Stick War 3 APK 2023.2.2713 MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Stick War 3 APK 2023.2.2713 MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)


App Name Stick War 3
Publisher Max Games Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 414 MB
Latest Version 2023.2.2713
Update on Sep 22, 2023
Mod info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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Stick War 3 is a real-time strategy game developed and published by Max Games Studios for Android and iOS devices. It is the third installment in the popular Stick War series.

The game features compelling real-time strategy gameplay, where two armies of stick figure soldiers battle to destroy each other’s statue. Players must mine for gold and mana, recruit units, and use various strategies to defeat opponents.

Stick War 3 improves upon previous games with enhanced graphics, new units, and fresh gameplay modes. Since launching in 2021, it has received over 5 million downloads and positive reviews.

Stick War 3 MOD APK

Gameplay and Controls

The core Stick War gameplay loop involves mining resources, recruiting units, and battling enemies. Matches take place on a side-scrolling battlefield with bases at each end protected by a statue. Destroying the opponent’s statue wins the game.

Players start with a few basic sword wielding units and miners. Miners gather gold and mana crystals, which are used to recruit additional units and research technologies. There are three main unit types:

  • Swordwrath – Basic melee fighters, good defense and offense.
  • Archidons – Ranged bow users that deal high damage but are vulnerable up close.
  • Speartons – Pike units with a charge attack that counters swordsmen.

Managing resources and an army composition that counters the enemy is key. Units can be controlled as groups or individually. The gameplay is intuitive and easy to pick up, but has depth from executing strategies and tactics.

Stick War 3 introduces new units like bombers, mages, and giants. Each faction has unique characters with special abilities. Spells can be cast to damage foes or empower allies. The classic gameplay is enhanced by these new mechanics.

The touch controls are responsive and customizable. Players can pan and zoom the camera or tap units to select them. Buttons along the bottom activate abilities and queue units. Everything is easily accessible for real-time battles.

Overall, Stick War 3 executes real-time strategy gameplay flawlessly on mobile. The classic formula is improved through new units and abilities. Matches are fast-paced, but thoughtful strategies lead to victory.

Graphics and Audio

Stick War 3 features detailed 2D visuals with smooth animations and effects. The stick figure units are brought to life through subtle movements and actions. Attacks clearly telegraph before striking. Death animations add humor and personality.

Environments have destructible elements like grass and trees. Dynamic lighting shifts from day to night. Clashes between armies fill the screen with arrows, explosions, and blood spatter. The visual feedback makes combat visceral and exciting.

Each unit has distinct designs and silhouettes. Swordsmen hunch forward with blades ready while archers stand tall drawing back bows. Even basic units have unique flair. Heroes and giants have elaborate details that set them apart. The art style effectively conveys personalities.

The polished graphics truly elevate the classic stick figure aesthetic. Zooming in reveals lovingly crafted animations. Visual clarity is maintained even with tons of units brawling. Stick War 3 represents the pinnacle of 2D visual presentation.

Matching the stellar visuals is dynamic audio design. Swords clashing and arrows thunking into targets deliver visceral combat feedback. Units cheer victorious chants after winning clashes. The excellent sound effects immerse players into the battles.

An energetic orchestral soundtrack drives the action forward. Triumphant melodies accompany armies marching to war. Somber tunes play as your base is besieged. The music adapts seamlessly to match the battles.

Stick War 3’s vibrant visuals and thrilling audio make the fast-paced battles even more engaging. The detailed stick figures and environments have tons of personality. Overall, it’s a huge graphical leap over previous Stick War games.

Stick War 3 MOD APK

Single Player Modes

Stick War 3 currently contains two single player modes – Campaign and Challenge:


The campaign features over 20 levels across different environments. Levels have primary objectives like defeating enemies or surviving for a certain duration. Optional secondary objectives add replayability.

Between battles, players can spend gold to recruit new units, upgrade abilities, and equip gear. Heroes gain experience levels to grow stronger. Managing resources and army composition is key to progressing.

The campaign provides a structured way to learn the game’s mechanics and units. The different level objectives keep missions feeling fresh. It serves as an excellent extended tutorial before playing PvP.


The Challenge mode pits players against set armies in unique scenarios. Certain units may be restricted or amplified to encourage new strategies. There are over 60 challenges ranging from easy to brutally hard.

Challenges test skill with specific units and tactics. Restrictions force you to try new approaches and experiment. Completing them helps improve mastery of the game’s nuances.

The Challenge mode provides excellent replay value after finishing the campaign. The wide difficulty range lets both new and veteran players find engaging content.

Together, the Campaign and Challenge modes provide rewarding single player content. There are dozens of hours of gameplay against competent AI opponents. The different objectives and restrictions keep the gameplay fresh.

Multiplayer and Social Features

Stick War 3 shines in multiplayer battles against real opponents. The main modes include:

Quick Match

Quick Match instantly pairs you with a similarly ranked player for 1v1 matches. You can select different factions for army variety. Quick repetitive matches make this the ideal mode to grind rank and rewards.

Friendly Battle

In Friendly Battles, you can face off against friends or random players in custom matches. You can tweak rules, maps, and team sizes for 2v2 or 1v1v1 battles. Friendly Battles allow experimenting with fun match settings.

Ranked Match

Ranked Matches pit your army against others in serious 1v1 contests. You gain or lose ranking depending on match results. This is the most competitive mode where skill determines victory. Ranked requires understanding unit matchups and strategies.


The Spectator mode lets you view live matches or replays from any player perspective. Studying others helps refine strategies and unit compositions. Spectator is great for watching high level matches.

Social System

Stick War 3 has integrated social features like player profiles, friends lists, and leaderboards. You can join a club to regularly play with others. Chat and emotes enable communicating during matches. The social tools support the competitive modes.

Multiplayer provides endless replay value through competitive matches and rankings. The spectator and social features help foster a thriving community. Altogether they create an addictive and engaging experience.

Stick War 3 MOD APK

Progression and Monetization

Stick War 3 uses familiar free-to-play mobile game progression systems and monetization. Players earn the following resources from battles:

  • Gold – Used to recruit and upgrade units
  • Gems – Premium currency that can purchase gold and special items
  • Exp – Accumulated to gain player account levels

Higher account levels unlock additional units, abilities, and upgrades. Gold and exp rewards increase by raising season pass and club ranks.

The game utilizes gacha mechanics for unlocking units and gear. Players spend gems to randomly draw from changing prize pools. Duplicate items convert into shards used to craft specific rewards.

A battle pass system provides daily and seasonal challenges that offer big rewards. Completing them provides objectives to work towards.

Of course, gems can be purchased directly with real money. The monetization is not aggressive, but spending accelerates progression. The gameplay itself is not pay-to-win, just faster growth.

Overall, the progression offers a satisfying gameplay loop of earning resources and experience to unlock new content. The monetization is restrained by mobile game standards – paying provides convenience, not dominance.

Performance and Bugs

Stick War 3 runs smoothly on most modern devices thanks to 2D graphics and simple physics. Matches have up to 50 units on screen at once with minimal slowdown. Load times are quick even on older phones.

The game has received several optimization patches improving stability and performance. Crashes and lag spikes are rare during matches. The developers fix major bugs within days after reports.

A few minor visual glitches may occur like improper animations or effects not displaying. These are just cosmetic issues that don’t impact gameplay. For a mobile title, Stick War 3 is extremely polished.

Performance is unlikely to be a concern given the 2D visuals and simple mechanics. The game runs flawlessly on a wide range of devices. The developers also squash serious bugs rapidly after launch.

Stick War 3 MOD APK


Stick War 3 executes the classic real-time strategy formula masterfully. Matches are fast-paced but thoughtful, with depth emerging from unit matchups and control. The gameplay is easy to learn but challenging to master.

Vibrant graphics and energetic audio make the battlefield come alive. Detailed animations and effects breathe life into the stick figures. Polished presentation enhances the strategic gameplay.

The Campaign provides an extended tutorial before jumping into competitive modes. Multiplayer enables challenging other players in ranked contests. Progression systems and social features support an engaging end-game.

For a mobile title, Stick War 3 is remarkably robust and polished. The strategic gameplay is flawless. Presentation and features go far beyond its simple stick figure style.

Stick War 3 is an excellent real-time strategy game that should delight both casual and hardcore gamers. The classic series has reached new heights with this phenomenal mobile installment.

Overall rating: 9/10

Stick War 3 MOD APK

Game Modes

Stick War 3 features a variety of game modes that provide different styles of play:


The campaign mode features over 20 story-driven levels across multiple environments. Each level has primary objectives and optional secondary objectives that add replayability.

Between levels, players can manage their army by recruiting new units, upgrading abilities, and equipping gear. Heroes gain experience and levels to unlock perks.

The campaign serves as an extended tutorial, teaching players the game mechanics and units in a structured way. Completing campaign levels prepares players for the competitive multiplayer modes.


The Challenge mode provides one-off scenarios that test skills with specific units and tactics. Many challenges restrict certain units or amplify others to encourage experimentation.

With over 60 challenges ranging from easy to extremely hard, the mode provides engaging content for both new and veteran players. Challenges help improve mastery of the game’s nuances.

Quick Match

Quick Match instantly pairs players with similarly ranked opponents for competitive 1v1 matches. Players can select different factions to vary army composition between games.

The fast matchmaking and repetitive games make Quick Match ideal for grinding rank, rewards, and experience. It’s the best mode for learning PvP fundamentals.

Friendly Battle

Friendly Battles allow creating custom matches with friends or random opponents. Players can tweak rules, maps, and team sizes to enable 2v2, 1v1v1, or other creative game modes.

Friendly Battles are for experimenting with fun match settings without risking rank. The customizable options lead to all sorts of wacky matchups and strategies.

Ranked Match

Ranked Matches are 1v1 contests that affect the player’s competitive ranking. Going up against others in serious matches requires understanding unit matchups and high-level strategies.

Ranked mode is the most competitive way to play, with skill being the primary factor in victory. Ranked requires patience, practice, and perfection of strategies and army building.


Spectator mode allows players to watch live matches or replays from any player perspective. Studying other players helps refine strategies and unit compositions.

Spectator mode is great for watching high-level matches to learn from top players. It’s an underrated way to improve skills by analyzing other playstyles and tactics.

Stick War 3 MOD APK

New Units

Stick War 3 introduces several new units that diversify army compositions and open up new strategies:


Bombers are flying suicide units that deal devastating area damage by self-destructing. Their maneuverability lets them bypass ground forces and strike the backline.

Bombers are strong against clustered troops like Archidons and Speartons. However, they are vulnerable while flying to ranged attacks. Proper micromanagement is required to use them effectively.


Ripriders are mounted cavalry with high mobility and trample damage. Their speed allows swiftly flanking enemy armies or capturing strategic positions.

Ripriders counter Speartons, but require hit-and-run tactics against Swordsmen. Their mobility gives more options for scouting and map control.

Enslaved Giant

Enslaved Giants are lumbering juggernauts that soak up huge damage and smash enemies in melee range. They can draw fire away from fragile damage dealers.

Giants force enemies to adjust positioning to avoid being trampled. But they are vulnerable to getting surrounded and whittled down by ranged fire.


Merics are wizard units that cast damaging spells from long range. They can strike specific targets or blast areas with magical explosions.

Merics provide vital magical support and siege potential, but are extremely fragile. Keeping them protected while raining spells is critical.

  • Mod Menu
  • Free Summon
  • Unlimited Money
  • Soldiers can be summoned even if the currency is 0

- New physics based combat effects - New health bar damage effects

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