Stack Ball MOD APK 1.1.56 (Unlocked All Skins)

Stack Ball MOD APK 1.1.56 (Unlocked All Skins)

Stack Ball – The Exhilarating Physics-Based Game

App Name Stack Ball - Crash Platforms
Genre Arcade
Latest Version 1.1.55
Update on Dec 20, 2023
Requirements 5.1
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Stack Ball is a fun and challenging physics-based game for Android devices. The objective is to bounce a ball through various obstacles to reach the goal while stacking more balls on top. With simple one-touch controls and addictive gameplay, Stack Ball provides hours of entertainment.

Main Features

Challenging Levels

The game features over 100 challenging levels across 5 unique worlds, including Candy Land, Soccer Field, Space, and more. Each level has a different layout with various obstacles to overcome. As you advance, the levels become increasingly difficult, requiring precision timing and ball control skills.

One-Touch Controls

Stack Ball utilizes simple one-touch controls. Just tap the screen to make the stack of balls jump. Time your taps correctly to maneuver over and around obstacles while balancing the growing tower of balls. The intuitive controls are easy to pick up but allow for mastery with practice.

Leaderboards & Achievements

Compete with friends and players worldwide through the in-game leaderboards. See who can complete levels the fastest or with the tallest stack of balls. The game also includes Game Center integration with achievements to earn for accomplishing certain goals.

Physics-Based Gameplay

The core physics-based gameplay is highly polished and responsive. As you bounce through levels, you must carefully consider factors like momentum, gravity, and collision reactions. Time your jumps perfectly to land stable stacks. Wobbling towers may collapse if you are not careful!

Character Customization

Personalize your experience by unlocking various characters with unique attributes. Some characters allow you to stack more balls or let you adjust gravity to ease gameplay. There are over 10 distinct characters to help you overcome tricky levels.

No Internet Required

Stack Ball is a completely offline experience requiring no internet connectivity. You can enjoy the full game anywhere, anytime without the need for an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Play during commutes, flights, or when you simply want to disconnect.

Ad-Free Gameplay

The game offers completely uninterrupted gameplay with no annoying ads. Focus solely on navigating the challenging obstacle courses without bothersome video or banner ads disrupting the flow.

Free to Play

While offering premium cosmetics, Stack Ball’s core content is completely free. All levels, characters, and game modes can be accessed without any upfront costs. Optional in-app purchases exist for players who wish to support the developers.

What is the Stack Ball Mod APK?

The Stack Ball mod apk is a modified version of the game packed with extra features and unlocked content. By installing the mod apk, you gain access to usually paid elements without charge.

Key Features

  • All characters unlocked: Instantly access every distinct character with special abilities without needing to progress far into the game.
  • Infinite money: Receive unlimited coins to spend on customizations and powerups without grinding or paying real money.
  • Ad-free experience: Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without in-game banner or video advertisements.
  • Regular updates: The mod receives consistent updates in line with the base game to provide the latest content.

By using the Stack Ball mod apk, you can immediately experience all playable characters and cosmetics without gameplay barriers. Combined with infinite currency and an ad-free experience, it provides the most convenient way to enjoy everything Stack Ball offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices is Stack Ball available on?

Stack Ball is an Android game available on phones, tablets and Android TV devices. It requires Android 4.4 or later and is optimized for most modern devices.

Does Stack Ball require an internet connection?

No. Stack Ball is a completely offline experience requiring no internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. All game modes and content can be accessed anywhere at any time without an internet connection.

Is Stack Ball a free game?

Yes. Stack Ball is free-to-play offering full access to all levels, characters, and core content without upfront payment. Optional in-app purchases exist for players who wish to unlock cosmetics faster.

Is there a way to get everything unlocked instantly?

Yes. By installing the Stack Ball mod apk, you can unlock all characters, infinite money, no ads, and the latest content instantly without needing to progress far into the base game.

Will my progress carry across devices?

Unfortunately, no. Stack Ball does not support cross-platform cloud saving. Your progress and unlocks are device-specific only. Switching devices will reset your game data.


With fun physics-based gameplay, one-touch controls, and colorful graphics, Stack Ball provides an addictively entertaining mobile experience. Challenge your reflexes and timing skills navigating precarious obstacle courses in this free-to-play game. Install Stack Ball now on your Android device for on-the-go gaming fun anywhere, anytime – no internet required!


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