SnapBG APK 3.2.4 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

SnapBG APK 3.2.4 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

App Name SnapBG: Remove Background AI
Publisher SilverAI Inc
Genre Photography
Latest Version 3.2.4
Update on Dec 15, 2023
Requirements 7.0
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SnapBG Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular background removal app SnapBG. SnapBG is developed by the company MagicCut, which specializes in AI-powered editing apps for mobile devices.

The app was first launched in 2018 as MagicCut, focused on cutting out subjects from images and videos using artificial intelligence. The technology worked very well, especially for portrait images, where it could accurately cut around hair and other complex edges.

In 2021, MagicCut rebranded and pivoted to focus more on background removal and editing. They renamed the app to SnapBG, emphasizing the one tap background removal feature.

The app quickly became very popular, as social media influencers and everyday users realized they could easily remove backgrounds from images to create graphic designs, YouTube thumbnails, advertisements and more.

However, there were some limitations with the free version, including watermarks on exports and limits on usage each month. Power users demanded more from the app.

That’s when modders from the Android community stepped in to modify SnapBG, removing restrictions and unlocking premium features. The SnapBG Mod Apk was born!

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8 Key Features of SnapBG Mod Apk

The SnapBG Mod Apk unlocks all premium features and removes ads and watermarks. Here are the key highlights:

  1. One Tap Background Removal

    • Instantly remove backgrounds with AI technology
    • Works on portraits, products, text and more
  2. No Watermarks

    • Exports are completely watermark free
    • Perfect for graphic design and social media posts
  3. Unlimited Usage

    • No caps on monthly background removals
    • Remove backgrounds from as many images as you want
  4. Premium Magic Brushes
    • Access specialized brushes like Liquify and Healing
    • Advanced editing capabilities unlocked
  5. Premium Filters & Overlays

    • Hundreds of filters, textures and overlays
    • Take your image editing to the next level
  6. High Resolution Exports

    • Export at full resolution up to 12 MP
    • Retain maximum image quality for printing
  7. Ads Removed

    • Enjoy the app without irritating ads
    • Smooth and uninterrupted editing experience
  8. Regular Updates

    • Always up to date with latest MagicCut updates
    • New features and improvements added frequently
Feature SnapBG Free SnapBG Mod
One Tap Background Removal
No Watermarks
Unlimited Usage
Premium Magic Brushes
Premium Filters & Overlays
High Resolution Exports
Ads Removed
Regular Updates


3 Exclusive Mod Features

In addition to unlocking all the premium features above, the SnapBG mod goes even further with these special mod-only additions:

  1. Premium Stickers Unlocked

    • Get access to thousands of exclusive premium stickers
    • Sticker packs worth over $50 unlocked for free
  2. Extra Magic Brushes

    • Additional exclusive magic brushes
    • More specialized editing tools enabled
  3. Latest MagicCut Beta Features

    • Test cutting edge beta features before public release
    • Experience new innovations as soon as they are available

So if you want to step up your background removal and photo editing game, the SnapBG Mod Apk is a must have installation!


How Does the SnapBG Mod Apk Work?

You may be wondering how modders are able to “hack” apps like SnapBG and get past restrictions put in place by developers. The techniques used typically involve reverse engineering and modifying an app’s code to alter its behavior.

When an Android app like SnapBG is created, the Java or Kotlin source code is compiled into an APK file that is then distributed through app stores and installed on devices. This compilation process makes the code unreadable to normal users.

However modders use special tools called decompilers to transform the compiled APK back into readable source code. From there, they can analyze the code to understand how the app works under the hood.

By locating pieces of code that check for premium status or limits on usage, modders can simply comment out or alter these parts of the code. Now when the app runs, these checks are skipped or always return true.

The final step is recompiling the modified source code back into a modified APK, which can be installed just like any app. When launched, the app behaves as if the user has purchased premium status, with all restrictions removed.

So in summary, app modding involves:

  1. Decompiling the app’s APK into readable source code
  2. Analyzing the code to find checks and restrictions
  3. Commenting out pieces of code that enable restrictions
  4. Recompiling the altered code into a modded APK

While modding does violate the developer’s original intentions, the practice enables users to do more with apps they love. The SnapBG mod APK simply makes premium features more accessible for the benefit of the user community.


Getting Started with SnapBG Mod Apk

Ready to get started enjoying SnapBG without restrictions? Here is a quick guide to installing and using the modded app:


  1. Uninstall any existing version of SnapBG you may already have
  2. Download the SnapBG Mod APK file from a trusted mod site
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings to allow sideloading
  4. Install the mod APK file and open SnapBG

Using SnapBG Mod

  1. Tap the camera button to open your gallery
  2. Select a portrait photo to remove the background
  3. Tap the magic wand icon to erase the background
  4. Refine the cutout edges manually if needed
  5. Apply filters, stickers and overlays as desired
  6. Export your creation without any watermarks!

And that’s all there is to it! With the SnapBG Mod Apk you now have unlimited background removal capabilities, no watermarks on exports, and access to premium editing tools. Unleash your creativity!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about SnapBG Mod Apk:

Is the SnapBG mod safe to download?

Yes, the mod is safe as long as you download it from trusted sites. Be wary of unknown sources.

Do I need to root my Android phone?

No root required! The mod works just like a normal app.

Is background removal quality reduced?

Nope! The AI cutout quality is the same as the original app.

Will I still get app updates?

Yes, the mod receives the latest SnapBG updates so you get new features.

Can I revert back to the original app?

Sure, just uninstall the mod and reinstall SnapBG from the Play Store.

Do I need to pay or fill surveys?

Absolutely not! The mod is completely free from any charges or sketchy requirements.



The SnapBG Mod Apk unlocks incredible background removal capabilities that let your creativity soar. With unlimited high quality cutouts, no watermarks, and premium editing tools unlocked, you can take your designs to the next level.

Combined with the easy one tap background removal MagicCut’s AI provides, you have an unbeatable photo editing combo at your fingertips. So head over to your favorite mod site and download this must-have mod today!

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