Stickman Ninja 3v3 MOD APK 3.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Stickman Ninja 3v3 MOD APK 3.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Stickman Ninja 3v3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) is a mobile fighting game developed by PhanGia and released in 2022. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It features cartoonish “stickman” style ninja characters battling in 3v3 matches.

The gameplay involves controlling a team of 3 ninja characters, using an on-screen joystick and buttons to move, jump, attack, and activate special abilities. The goal is to defeat the opposing team of ninjas by knocking out all 3 of their characters. Matches take place in 2D side-scrolling environments.


The core gameplay loop of Stickman Ninja revolves around 3v3 team battles. Here are the key details:

  • Teams of 3 Characters: Each player controls a team of 3 ninja characters. You can switch between them at any time during a match.
  • Health/Chakra: Each character has a health bar and a chakra bar. Health depletes when you take damage, chakra depletes when you use special attacks. If either bar hits zero, that character is defeated.
  • Movement: An on-screen joystick on the left controls your character’s movement – left, right, jump, crouch, etc.
  • Attacks: A basic attack button on the right lets you punch and kick. More powerful special attacks can be unlocked.
  • Objective: Defeat all 3 enemy characters by depleting their health bars to win the match.
  • Environments: Matches take place in side-scrolling 2D environments with platforms, obstacles, and destructible objects.
  • Game Modes: Currently there is a Chapter Mode where you progress through different levels fighting AI opponents, and a Tournament Mode where you face other players.

The combat mechanics are designed to be simple and accessible, with emphasis on timing, positioning, and managing your chakra wisely. Controls are responsive and work well on mobile. While fighting is straightforward, winning matches requires some strategy in terms of character switching, managing health/chakra, and using your special abilities effectively.

Overall the core gameplay provides an enjoyable casual PvP fighting experience optimized for quick mobile sessions. The 3v3 team format adds a layer of strategy while keeping things fast-paced and action-oriented.

Graphics & Visuals

Stickman Ninja 3v3 APK v3.9 utilizes a bright, colorful 2D cartoon art style with clean animations and effects. Here are the key graphics details:

  • 2D Environments: Matches take place in side-view 2D environments with layered backgrounds and a depth-of-field effect. Stages include forests, temples, villages, and more.
  • Character Design: Characters use simple “stickman” style designs brought to life with smooth animations. They have large expressive eyes and exaggerated proportions.
  • Effects: Attacks and abilities have bold visual effects using electric shocks, fireballs, energy blasts, and more. Screenshake and camera zooms amp up the impact.
  • UI: The UI features large buttons and meters, all with a clean, minimal style. Character portraits are expressive. The style matches the simple gameplay.
  • Performance: With 2D visuals and simple effects, the game runs smoothly on most modern mobile devices. Loading times are quick too.

While the graphics are simple, they have a charming hand-drawn look and personality. The visual clarity makes it easy to follow the action during hectic battles. The art style suits the fast-paced gameplay while giving each character their own flair.

Characters & Abilities

Stickman Ninja Apk Mod features a roster of “stickman” style ninja characters, each with their own unique abilities and special attacks. Here are the highlights:

  • Playable Characters: The starting roster includes popular ninjas like Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Rock Lee, and more. There are over 20 unlockable characters so far.
  • Character Variety: Despite the simple art style, each character has a distinct design and silhouette. Personality shines through their animations and abilities.
  • Special Abilities: Every character has a set of special moves and abilities that match their fighting style from the anime. Naruto uses Rasengan, Sasuke wields fire jutsu, etc.
  • Ultimate Jutsu: The strongest special attack in each ninja’s arsenal – a cinematic super move that deals heavy damage. Requires full chakra gauge to perform.
  • Unlockable Characters: New characters can be unlocked from the in-game gacha using tickets earned from gameplay. Rarer characters have more powerful abilities.
  • Progression: Leveling up characters increases their stats and unlocks new combos and abilities. Promoting to higher star ranks boosts them further.

While the roster may not be as large as full console fighting games, the variety and personality of the ninja characters adds to the game’s charm. Fans of the Naruto franchise will appreciate the accurate portrayals of the characters’ abilities.


Stickman Ninja Apk uses a streamlined control scheme optimized for mobile devices and touchscreens. Here are the key details:

  • Joystick: An on-screen joystick on the left controls your character’s movement – left, right, jump, crouch, etc. The joystick is responsive and accurate.
  • Action Buttons: Two main action buttons on the right – one for standard attacks, the other for blocking/deflecting. Above these are up to 4 buttons for special abilities.
  • Ability Shortcuts: You can customize which special abilities are mapped to the shortcut buttons for easy activation.
  • Chakra Meter: A button on the left lets you charge up your chakra meter which powers stronger special attacks.
  • Switch Characters: A button on the top left lets you switch between your 3 team characters on the fly.
  • Controls Remapping: The game offers full customization of the control layout to suit your preferences.
  • Auto-Combo: Tapping the standard attack button repeatedly triggers a preset combo string for easy chaining of attacks.

The controls are very intuitive and easy to grasp for a mobile fighting game. Attacks, movements, and abilities are all executed reliably. Veterans of fighting games may find them a bit simplistic, but they serve the fast-paced gameplay well.

Game Modes & Features

Stickman Ninja provides a handful of game modes and meta-game features that give players plenty to do:

  • Chapter Mode: Story mode where you battle through multiple chapters, each containing 10 stages against AI opponents. Boss battles punctuate each chapter.
  • Tournament: PvP mode where you battle against other players’ teams. Real-time matches test your skills. Leaderboards provide competition.
  • Daily Trials: Special challenge stages with unique objectives, obstacles, and victory conditions. Reset daily.
  • Gacha Collection: Use earned tickets to play the prize machine. Win character shards to unlock and upgrade new fighters for your roster.
  • Progression: Level up your account, characters, abilities, and gear to grow stronger over time.
  • Item Shop: In-game store accepts earned currency. Contains character shards, stat boosts, cosmetics, and more.
  • Achievements: Over 50 achievements to unlock by completing challenges, beating modes, and honing skills. Provide long-term goals.

While there isn’t an extensive amount of content, there are enough modes to keep players engaged beyond just standard PvP matches. The daily trials and tournaments help keep the experience feeling fresh.


Stickman Ninja is a free-to-play mobile game that features expected monetization elements:

  • Ads: Short video ads appear between matches and menus. Ads can be removed via a one-time IAP purchase.
  • Premium Currency: “Gems” can be purchased using real money and used to acquire upgrades, cosmetics, etc.
  • Battle Pass: Optional paid battle pass provides cosmetic rewards, currency, and shards as you complete daily/weekly quests.
  • Daily Deals: Daily rotating deals offer special discounted packs of gems, tickets, shards, etc.
  • VIP System: Spending real money earns VIP points that unlock bonuses and special deals. Higher VIP tiers provide greater rewards.
  • Timesavers: Some items allow instant completion of tasks like opening chests or finishing building upgrades.

The monetization is not overly aggressive, but persistent. There are plenty of opportunities to spend real money, but none that gate meaningful progress. A patient player can advance steadily for free, if slowly. The video ads are the most intrusive element.

Progression & Meta

Here are the key details on progression systems and meta-game elements:

  • Account Level: Your overall account levels up by gaining XP through playing any mode. Higher account level unlocks features and rewards.
  • Character Levels: Individual characters level up from using them in combat. Increases stats and unlocks new abilities.
  • Promote Stars: Use shards to promote characters from 1 to 6 star ranks. Greatly boosts their stats and strength.
  • Gear: Equippable gear items provide stat boosts. Obtain gear sets to gain additional bonuses. Upgrade gear to increase effects.
  • Currencies & Resources: Includes gold, gems, upgrade materials, shards, scrolls, and tickets. Used to upgrade characters, gear, abilities, etc.
  • Energy System: Most modes require energy to play, which regenerates over time. Energy can be replenished using power-ups.
  • Daily Tasks: Complete rotating daily quests to earn resources. Quests include winning matches, upgrading gear, using abilities, etc.
  • Events: Limited-time events have exclusive rewards for completing special challenges. Provide fresh content.

Progression feels steady for free players, if a little slow. There are plenty of upgrades to work towards in the long run. The meta revolves around building up your roster of characters and gear to take on tougher opponents.


Here are some of the standout strengths of Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle Mod Apk:

  • Streamlined fighting gameplay – Easy to pick up and play, with responsive controls and simple mechanics.
  • Charming art style – Bright, colorful 2D graphics with fluid animations give the game personality.
  • Familiar Naruto characters – Large roster of playable ninjas from the popular franchise, faithfully recreated.
  • Strategic team battles – 3v3 format requires managing multiple characters and abilities.
  • Special abilities – Unlocking and mastering each character’s unique moves adds variety.
  • Daily challenges – Changing daily trials provide regular new tests of skill.
  • Smooth performance – Clean 2D visuals make it run well on most modern mobile devices.
  • Good skill ceiling – Has depth for competitive players to develop skills and strategies.
  • Fair free-to-play – Patience allows steady progress without excessive paywalls hampering enjoyment.

For Naruto fans or anyone looking for accessible mobile fighting fun, Stickman Ninja’s strengths make it easy to recommend trying out.

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Stickman Ninja is an enjoyable game overall, but still has some weaknesses worth noting:

  • Generic setting – Levels and environments lack originality. Feels a bit plain.
  • Repetitive AI – Opponent behaviors get predictable over time.
  • Intrusive ads – Frequent video ads disrupt the flow of play.
  • Aggressive monetization – Many opportunities to spend real money, which may turn off some.
  • Shallow tutorial – Does a poor job explaining mechanics for new players.
  • Imbalanced characters – Some fighters feel clearly stronger than others.
  • Lag in PvP – Online multiplayer can suffer from latency issues.
  • Grindy progression – Maxing out characters takes a long time for non-paying players.
  • Limited game modes – Could use more variety in gameplay formats.
  • Simple combat – Experienced fighting game players may find the mechanics too shallow.

While not hugely detrimental, these weaknesses leave room for improvement in future updates.

Gameplay – 8/10

With responsive controls, strategic team battles, and easy to pick up fighting mechanics, the core gameplay provides plenty of mobile-friendly fun. There’s enough depth for competition, but simplicity for casual play too.

Graphics & Visuals – 7/10

The cheerful cartoony art style bursts with personality, from the energetic characters to the bright effects. Clean 2D visuals make the game run smoothly on most devices.

Characters & Abilities – 8/10

A sizeable roster of playable Naruto heroes and villains, each faithfully recreated with their signature abilities. Provides variety and fan service.

Controls – 9/10

Smooth, intuitive controls make special attacks and combos easy to pull off. Customizable layouts let you tailor the experience.

Game Modes & Features – 7/10

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