Assistive Volume Button APK 0.9.3 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Assistive Volume Button APK 0.9.3 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Assistive Volume Button
Publisher mCreations
Genre Music & Audio
Size 130MB
Latest Version 0.9.4
Update on Dec 27, 2023
Requirements 4.4 and up
Get it on Google Play
Assistive Volume Button is an Android app that provides an on-screen volume control to replace your device’s physical volume buttons. This handy utility makes it easy to adjust volume, even if your device’s buttons stop working properly.

Assistive Volume Button MOD APK

The Story Behind This Android App

The app was created by Indian developer Nitin Choudhary in 2016. He got the idea when his own Android phone began having issues with its volume down button.

Rather than get an expensive phone repair, Nitin decided to solve the problem with software. He created a simple on-screen volume button overlay as a workaround.

When Nitin shared his creation on Android forums, he was surprised at the enthusiastic response. Many people loved the concept and found it useful.

Encouraged by the positive feedback, Nitin continued refining his app. He added more features over time, like screen brightness control and a power button substitute.

Today, Assistive Volume Button has over 1 million downloads and a 4+ star rating on Google Play. It fills an important accessibility need for Android users.

Assistive Volume Button MOD APK

Key Features of This App

Assistive Volume Button packs a lot of useful tools into a simple floating button:

1. On-Screen Volume Buttons

  • Tap to mute, raise or lower volume
  • Drag anywhere on screen edge
  • Visibility & size options

2. Volume Boost Beyond Max

  • Increase loudness beyond system limit

3. Screen Brightness Control

  • Lower brightness below system minimum

4. Power Button

  • Lock device, restart, power off

5. Proximity Sensor

  • Keep screen on when user is present

6. Per App Settings

  • Customize volume & brightness per app

7. Multiple Button Styles

  • Android, iOS, MIUI and more

8. No Root Required

  • Works without root access

With this robust feature set, Assistive Volume Button provides complete control over device audio, display, power and more.

Assistive Volume Button MOD APK

What is the Mod APK?

The mod APK is a modified version of Assistive Volume Button that unlocks premium features for free. Specifically, it activates:

  • Volume booster
  • Extra dim brightness
  • Proximity sensor

These useful tools would normally require a paid subscription. But the mod APK cracks the app to enable them by default.

So users get the full range of Assistive Volume Button functionality without any ads or payments. It’s a great option for getting the most out of this utility app.

Key Benefits of Assistive Volume Button

There are many advantages to using Assistive Volume Button on your Android device:

  • Convenience – Easily control volume without hard to reach physical buttons
  • Accessibility – Helps those with dexterity or mobility issues
  • Customization – Fine tune audio, display and power settings
  • Reliability – Software buttons won’t fail like hardware
  • Free Unlock – Mod APK provides all features without payments

For these reasons and more, Assistive Volume Button is a handy utility that solves practical problems for Android users.

Assistive Volume Button MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this app drain my battery?

No, Assistive Volume Button uses minimal system resources and battery. The floating button only shows when adjusting settings.

Will it work on my Android version?

Yes, it works on Android 5.0 and above. Older versions of Android are not supported.

Is the app safe to download?

Absolutely! Assistive Volume Button is 100% safe software from a trusted developer. Millions use it without issues.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

Uninstalling will remove the on-screen volume button overlay. It does not affect your system settings.

Can I prevent accidental touches?

Yes! Enable touch protection in settings. This prevents the button reacting to accidental brushes.

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Assistive Volume Button MOD APK


In summary, Assistive Volume Button is an extremely helpful troubleshooting tool for Android devices. It provides backup functionality when hardware buttons fail while offering bonus features like system-wide audio boost.

The mod APK makes all these benefits freely accessible. So if you own an Android phone or tablet, this app is certainly worth installing!

Assistive Volume Button APK 0.9.3 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Premium Unlocked

☞ Simple widgets added. ☞ Premium features can be subscribed. ☞ App improvement.

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