Soul Browser APK 1.3.89 MOD (No Ads, Premium Unlocked)

Soul Browser APK 1.3.89 MOD (No Ads, Premium Unlocked)


App Name Soul Browser
Publisher SoulSoft
Genre Tools
Size 20 MB
Latest Version 1.3.89
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info No Ads, Premium Unlocked
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Soul Browser is a mobile web browser designed for Android devices. It aims to provide a smooth, fast, and intuitive browsing experience through its clean interface and powerful features. In this comprehensive review, we will cover the key aspects of Soul Browser – its features and performance, user interface and design, privacy and security, and overall pros and cons.

Soul Browser MOD APK

Features and Performance

Speed and Responsiveness

One of the standout features of Soul Browser is its speed. Pages load quickly and scrolling is smooth and responsive. This is thanks to the browser’s optimization and minimalist design. Even on slower connections, Soul Browser delivers a snappy browsing experience.

According to benchmarks, Soul Browser outperforms most other Android browsers in loading speed tests. Responsiveness when opening new tabs, switching between tabs, and navigating pages is excellent. Animations and transitions are fast and smooth. Overall, Soul Browser offers one of the fastest mobile browsing experiences available.

Tab Management

Soul Browser makes it easy to manage multiple tabs. Tabs can be opened in the background or foreground with a simple gesture. Switching between tabs is instantaneous, and tabs remain loaded in the background so they are ready when you switch back.

The tab interface is customizable, allowing you to change tab layouts and behaviors to suit your preferences. For example, you can swipe horizontally or vertically between tabs, and choose to close tabs by swiping or using an on-screen close button. Advanced tab management features like tab grouping and tab syncing across devices would make the experience even better.

Ad and Tracker Blocking

One of the best features of Soul Browser is its built-in ad blocker. It does an excellent job at removing ads and blocking trackers for a clean, distraction-free browsing experience.

The ad blocker is fast and efficient. Pages load faster without ads bogging things down. You can surf the web smoothly without annoying pop-ups or video ads getting in the way. The tracker blocking also enhances privacy by preventing companies from collecting data on your browsing habits.

Soul Browser uses an regularly updated filter list to identify and block unwanted ads and trackers. There are also options to whitelist sites or disable the ad blocker as needed. Overall, the ad blocking capabilities are very robust.

Soul Browser MOD APK

Video and Media Downloading

A unique feature of Soul Browser is its integrated media downloading tools. With just a couple taps, you can download videos, music, images, and other media directly from web pages.

Downloading is fast thanks to Soul Browser’s optimized download manager. Media files are saved conveniently in the browser’s download folder. You can download multiple files at once and even set download priorities. For videos, Soul Browser includes a built-in player so you can easily watch your downloaded videos.

The downloading features make it easy to save online media for offline viewing. This is useful for watching videos on planes or other places with no internet connection.

Customization Options

One of Soul Browser’s strongest aspects is its high level of customization[5]. Almost every part of the interface can be tweaked and tailored to your preferences.

You can edit the layout, change gestures, enable one-handed mode, set dark theme, alter the search bar, customize the tab bar, and much more. Fonts, colors, sizes, and styles can all be modified. This level of personalization is unmatched by other Android browsers.

No matter your browsing style, you can customize Soul Browser to match. The options allow both power users and casual users to optimize the browser for their needs.

Other Handy Features

Some other useful features include:

  • Automatic translation into over 100 languages
  • Built-in QR code scanning
  • Incognito browsing mode
  • Night/Dark mode to reduce eye strain
  • Data saving mode
  • Screenshot capture
  • Chromecast support
  • PDF viewer
  • Voice search
  • Reader view with text enlargement

While not as robust as extensions in desktop browsers, the wide range of built-in features in Soul Browser aims to provide a lot of functionality without the need for extensions.

Soul Browser MOD APK

User Interface and Design

Clean, Minimalist Design

Soul Browser has a clean, minimalist design centered around an easy-to-use interface. The monochrome color scheme and lack of visual clutter focus attention on web content.

Only the most essential buttons and menus are displayed. Yet despite the minimalism, the interface provides full functionality and access to all the browser’s features.

The design philosophy emphasizes simplicity. Even with all its customizations and power user features, Soul Browser maintains a streamlined interface.

Intuitive Navigation and Controls

Navigation feels natural with intuitive gestures and touch controls. Tabs, forward/back, the address bar, bookmarks, and menus are all easily accessible.

Common actions like opening a new tab or entering a URL are fast and require minimal effort. Gestures like swiping to switch tabs or long pressing for more options speed up browsing.

On-screen buttons, menus, and prompts are responsive and well-sized for mobile screens. One-handed mode further improves usability for single-handed use. Overall, Soul Browser offers intuitive navigation without unnecessary clicks or taps.

Visual Customization

As discussed above, Soul Browser allows deep visual customization of its interface. Users can fine tune colors, spacing, text size, icon style, and many other parameters.

You can adjust the look and feel of the browser to perfectly match your preferences. Change background colors or themes for day versus night browsing. Increase text size for improved readability. Modify icon shapes and menu layouts. The customizability makes the browser feel personalized.

Responsiveness and Fluidity

A key aspect of Soul Browser’s interface is its fluidity and responsiveness. Animations and transitions are smooth and natural. Scrolling and swiping have excellent momentum and feel lifelike.

Whether quickly switching between tabs or slowly reading an article by scrolling, the interface keeps up. This fluidity enhances the overall user experience and feels seamless.

Soul Browser MOD APK

Privacy and Security

Ad and Tracker Blocking

As mentioned above, Soul Browser has robust built-in ad blocking and tracker blocking. This prevents intrusive ads from interrupting your browsing and stops companies from collecting data on your web activity.

The browser proactively keeps your web surfing private instead of you needing to research and install separate ad blocking extensions. This protection works right out of the box.

Additional Privacy Features

Beyond ad blocking, Soul Browser has additional privacy-focused features:

  • Incognito mode for anonymous browsing sessions
  • Ability to clear cookies, cache, and other data
  • Options to disable location, camera, microphone access
  • Secure DNS settings
  • No transmission of personal data back to the developer

Together, these make Soul Browser one of the most private mobile browser options. It gives users control over their data and web surfing experience.

Encrypted Browsing

Soul Browser encrypts all web traffic using HTTPS by default[10]. This prevents third-parties from spying on your browsing activity on public WiFi networks.

The browser will automatically upgrade sites from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS version when available. Encrypted browsing keeps your data and connection secure.

App Permissions

The app requests no special permissions itself besides basic storage access. All other permissions like location, camera, etc. are only requested on a per-site basis when needed.

This app permission model enhances privacy. For example, camera access is only granted temporarily for a video call, not permanently. Soul Browser aims for minimal permissions.

Open Source Code

While not fully open source, Soul Browser’s code is partially open for transparency. The sections responsible for ad blocking, DNS management, and privacy are open source.

This allows independent security researchers to verify these components have no vulnerabilities or privacy issues. However, increased open source contributions would improve trust and transparency further.

Soul Browser MOD APK

Pros and Cons


  • Very fast page loading and navigation
  • Smooth scrolling and responsiveness
  • Excellent tab management
  • Built-in ad and tracker blocking
  • Video/media downloading tools
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Intuitive gestures and controls
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Dark mode support
  • Incognito browsing available
  • Secure encrypted connections
  • Light app footprint


  • No support for extensions
  • Partial open source code
  • Limited tab management features
  • No syncing across devices
  • Some ads may slip through

Soul Browser MOD APK


Soul Browser delivers an excellent all-around mobile browsing experience. The combination of speed, customization, privacy protection, and user-friendly design is impressive.

While the lack of full extension support is a trade-off, the wide range of built-in features somewhat compensates. Syncing and tab management improvements would also be beneficial.

But for most users, Soul Browser has all the key features needed for productive web browsing on mobile devices. Its polished interface and smooth performance make browsing the web fast, enjoyable, and safe.

Overall, Soul Browser is a top choice as an Android web browser. The development team continues releasing frequent updates with new features as well. For those looking for a clean yet powerful mobile browser, Soul Browser is hard to beat.

  • ADS Removed

⭐ Code optimized

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