SketchAR APK 7.04.0play MOD (Premium Unlocked)

SketchAR APK 7.04.0play MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Sketchar: Learn to Draw
Publisher Sketchar Inc
Genre Art & Design
Size 110 MB
Latest Version 7.04.0-play
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 8.1
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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SketchAR is an innovative augmented reality app that helps teach beginners how to draw and provides useful tools for experienced artists to improve their skills. The app was first released on April 18, 2017 and has been continuously updated since then to take advantage of the latest advancements in AR technology.


How SketchAR Works

SketchAR utilizes advanced AR and computer vision technologies to deliver an interactive drawing experience. The basic workflow is:

  1. Select a drawing lesson or import your own photo
  2. Print out a page with 5 tracking dots or use the SketchAR notebook
  3. Launch the SketchAR app and point your phone’s camera at the page
  4. The app recognizes the page and overlays the virtual sketch lines
  5. Follow along the lines to complete the drawing on paper
  6. Record your drawing process with built-in timelapse videos

This allows you to see the virtual sketch overlaid on the real paper in front of you. By simply tracing the lines, even beginners can start drawing immediately. The app handles the complex steps of setting up perspective, proportions, and composition to make the learning process frustration-free.

SketchAR offers over 500 drawing lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. Lessons cover topics like portraits, landscapes, animals, anatomy, architecture, vehicles, and more. If you want to draw a specific object, you can easily import any photo from your camera roll and SketchAR will automatically generate a traceable sketch.

As you learn, SketchAR provides real-time guidance on how to hold the pencil properly, apply shading techniques, and recommend colors to use. Advanced artists can use SketchAR to quickly sketch out complex compositions before doing final renderings by hand.

The app works on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. While it’s possible to use it handheld, for best results, mounting your device on a tripod or stand is recommended to keep your hands free for drawing.


Drawing as a Beginner on SketchAR

For beginners with little to no drawing experience, SketchAR provides a fun, engaging, and frustration-free way to get started with drawing. The step-by-step lessons break down complex drawings into easy-to-follow steps.

I decided to try a portrait drawing lesson as drawing faces is notoriously difficult for beginners. The app provided clear instructions on setting up the page and launching the AR overlay. Suddenly I could see the ghostly virtual lines floating over my paper.

As I began tracing the outlines, I was amazed at how accurate the proportions were compared to my own wobbly freehand attempts. The app encouraged me to take it slow and focus on form before adding details. I gradually built up the portrait, learning techniques like blending tones and adding shadows.

In just 30 minutes I was stunned by the realistic portrait I was able to create. While far from masterful, it looked decent and was lightyears ahead of my normal drawing abilities. It felt like I had gained years worth of experience in just one session!

The sense of achievement from creating something so polished kept me motivated to continue practicing. I looked forward to honing my skills with more lessons.

Drawing as an Intermediate Student on SketchAR

As an amateur artist with some drawing experience, I found SketchAR accelerated my learning tremendously. The detailed lessons expanded my knowledge of technique and composition.

I decided to try a still life lesson with more advanced blending, lighting, and shading. The AR overlay provided guide shapes, perspective lines, and lighting references. This helped construct the complex scene on paper – something I would have struggled to plot out myself.

As I drew, I gained valuable experience thinking about light sources, shadows, and playing with different blending tools like tortillons and blending stumps. The resulting drawing far surpassed my previous still life attempts. I could see and feel myself actively improving with each lesson.

SketchAR unlocked the ability to draw subjects I would have avoided in the past like hands, portraits, and landscapes. Having the base composition and shapes mapped out gave me the confidence to tackle more challenging drawings. I was able to concentrate fully on enhancing my technique rather than worrying about accuracy.


Drawing as an Expert on SketchAR

For professional artists and illustrators, SketchAR offers an efficient way to create intricate underlying sketches and compositions.

The AR projection allows you to see your drawing overlaid on the real world. This helps visualize how a sketch will look on canvas or be integrated into a larger scene. Artists use SketchAR for applications like:

  • Sketching out complex scenes and camera angles for storyboarding
  • Projecting reference photos onto canvas to create an outline for paintings
  • Sketching detailed backgrounds and scenery for animations
  • Drawing intricate patterns and designs for textiles and product design
  • Creating complex symmetrical mandalas and geometric patterns
  • Quickly laying out comic book panels and frames
  • Pre-visualizing tattoos before inking them onto skin

The app can overlay sketches on large surfaces like walls, floors, canvas, and more – up to 23 feet wide. The ability to preview and trace designs at real world scale is invaluable.

For example, an artist designing a mural can use SketchAR to project the artwork onto the actual wall surface before painting. This helps visualize how the graphics and proportions will look on the final mural. Artists can tweak the source image in the app until the desired look is achieved.

For recurring elements like patterns, objects, or frames, artists can save them as reusable stamps. This speeds up workflow for highly detailed, repetitive designs.

SketchAR integrates easily into existing creative workflows. Expert artists utilize it as an assistive tool while retaining full control over the final artwork.


SketchAR Technology

The technical capabilities behind SketchAR are impressive, combining state-of-the-art augmented reality, computer vision, and artificial intelligence technology.

Image Recognition

The app uses advanced image recognition algorithms to detect the reference dots on the drawing surface. It calculates the precise real-world position of the page in 3D space.

Surface Tracking

Using the phone’s camera, SketchAR continuously tracks the drawing surface in real-time. This allows the virtual sketch to stay accurately overlaid as the artist draws.

Projection and Calibration

Once the page is detected, the virtual sketch is projected onto the paper from the correct perspective. The algorithms automatically calibrate each projection to look natural on the angled drawing surface.

AI Assistants

Artificial intelligence helps provide real-time guidance and feedback to the user. For example, the app can analyze your strokes and make suggestions to improve technique.

AR Rendering

The app uses advanced AR rendering techniques to realistically overlay the virtual sketches onto the paper. The lines blend smoothly into the real environment for an immersive experience.

Delivering this sophisticated AR drawing experience requires intensive computing power. SketchAR harnesses the built-in graphics processors in smartphones and tablets to perform the complex algorithms at high speeds.

The app is built using Apple’s ARKit framework on iOS and Google’s ARCore platform on Android. This allows SketchAR to leverage the cutting-edge AR capabilities of modern mobile devices.

The technology is polished into an easy-to-use app with a clean interface. SketchAR aims to keep the controls simple so artists can focus on drawing rather than learning complex tools.

SketchAR Pricing

SketchAR is available as a free download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. The free version provides access to:

  • 2 basic drawing lessons
  • Drawing on A4 paper
  • Basic color pencils
  • 2 layer canvas
  • No ads

For full access, SketchAR offers a premium subscription with these features:

  • 500+ advanced drawing lessons
  • Custom lessons from your own photos
  • AR drawing on larger surfaces like walls
  • Advanced pencils, markers, brushes
  • 9 layer canvas
  • Timelapse recording & sharing
  • Ad-free experience

There are three subscription options:

  • Monthly – $9.99 per month
  • Annual – $34.99 per year (costs $2.91 per month)
  • Limited special offer – $49.99 per year (costs $4.16 per month)

Considering a single art class can cost over $50, a subscription represents great value with access to unlimited lessons. Bulk discounts are offered for annual plans.

There is also a 7-day free trial of premium features to test the app. The subscription auto-renews each month/year unless canceled 24 hours before renewal. SketchAR accepts payments through the App Store and Google Play.


Competitor Apps

Some of the main competitors to SketchAR include:

Adobe Photoshop Sketch – Powerful drawing and painting app with advanced tools. But lacks AR capabilities and drawing lessons.

Sketches School – Step-by-step video lessons for learning to draw. But no AR features or interactive guidance.

Sketchbook – Feature-rich drawing and painting app. But no AR or lessons.

Artflow – AI-powered lessons and challenges. But no AR projection or surface tracking.

Sketch 360 – AR drawing app but limited features compared to SketchAR.

SketchAR combines the interactivity of AR overlays with guided drawing lessons and advanced tools. The competitors only offer a subset of these features. SketchAR provides a well-rounded experience for both beginners getting started and experts augmenting their workflow.

The easy-to-use interface also sets SketchAR apart. Competitors like Photoshop Sketch have a steeper learning curve. SketchAR is more accessible while still providing powerful tools.

SketchAR Pros and Cons

Based on user reviews and hands-on testing, here are some pros and cons of using SketchAR:


  • Interactive AR drawing assistance
  • 500+ guided lessons cover wide range of subjects
  • Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow
  • Lets beginners create impressive drawings quickly
  • Accelerates learning by providing structure and technique guidance
  • Advanced tools like layers and blending modes
  • Can overlay sketches on large surfaces like walls
  • Fun and engaging way to learn drawing
  • Great value compared to in-person art classes


  • Requires subscription for full access to features
  • Low-light conditions can interfere with AR tracking
  • Best results require mounting phone/tablet instead of handheld
  • Advanced lessons still require some drawing fundamentals
  • Limited tutorials for digital drawing techniques
  • No web version – mobile app only

While the app has a few limitations, most users agree the PROs far outweigh the CONs. The most common criticism is the lack of lessons covering digital art techniques. But the core focus on traditional drawing and painting is very polished.


User Reviews

Here are some samples of real user reviews for SketchAR:

“I’m an absolute beginner and SketchAR allowed me to draw portraits that look decent despite having zero experience. The AR overlay is like magic – I can just trace the lines and it looks great. This gave me the motivation to keep practicing and improving. Highly recommend for beginners who want to get into drawing.”

“As an amateur artist I found SketchAR really accelerated my learning. The detailed lessons teach you techniques that would take ages to learn on your own. My drawings improved more in a month with SketchAR than in years of practice. It’s also fun to see your drawing overlayed on real world surfaces. I can’t recommend it enough for intermediate artists looking to level up their skills.”

“I’m a professional illustrator and use SketchAR all the time for my commercial work. It lets me quickly sketch out intricate scenes and complex compositions before doing final renderings. I love being able to preview my drawings projected life-size on actual walls before painting murals. It brings my concepts to life and improves my workflow efficiency.”

The average rating on the App Store is 4.7 out of 5 stars. On Google Play the average rating is 4.5 out of 5. Most reviews praise the realistic AR overlay, fun learning experience, and expanding creative abilities. People who dislike the app tend to take issue with the subscription model or occasional technical glitches.

But overall SketchAR enjoys highly positive reviews, especially among beginner and intermediate artists looking to improve their skills. Even experts appreciate the unique AR capabilities for enhancing their creative process.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, SketchAR is an extremely innovative augmented reality app that makes drawing fun, engaging, and accessible to all skill levels. The AR technology bridges the gap between the digital and real world for an interactive learning experience.

The high quality AR rendering, accurate tracking, and real-time guidance are technically impressive. Yet the app delivers powerful functionality through an intuitive interface.

  • Premium Unlocked

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