APK 2.19.1 MOD (Premium/AD Free) APK 2.19.1 MOD (Premium/AD Free)


App Name - Sticker Maker
Publisher SNOW Inc
Genre Communication
Size 50 MB
Latest Version 2.19.1
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Premium/AD Free
Get it on Google Play is a free android app that allows users to create and share animated sticker packs for WhatsApp and Telegram. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, is one of the most popular sticker maker apps available.

Key features of include:

  • Explore a huge library of animated stickers
  • Create custom animated stickers easily
  • Add captions and customize stickers
  • Share sticker packs with friends
  • Follow creators for new stickers
  • Animated stickers made automatically from videos

In this comprehensive review, we will cover’s main features, interface and usability, sticker customization options, sharing capabilities, and more. MOD APK

Exploring’s Animated Sticker Library

One of’s biggest attractions is its massive library of animated sticker packs to explore, covering a wide range of categories:

  • TV Shows & Movies
  • Celebrities & Models
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Anime
  • Funny memes
  • Illustrations & Graphics
  • Lyrics & Quotes
  • Emojis
  • And more

The explore tab makes it easy to browse trending and popular stickers as well as search for specific stickers.

Tapping on a sticker pack shows a preview of all the animated stickers it contains. From cute animals to iconic movie scenes, there’s no shortage of fun animated options to choose from.

Creating Custom Animated Stickers also makes the process of making your own animated stickers simple with its Auto Cut technology.

To create a custom animated sticker:

  1. Select a video or photo
  2. Use Auto Cut to automatically extract an animated sticker
  3. Customize the sticker with effects, captions, and more

The Auto Cut feature detects faces and figures in images and videos and cuts them out instantly. It does an impressive job extracting subjects cleanly from busy backgrounds.

Customizing options include adding stylish captions, filters, and stickers on top of your animated sticker creations. There are plenty of ways to make your stickers pop. MOD APK

Sharing and Managing Animated Sticker Packs

Once you’ve made a set of animated stickers, lets you easily export them as a sharable sticker pack.

You can send the custom sticker pack link directly to friends so they can add your stickers or make the sticker pack public to share with a wider audience.

Sharing Options Details
Send to Friends Share private sticker pack link via messaging apps
Make Pack Public Allow anyone to view and add stickers by searching
Follow Creators Get notified when favorite creators release new stickers also includes convenient sticker pack management features:

  • Update existing packs with new stickers
  • Organize your created packs
  • Delete packs you no longer want

This makes it simple to manage all your custom animated stickers in one place.

“I love that I can easily update my sticker packs instead of having to create new ones every time I make a new sticker. This app makes it so easy to manage all my custom stickers for WhatsApp!” MOD APK

Sticker Customization & Editing

While the Auto Cut feature works well for instantly extracting animated stickers, you can further customize your stickers manually for more polish.

Customization Options:

  • Adjust and crop the cutout area
  • Resize, rotate, and position stickers
  • Draw and add images/stickers
  • Add stylish captions
  • Apply filters and effects
  • Change background colors
  • Add transparency effects

Advanced editing capabilities like layering images and stickers allow you to create more complex animated sticker compositions.

The range of editing tools let you tweak your creations down to the smallest details for truly one-of-a-kind sticker designs.

Creating Stickers from Videos

A standout feature offers is converting short video clips into animated stickers automatically.

It works the same way as creating image stickers:

  1. Import a video
  2. Preview extracted animated sticker
  3. Customize with captions, effects, etc.

This opens up new creative possibilities for converting memorable short videos into animated stickers to send to friends. MOD APK App Performance offers a smooth and responsive interface on android devices. Animated sticker previews and custom stickers load quickly with little lag.

The intuitive interface makes navigating the various sticker screens simple. Options are clearly labeled so creators can easily find editing tools and sharing options.

Advanced features like layering do take more processing power on lower-end devices. But the core functionality works great across the spectrum of android devices. MOD APK

Final Verdict

For android users looking for an animated sticker maker app with a huge and ever-growing library of stickers, is a top choice. Easy creation tools, deep customization options, and seamless sharing capabilities make it a versatile platform for exploring and creating animated stickers.


  • Massive library of animated stickers
  • Auto Cut for easy sticker creation
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Share packs with shareable links
  • Smooth performance


  • Some lag on lower-end devices
  • Contains ads

Combined with a responsive interface and active development, provides one of the best animated sticker making experiences on android. Both casual creators and professionals will find it a valuable platform for taking their WhatsApp and Telegram stickers to the next level with captivating animated designs. MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is free to use?

Yes, is free to download and use for animated sticker creation features. There are in-app purchases for additional sticker packs and some resources.

What devices and OS does support? requires Android 7.0 or later to run. It is optimized for android smartphones and tablets.

Can I use on iPhone or iPad?

No, is currently only available on the Google Play Store for android devices. There is no version for iOS devices.

Do I need an account?

You can use without an account to search and view stickers. To save your creations and manage custom sticker packs, you need to create a account.

Is there a desktop version?

There is currently no desktop version of It is an android mobile application. You would need an android emulator like BlueStacks to run on Windows or Mac.

  • AD Free

Thanks for using! With this update: - You can get direct notifications when the creators you're following share new sticker packs. Hope you enjoy as always. Love from Team

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