Star Traders: Frontiers APK 3.1.42 MOD [Unlocked/Full Game]

Star Traders: Frontiers APK 3.1.42 MOD [Unlocked/Full Game]

App Name Star Traders: Frontiers
Publisher Trese Brothers
Genre Paid
Size 130MB
Latest Version 3.1.42
Update on Jan 10, 2024
Requirements 4.1
Mod info Unlocked/Full Game
Get it on Google Play
Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK [Unlocked/Full Game] is a captivating sci-fi roleplaying game that transports players into a massive open universe filled with intergalactic intrigue and adventure. Developed by Trese Brothers, this expansive space simulation offers an exceptional blend of strategic gameplay, compelling storytelling and meaningful decision-making.

After gaining renown for their first hit sci-fi RPG, Star Traders RPG, Trese Brothers leveraged their success to create an even more ambitious and fully-realized gaming experience with Star Traders Frontiers APK MOD. This immersive space opera does not disappoint, providing mobile gamers a vast and visually striking universe to explore alongside unique gameplay features tailored for on-the-go fun.

Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK

Key Features of Star Traders Frontiers

With its combination of open-world exploration, spaceship management and turn-based combat, Star Traders Frontiers APK 3.1.42 offers mobile gamers an incredible array of content and customization options to enjoy. Here are some of the title’s standout features:

Fully Open-World Space Exploration

  • Traverse over 1000 unique star systems across a massive galaxy map
  • Encounter anomalies, derelict spacecraft and strange extraterrestrial life
  • Engage in deep space salvage operations for profit

Spaceship Command and Customization

  • Captain mid-sized capital ships on interstellar voyages
  • Recruit and manage the skills of crew members
  • Install upgrades and specialized modules to improve performance

Meaningful Roleplaying Opportunities

  • Select backstories that impact starting stats and abilities
  • Roleplay over 26 careers including pirate, smuggler and bounty hunter
  • Make narrative choices that influence reputation and unlock story content

Turn-Based Ship-to-Ship Space Combat

  • Utilize tactical mechanics inspired by classic RPG battle systems
  • Customize weapons, shields and other ship systems
  • Issue orders to crew members during combat

Dynamic Factional Conflicts

  • Navigate complex political tensions between warring factions
  • Accept missions from factions to gain influence
  • Shape the balance of power across star sectors

Deep Character Progression

  • Earn experience to unlock new talents and specializations
  • Manage attributes like charisma and intelligence that enable unique solutions
  • Equip officers with weapons, armor mods and stimulants

Robust Space-Faring Economy

  • Participate in a supply-and-demand trade network
  • Purchase commodities like fuel, food and textiles to deliver across the galaxy
  • Invest in production facilities to influence market prices

Premium Currency and Ads-Free Experience

  • Enjoy more than 60 hours of gameplay without restrictive paywalls
  • Remove occasional video ads with affordable one-time purchase
  • Fund continued content expansions from dedicated indie developers

With these standout features and more, Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK Unlocked offers a compelling gameplay loop that cleverly blends strategic planning, thoughtful decision-making and impactful roleplaying choices together into one cohesive experience.

Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK

What is the Star Traders Frontiers Mod APK?

For mobile gamers looking to augment their journey through Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK 3.1.42 even further, downloading the title’s mod APK unlocks bonus in-game rewards and premium content for free.

This modded APK hack effectively eliminates the ads and in-app purchases that fund Star Traders’ ongoing development. However, it also provides players with unlimited money to spend on crew member skills, ship upgrades and other boosts that meaningfully impact gameplay.

Here are some of the key benefits unlocked with the Star Traders Frontiers mod APK:

Unrestricted Gameplay Progression

  • Max out officer and crew member skills immediately
  • Buy the most powerful weapons and shields early on
  • Install ship augments that enable unique abilities

Unlimited Funds

  • Purchase multiple capital ships to build a powerful fleet
  • Flood the internal market with commodities to influence prices
  • Outbid rivals on valuable assets and production sites

Complete Premium Content Unlock

  • Access special legacy missions based on the classic Star Traders RPG
  • Enable cheat menu with “god mode” and other boosts
  • Remove all intermittent video advertisements

While some may view these hacks as undermining Star Traders’ core gameplay progression system, the mod APK ultimately enables players to enjoy the title’s full breadth of content without grind or paying real money. This can benefit gamers who want to roleplay specific careers or story paths without artificial gates or limitations.

Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK

How to Download and Install the Star Traders Mod APK

To download and install the mod APK hack for Star Traders Frontiers, mobile gamers must follow these steps:

On Android Smartphones and Tablets

  1. Open device settings to allow installation from “Unknown Sources”
  2. Download the Stars Traders Frontiers mod APK file from a trusted site
  3. Tap the downloaded APK file to trigger the installation prompt
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process
  5. Launch the modded version of Star Traders Frontiers!

On PC with Android Emulator Software

  1. Download and install Android emulator software like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer
  2. Download the Star Traders Frontiers mod APK file from a trusted site
  3. Drag and drop the APK file into the emulator to install
  4. Launch the modded version of Star Traders Frontiers!

By following these instructions, mobile gamers can easily access all the benefits of the Star Traders Frontiers hacked APK on both Android mobile devices and PC.

Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mod APK

Here are answers to some common questions about the Star Traders Frontiers modded APK hack:

Is the Modded APK Safe to Download?

Yes, downloading the modded APK from trusted sites poses little risk and only unlocks bonus content. However, be wary of APK files from unknown sources.

Do I Need to Uninstall the Original Game App?

No, the modded APK will automatically override the original installed instance of the game.

Can I Transfer My Original Game Save Progress?

Unfortunately, no — installing the modded APK starts a fresh new game instance without prior progression.

Will I Get Banned for Using the Modded APK?

No, single player games like Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK Unlimited Money do not ban accounts for utilizing hacked APKs. Only competitive multiplayer titles actively penalize modded clients.

Does the Modded APK Work Offline?

Yes, since Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK Full Game is a single-player focused game, the modded APK does not require an internet connection to access all content.

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Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK


With its expansive universe, deep strategic gameplay and meaningful roleplaying opportunities, Star Traders Frontiers MOD APK Mod Menu already provides tremendous value even at its modest $7.99 USD premium unlock price. However, mobile gamers tight on cash can utilize the title’s hacked mod APK to access all content and progression boosts without paying a dime or watching forced ads.

While bypassing monetization can seem questionable, doing so enables more players to enjoy this incredibly rich and feature-packed sci-fi space simulation. Star Traders Frontiers Modded Apk executes the core premise of charting one’s own path through the stars masterfully across all facets of its game design. This modded APK simply removes the final layer of friction for experiencing that interstellar journey to the fullest.

So download the hacked APK today and begin forging your very own tale of intrigue, glory and adventure across the endless expanse of space! The cosmos beckons captains, factions and fortunes alike.

Star Traders: Frontiers APK 3.1.42 MOD [Unlocked/Full Game]

Unlocked/Full Game

Official Discord: Support e-mail: v3.3.83 - Added new "GUR-18 Gravcannon" (Level 8, Size 2) - Added new "Thunderstrike Quad-Arc" (Level 9, Size 1) - Rebalanced Lance Ship Weapons, now classified like Autocannons, Gravcannons - Spice Hall with low HP now increases the chance of Spice Addict Trait rolling - Increased Price Duranium Coating II, Duranium Coating III and made them more rare - Increased Price of Level 6+ Ship Weapons

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