Songsterr APK 5.16.8 MOD (Premium /VIP Unlocked)

Songsterr APK 5.16.8 MOD (Premium /VIP Unlocked)


App Name Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords
Publisher Songsterr
Genre Music & Audio
Size 8 MB
Latest Version 5.16.8
Update on Dec 2, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Premium free/VIP Unlocked
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Songsterr is a popular guitar tab and sheet music app available for Android. With over 800,000 songs in its catalogue, it offers guitarists, bassists, and drummers an extensive library of high-quality tablature to learn from.

Some of the key features of the Songsterr Android app include:

  • Huge catalogue of accurate tabs and sheet music
  • Realistic audio playback
  • Multiple instruments – guitar, bass, drums, vocals
  • Playalong backing tracks
  • Speed control, loop sections
  • Solo and mute tracks
  • Pitch shifting
  • Dark mode
  • Offline access

In this in-depth review, we will take a close look at the Songsterr Android app and see how it performs for learning songs and improving your musicianship.

Songsterr MOD APK

Interface and Navigation

The interface of the Songsterr Android app is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Options are clearly laid out at the bottom of the screen, allowing quick access to key features.

There are five main tabs:

  • Search – Search the catalogue by song, artist, genre etc.
  • Recents – View your recently accessed tabs
  • Favorites – Your saved favorite tabs
  • Tools – Metronome, tuner, pitch pipe
  • More – Settings and account options

Within each song tab, you can switch between the tab view and full screen playback mode. The tab view shows the selected instrument tab on top and the playback controls on the bottom.

Navigation feels fast and responsive. Swiping between tabs, scrolling through songs, and loading tab views feels smooth. Search works quickly, delivering results as you type.

Overall, the clean layout, intuitive controls, and fast performance make getting around the app straightforward for both beginners and experienced users.

Song Catalogue

With over 800,000 songs spanning rock, pop, metal, blues, jazz, country and more, Songsterr offers an extensive collection of tablature. The search functionality makes finding tabs for your favorite tracks easy.

The catalogue covers songs from the 50s to today’s latest hits. You’ll find essential classics as well as deeper cuts from popular bands. Obscure and underground artists are less well represented, but you can still find quality tabs for many non-mainstream genres.

Songsterr’s catalogue compares very favorably to competitors. Sites like Ultimate Guitar may have a higher total count, but Songsterr’s focus on accuracy over quantity gives it an edge in quality.

The catalogue is updated regularly as new songs are transcribed and added. Users can also submit new tabs to help expand the collection.

While no catalogue will have every song, Songsterr’s extensive and high-quality selection covers most learning needs. The breadth and depth of their collection is a major asset.

Songsterr MOD APK

Tab Quality

The accuracy of tabs is crucial for productive practice. Songsterr aims to provide the definitive version of each tab, not just the most popular.

Their tab approval process and community editing help maintain a high level of quality:

  • Submitted tabs are reviewed by moderators
  • Inaccurate tabs can be edited by users
  • Multiple revisions allow improvement over time

Additionally, Songsterr provide official tabs licensed from the artists and publishers where possible.

The focus on accuracy produces great results – the tabs match the actual songs remarkably well. Mistakes are rare, and when present are quickly corrected.

Certain intricate solos and complex sections will always challenge transcribers. But overall, Songsterr delivers exceptional tab quality you can rely on.

Audio Playback & Tools

Accurately notated tablature is only half the story. The true test is how the tab matches up when you play along with the original recording.

Songsterr provides realistic audio playback using guitar, bass, and drum samples. The tabs stay in sync as you listen to the full song playback. This allows you to learn the nuances of the performance.

Playback sounds natural and authentic, capturing the tone and style of the instruments. The guitar and bass tones are crisp, warm, and responsive. Drum samples sound lively and groove well.

For many popular songs, Songsterr also provides backing tracks – the original recording with the guitar/bass track muted. This allows you to jam along as if you were playing with the band!

Useful player tools further enhance the learning experience:

  • Loop sections to repeat practice difficult parts
  • Speed control slow songs down for easier learning
  • Solo and mute individual tracks
  • Pitch shift tabs to match alternate tunings
  • Count-in gives you time to get ready before playback starts
  • Dark mode for comfortable night playing

Between excellent audio playback and handy practice tools, Songsterr gives you everything you need to turn tabs into music.

Songsterr MOD APK

Additional Features

Beyond the core tab learning features, Songsterr provides some nice extra capabilities:

  • Offline access – Download tabs for offline practice
  • Lyrics – View synced song lyrics as you play
  • Chords – Strum along with basic chords if no tab available
  • Multiple instruments – Many songs have guitar, bass, drums, and vocals
  • YouTube sync – Some tabs sync with YouTube music videos
  • Metronome & Tuner – Develop timing and tune up

While not revolutionary, these supplemental features nicely round out the offering. Having lyrics and chords available in addition to tabs is particularly helpful.

The YouTube sync integration is great for visual learners. Being able to watch your favorite guitarist while following the tab captures the full performance.


Songsterr offers a generous free tier allowing full use of the mobile app catalogue and tools. Paid subscriptions unlock additional features:

Feature Free Paid
Full Catalog Access Yes Yes
Tab View & Tools Yes Yes
Print Tabs No Yes
Offline Download No Unlimited
Ad-free No Yes

Paid subscriptions cost $4.99 monthly or $44.99 annually. Family sharing is available for $7.99 monthly. Discounts are offered for longer 6 & 12 month plans.

Compared to competitors, Songsterr’s pricing is very reasonable given the premium tab quality and features. The free access provides plenty for casual users. Paying a small fee unlocks nice extras for serious learners.

For most users, the free version should suffice. But the paid upgrades add nice value at a fair price point.

Songsterr MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • Huge catalogue of accurate, high-quality tabs
  • Realistic audio playback stays in sync
  • Useful practice tools – loop, speed control, solo etc
  • Supplemental features – lyrics, chords, YouTube sync
  • Generous free access, fair paid upgrades
  • Clean, intuitive interface


  • Obscure/non-mainstream music less well represented
  • Can’t download user contributed tabs offline
  • No sorting options within search results
  • Occasional sync issues on playback


With its vast catalogue, excellent tab quality, responsive audio playback, and handy practice tools, Songsterr provides an exceptional tab learning experience. The app offers guitarists, bassists, and drummers an invaluable resource for improving their musicianship.

For both casual players looking to learn some hits and serious students focused on mastering technique, Songsterr should be a go-to tool. The accessible interface accommodates all ability levels.

Minor quibbles aside, the Songsterr Android app delivers on its core purpose: helping musicians learn new songs accurately and enjoyably. It sets the standard for tablature apps and comes highly recommended.

Songsterr MOD APK

Comparison to Top Competitors

How does Songsterr stack up against leading competitors Ultimate Guitar and Tab Pro? Here is a brief comparison:

Songsterr Ultimate Guitar Tab Pro
Catalog Size 800,000+ 1,000,000+ 500,000+
Tab Accuracy Excellent Good Good
Audio Quality Excellent Decent Decent
Tools Full suite Limited Full suite
Price Free/$4.99 mo Free/$4.99 mo Free/$3.99 mo

While Ultimate Guitar has a larger catalogue, Songsterr generally provides higher quality tablature. Both offer a similar set of tools for the paid version at comparable pricing.

Tab Pro also has a sizeable catalogue and useful tools but loses points for average tab accuracy. Songsterr edges out both competitors on tab precision and audio playback.

Who Should Use Songsterr?

Songsterr is a versatile app suitable for:

  • Beginners learning their first songs
  • Intermediate players expanding their repertoire
  • Advanced musicians perfecting technique
  • Guitarists, bassists, and drummers alike

Casual users benefit from the free access and ability to play hits. Serious students appreciate the high-quality tabs and practice tools.

Songsterr works well for both self-directed learning and guided instruction. The detailed tabs and audio playback allow you to teach yourself. Music teachers can also assign tabs for students to practice.

Anyone looking to improve their musicianship by learning new songs will find tremendous value in Songsterr.

Songsterr MOD APK


With its vast catalogue, excellent tab quality, responsive audio playback, and handy practice tools, Songsterr provides an exceptional tab learning experience.

The app offers guitarists, bassists, and drummers an invaluable resource for improving their musicianship. Both casual players and serious students will benefit from using Songsterr.

Minor quibbles aside, the Songsterr Android app delivers on its core purpose: helping musicians learn new songs accurately and enjoyably. It sets the standard for tablature apps and comes highly recommended.

  • Premium Unlocked

• Play along with original audio and backing tracks • Printing • Metronome • Improved sound quality • Fixed offline mode issue • Request synchronization for tablature with video • Report issues on video or sync • Solo and mute controls are now in the upper-right track menu • Count-in and metronome controls are now in the lower-right menu • Subscription model introduced

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