium currency for gacha rate up events.
  • Participate in limited time events for exclusive heroes and items.

Following these tips will help boost your progression speed and build a strong roster of heroes.


Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk offers a simple yet addictive side-scrolling beat ’em up experience on mobile. The responsive controls and combo-chaining fighting mechanics are polished. There is tons of content here with hundreds of stages, heroes to collect, upgrades to earn, and modes to master. While the monetization is aggressive with forced ads, it does not gate progression. The anime visuals and ninja theme have wide appeal especially in the casual gaming segment. Fans of beat ’em up and action games who don’t mind grinding will find Stickman Shinobi Fighting a solid choice for quick on-the-go play.

Download Guide

Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk is available on Android and iOS devices. Just search for “Stickman Shinobi Fighting” on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download it for free. The game requires at least 1GB of storage space and Android 6.0 or later version. So unleash your inner ninja warrior and enjoy slash-and-dash combat with Stickman Shinobi Fighting apk!Let us know your thoughts about this action game in the comments below.

Unlimited Money and Gems

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