Shadow Slayer APK 1.2.30 MOD [Unlimited Gems and Money]

Shadow Slayer APK 1.2.30 MOD [Unlimited Gems and Money]

App Name Shadow Slayer: Ninja Warrior
Publisher ONDI
Genre Action
Update on Dec 28, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Shadow Slayer is an action RPG game developed by ONDI for Android devices. With dark fantasy themes, this game transports players into a once peaceful world now overrun by demonic forces. As the brave hero, you must battle terrifying monsters and explore dangerous realms to uncover secrets and restore peace.

Key Game Features

  • Hack and slash combat system with combo chaining
  • Four unique character classes to choose from
  • Dynamic skill trees to customize your hero
  • Epic boss battles against vile demons
  • Loot rare weapons, armor, and artifacts
  • Discover hidden secrets and solve mysteries
  • Console-quality visuals and effects

Shadow Slayer MOD APK

Immersive Dark Fantasy Setting

The land of Foliga was a happy and peaceful realm until one fateful day when a dark plague swept across the continent. Demonic creatures emerged, occupying towns and slaughtering innocents. As a warrior hero, you awake to find the world transformed into a landscape of darkness and horror.

Venturing forth, you must traverse undead wastelands, fight through haunted forests, and delve into forgotten catacombs on your quest to defeat the source of evil. Strange mysticism and supernatural elements mix with the medieval swords and sorcery settings to create an immersive dark fantasy atmosphere.

Fluid Combo-Focused Combat

Battle is frenzied and fast-paced, requiring quick reflexes and clever tactics to overcome menacing foes. As you hack, slash, and unleash special moves, you can chain together combos for maximum carnage.

Timing and precision are key. Dodge and block against enemy blows while looking for openings to counterattack with critical strikes. Combat stays fresh and engaging with varied monster types featuring unique attack patterns and weaknesses to discover.

Shadow Slayer MOD APK

Four Playable Hero Classes


Wields giant axes and hammers while wearing heavy plate armor. This brute force warrior can withstand tons of punishment and has skills focused on dealing area damage. Slow yet hard-hitting.


A swift dual-wielder that uses twin blades to perform lightning-fast flurries. Excellent for hit-and-run tactics with abilities that enhance mobility and evasion.


Deadly with a bow, this ranger can snipe targets from afar or lay traps to control the battlefield. Specializes in ranged attacks but can switch to dual daggers when enemies get too close.


Heavily-robed spellcaster that conjures up fire, lightning, and ice attacks. While physically weak, this class devastates groups of foes with powerful AoE magic spells.

Customize Your Build

Each hero class has three dynamic skill trees to invest points into upon leveling up. This allows you to customize your playstyle based on preferences. Do you want to focus on critical hit chance, boost health and defense, improve crowd control capabilities, reduce ability cooldowns, or unlock advanced combos?

With deep RPG elements, you can respec to reinvent your character build to find one that best fits your strategy. Experiment to become an unstoppable force.

Shadow Slayer MOD APK

Loot, Craft & Upgrade

Defeating enemies and completing quests rewards you with gold and rare loot drops. This includes new weapons, helms, chest armor, gloves, boots, rings, amulets, and more. Gear contributes to your overall stats and power level.

Higher quality equipment lets you challenge greater threats for even better prizes. You can also collect crafting materials from the environment and from dismantling unwanted items. Use these resources to craft new weapons and tools via town blacksmiths.

Upgrade systems allow you to infuse weapons with special properties like lifesteal, critical damage bonuses, resistance penetration, etc for millions of possible combinations.

Terrifying Bosses

The campaign takes you through haunted forests, crypts, mines, castles, and wastelands. At the end of each area awaits colossal horror bosses many times larger than your hero. These epic confrontations test your skill and endurance to the extreme.

Study attack patterns, look for openings, memorize cues, and time your strikes perfectly while managing health and resources. Triumph over these vile abominations to reclaim another region of the world.

Shadow Slayer MOD APK

Mysteries to Uncover

As you journey across the land, optional side quests expand the lore and reveal backstories behind the catastrophe. Discover what sinister forces are at play behind the scenes and piece together clues to understand the cause of the demonic invasion.

Secret areas hide powerful weapons and armor forged long ago by master craftsmen. Find treasures and unlock new hero classes to give you an edge against the swelling darkness. Can you uncover the secrets in time to save Foliga?

What is the Shadow Slayer Mod APK?

The Shadow Slayer mod APK unlocks unlimited money, max stats, god mode, and menu options to customize difficulty and damage. This makes the game easier for casual players who want to experience the story and exploration without tedious grinding.

Key Mod Features

  • Unlimited gold and gems
  • Max out character stats
  • One-hit god mode
  • Adjust enemy health/damage
  • Increase movement and attack speed
  • Unlock all items and heroes

With infinite resources, you can fully upgrade gear, weapons, and skills to become an unstoppable badass hero. The additional menu toggles let you tweak variables to reduce or increase challenge as desired.

God mode and boosted character stats let you breeze through hordes of enemies to focus more on appreciating the dark fantasy atmosphere and locations. The gameplay is less about punishing difficulty and more about living out power fantasies.

Of course, you can always ratchet configurations back up whenever you want more hardcore combat challenges. The options cater to both casual relaxation and intense battles at your discretion.

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Shadow Slayer MOD APK

Key Questions

1. What platforms is Shadow Slayer available on?

Shadow Slayer is currently only available on Android devices through the Google Play Store or various APK download sites. An iOS version for Apple devices is planned for future development.

2. How much does the game cost?

Shadow Slayer is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. The base game gives you access to the entire campaign and core features without spending money. In-app purchases provide cosmetic skins, boosters, and bundles.

3. Is there a multiplayer or co-op mode?

No, Shadow Slayer is currently single player only with no online features. You control the hero character and battle environments filled with AI enemies.

4. How big is the game file size?

The app requires about 230MB of storage space on Android devices to install. The initial download is smaller but the rest downloads after launching the app.

5. Does the game require internet connectivity?

No, Shadow Slayer works fully offline after the initial install. There is no need for an internet connection to play once downloaded successfully.

Shadow Slayer APK 1.2.30 MOD [Unlimited Gems and Money]

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